The 14 Best Gifts for Boys of All Ages

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a special boy in your life? Sometimes it’s hard to find a fun and unique present that he will truly enjoy. And no, he doesn’t want any more shirts or socks. And boys love video games, but you want boys' toys that entice them to do more than sit in front of a TV screen.

So, you’re in the right place if you’re looking for a list of gift ideas that are fun and unique. We’ve found the best birthday gifts for boys of all ages, so there is something for everyone on this list. From the best boys' toys to something he can learn about, this list has it all.

So, let’s dive into this list of fun and unique presents for boys.

The GoCube

The GoCube is for the boy who loves puzzles. It’s the new and improved version of the Rubix Cube, and while that may sound boring, it’s not. The GoCube connects to an app that helps sharpen his problem-solving skills.

It also has a competitive and social element that allows him to challenge his friends. It’s an innovative puzzle that actually helps him improve skills while having fun.

Light-Up Spy Goggles for Kids

Boys love to play any good versus evil games, and what’s more fun than pretending to be a spy? These goggles make one of the best birthday gifts for boys because they let you see 25-feet away in the dark.

They’re comfortable to wear and use by emitting a blue light so your favorite boy can see in the dark. This gift will bring hours of fun playtime and allow good to triumph over evil in the spy game.

WisToyz Kids Hover Soccer Ball and Goals

Meet the future of soccer with the hover soccer ball. WisToyz put a lot of research into this game to make it the best hover soccer ball game on the market.

And for a larger variety of indoor soccer games, they’ve even included an inflated soccer ball. You can play inside the house without worrying about messing up the furniture because the hover ball has a soft round bumper.

Step into the future with this fun ball game from our list of the best birthday gifts for boys.

Amphibious Remote Control Car

This amphibious remote control car is the perfect gift for five to twelve-year-old boys. You can drive this car in the water or on land as it also turns into a boat in the water.

This toy runs on various terrains, such as a sandy beach, grass, and more. On land, it can do stunts like rotating 360 degrees and flipping 180 degrees in the air.

It comes with the car, rechargeable lithium battery, controller, AA battery x 2, screwdriver, and USB cable. All elementary and middle school-aged boys love remote control cars.

Lego Jurassic World Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus Awesome Dinosaur Building Toy

One of the best birthday gifts for boys is Legos. All boys enjoy Legos at some point, and many love dinosaurs too. This Lego set lets them role-play as dinosaurs. It includes three mini figurines - Claire Dearing, Owen Grady, and the two brothers Zach and Gray Mitchell, as well as a posable Indominus Rex and Ankylosaurus figures.

This 537-piece Lego set offers many ways to play. The gyrosphere station includes a ticket booth, gyrosphere launch function, and turnstile. It also has a jungle build with trees that Ankylosaurus knocks down with his tail.

Your little boy can relive the most fun (and scariest) parts of Jurassic World.

4-in-1 Multi-Game Table

As one of the most versatile of the best gifts for birthday boys, this multi-game table provides hours of entertainment. It includes Foosball, Table Tennis, Air Hockey, and Billiards. It’s the perfect size for children with a gaming space that measures 32 inches.

It’s even great for parties where everyone can play hours of these different popular table games. The 4-in-1 game table is sturdy since young boys play rough. This table will see hours of gameplay and fun.

Murder Most Puzzling: 20 Mysterious Cases

This fun murder mystery puzzle book encourages reading, play, and puzzle-solving. It’s a humorous book of dark puzzles and is the perfect gift for the birthday boy who likes puzzles, mysteries, true crime shows, and Edward Gorey.

This book has many fun characters, from a pickled foods festival competitor to a ghost hunter. Murder mysteries include a mysterious accident on a lake, a body in a topiary garden, a suspicious death at a fortune teller’s convention, and more.

The Murder Most Puzzling book will provide your favorite boy hours of fun and entertainment.

