Best Stocking Stuffers For Men: 23+ Gifts That They'll Want To Use

Christmas is almost here, and many people are scrambling to find the perfect stocking stuffers for their loved ones. Sometimes men can be hard to buy for. So, if you're looking for a great gift that the man in your life will actually want and use, then this blog post is just what you need.

We've compiled 23+ gifts that men absolutely love. You'll be able to make their Christmas morning extra special with these awesome finds.

What Do You Put in a Man's Stocking?

A stocking might seem like a small gift, but you can fill it with some useful items that guys will use throughout the year. So, consider what he likes to do or the things he really needs.

Does he like to hunt, or is he more fashion-forward? Does he work on cars or enjoys playing video games in his spare time?

Maybe he likes small hand tools he can keep on him or in his toolbox. Whatever the case may be, there are many great ideas that make the best stocking stuffers for men, depending on what he likes.

The 23+ Best Stocking Stuffers for Men

Now here's that list of the best stocking stuffers for guys.

1. Apple Watch Charging Stand

This Apple Watch Stand is one of the best Christmas stocking stuffers for him. It's compatible with many series and comes in several colors he'll like. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer if he has one of these watches because it turns into a bedside clock while it charges overnight.

2. Apple AirPods Pro

Does your significant other or son like to listen to music on the go or at the gym? Then the Apple AirPods Pro earbuds make the perfect gift for a stocking, as they are small yet provide amazing sound.

These earbuds are easy to fit in a pocket or gym bag, so he can take them anywhere.

3. Field Notes: The National Park Series

The beautiful field notes notebooks make good stocking stuffer ideas for men who like to journal or brain dump all their tasks. These vintage-style notes can fit right in his pocket, so he always has a notepad on him to jot down things to remember.

4. Amazon Echo Auto

Now you can even use Alexa in your car. If your father or spouse loves home automation technology, then this Echo Auto may just be their favorite gift. It connects to the Alexa app and works with a Bluetooth connection. Alexa can even hear you over music, road noise, and the A/C.

5. Universal Socket

Universal Sockets make good stocking stuffer ideas for men, especially those that are handy. This one tool can replace a whole set as it adjusts to any shape or size, so he always has what he needs to unscrew any bolt.

6. Upcycled Record Coasters

OUR CASA Record Coasters make one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for him, who appreciates all things vintage. These coasters are unique and feature popular artists like Michael Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles, Elton John, and much more. They also make great housewarming gifts.

7. Magnetic Wristband

Who has ever lost a screw that dropped to the floor while you're up on a ladder? This magnetic wristband eliminates that issue because it has strong magnets that let you hold nails, bolts, screws, drill bits, and washers right on your wrist. Whether he uses it around the house or on the job, this handy wristband makes work easier, especially when you're on that ladder.

8. Greenline Goods New York City Map Glasses

The set of whiskey glasses has a map of New York City engraved on them. They make one of the best stocking stuffers for men who love a little whiskey and urban life. You can also get these glasses etched with other cities like Chicago, and this other brand sells glasses with a map of Washington DC.

9. Don't Die in the Woods Emergency Blanket

These blankets claim to be the world's toughest emergency blankets, so the man in your life won't die in the woods if he is an outdoors enthusiast. Each one is very light, so they also make great additions to any survival kit.

10. Fisher Chrome Bullet Space Pen

This Fisher Space Pen is the perfect small gift for any entrepreneur. It's called a Space Pen because it writes at every angle, even in zero gravity. The Fisher Space Pen is hand-tested and extremely durable.

11. Unbored Games

The Unbored Games Book makes an awesome cheap stocking stuffer idea for him. These games are for every age and includes fun games every generation can enjoy with friends and family. This book of games comes with 70 different ideas and includes some classics like:

  • Croquet Golf
  • Bike Rodeo
  • Clapping Games
  • Google Earth Challenges
  • Capture the Flag

And many more!

12. ANBEKO Running Belt

If the man on your gift list likes to run or hike, a running belt allows them to carry everything they need with them. Most running pants don't have pockets, so it's hard to figure out what to do with your phone, wallet, and keys. The ANBEKO running belt has a place for everything and even a headphone jack.

13. Beard Grooming Kit

beard grooming kit makes one of the best stocking stuffers for men with beards, of course. This little kit is an inexpensive, practical gift perfect for styling and shaping any beard. Amazon has other kits that are more expensive but come with beard oils or beard balm too.

14. Tile Mate Essentials

This gift idea is for the man that has a tendency to lose things. Attach these tiles to keyrings or put one in his wallet and use the Tile app to find things in the Bluetooth range. If he's out of range, he can use the app to see the item's most recent location. They make great thoughtful stocking stuffers for the man who doesn't want to waste time looking for lost things.

15. RovyVon Super Bright Mini-Keychain Rechargeable Flashlight

This rechargeable flashlight makes it into this gift guide because it's another useful present that helps you find things in the dark. How many times have you lost something outside, and there was no light available, like in a power outage or if you’re off-grid?

Now he has the light he needs that fits perfectly in a stocking.

16. Telescoping Back Scratcher

Here are some other great inexpensive stocking stuffers for the man in your life. This set includes a four-pack of telescoping back scratchers with rubber handles that make it easy to scratch those itches that are just out of reach. They come in several colors, and since this is a four-pack, perhaps he'll share.

17. 11-in-1 Survival Credit Card Multi-Tool

Let's face it; you can never have enough handy tools but having one with you when you need it can be tricky. This great multi-tool fits in your wallet with your credit cards, so it's always there when you need it.

It includes a survival knife, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, and other tactical tools for survival. The knife and saw blade make great box openers too.

18. Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs

Another practical stocking stuffer is these Calvin Klein boxer briefs. They're comfortable and come in several different color combinations, so these boxers make one of the best stocking stuffers for men.

19. Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet

Camping gear makes great presents for men if they love the outdoors. This two-pack of paracord bracelets comes with survival gear essentials - a compass, emergency whistle, fire starter, ferro rod sticker, and 12 feet of paracord. This gift is perfect for camping trips with family or friends.

20. Host Freeze Beer 16-Ounce Glasses

Frozen beer glasses make some of the best stocking stuffers