Interactive Glow in the Dark T-Shirt

This interactive glow-in-the-dark t-shirt is tons of fun and comes with a blue laser pen, mobile phone light, and glow torch. Draw pictures that glow in the dark without creating a mess everywhere. Your designs last for five minutes and then fade away slowly so you can start drawing other images.

This t-shirt is fun for parties, and you probably want to get one for yourself because adults love these shirts too.

My Comic Book Making Kit by Lulu Jr.

What could be better than a good comic book for a boy? Well, writing your own comic and starring in it is even better. This award-winning comic book creation kit is the newest, most popular version.

It comes with a “Comics in Action” guide that helps your little boy create his artwork, panels, characters, settings, and words for this very own custom comic book. He can be the hero in his own story.

This is one of the best birthday gifts for boys, and they can even star in the About the Author feature on the back page. Build your little boy’s self-esteem and foster his creativity so he builds skills and creates a comic book he’ll treasure for years to come.

Potensic Dreamer 4K Drone with a Camera

This drone makes the list of the top birthday gifts for boys because it will provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment. He can create beautiful 4K pictures from high in the sky like no other camera equipment.

The unit comes with a 3000mAh 4S intelligent battery and can travel for a long time, and charges fast. The flight is stable thanks to the anti-shake ball and responds to emergencies quickly.

Teen boys and kids will love this drone and enjoy hours of flight time and fun and will definitely consider this his favorite birthday gift.

Child’s Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf Guns

This Tactical Nerf Vest is for the serious nerf gun lover, and these are a favorite toy for boys everywhere. The little vest was created for boys ages six through ten and comes with a mask, dart pouch, reload clips, wrist band, and refill darts.

How cool will the birthday boy be at the next nerf gun battle when he breaks out this tactical vest. The mask is compatible with the Nerf Rival, Khaos, Apollo, Zeus, Artemis Blasters Rival, and Atlas. It protects your little boy’s eyes, so there is no repeat event involving projectiles like those in the Christmas story.

The wrist band holds eight darts, and the dart pouch holds thirty darts, so he’s always armed. He’ll be the coolest kid at the next Nerf gun battle.

Atlas Obscura - The Explorers Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid

For those of us who grew up with the Indiana Jones movies, who dreamed of becoming adventurers and archaeologists, this book would have been the best gift ever. The Atlas Obscura book takes you on an adventure to strange but existing places all over Earth.

Go on an expedition to places like a crystal cave in Mexico or Antarctica’s Blood Falls, and see mummies in France and Japan.

The Atlas Obscura is for boys eight years and older There’s a bonus that makes it one of our favorites on this list of birthday gifts for boys. He’ll learn a lot about geography.

Dungeons & Dragons - The Adventure Begins Game

The Dungeons and Dragons game has been around for a while now. This present is a cooperative fantasy board game for two to four players that the whole family can play. It’s recommended for children ages ten and up.

This game is a faster, shorter version for those people just starting with Dungeons and Dragons. There is also a tie-in version of this game for fans of Stranger Things. It’s a starter kit with everything you need to explore the stranger things from this Netflix series.

The Dungeons and Dragons game has amused kids for decades, and now the whole family can take part in the adventure with this game. Play this game at your next family game ni

Choose Your Own Adventure Books

You may remember the Choose Your Own Adventure stories from your own childhood. This gift is a box set of the first six Choose your Own Adventure paperbacks. These books are great for boys around the age of seven who are reluctant to read.

The reader gets to decide what happens next in the story, but here’s fair warning, the wrong decision could lead to disaster or even death. But luckily, you get to go back and choose another path.

The box set takes you on a journey through more than one hundred fun adventures. You can be a Mayan warrior, take a portal back in time to the Civil War, and look for clues in a spooky house.

What makes this one of our favorites of the best birthday gifts for boys is that the adventure inspires your child to read more to continue their journey.


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You’re sure to find a fun and unique present on this list of our favorite gifts for boys of all ages. Some even encourage learning but don’t tell him that!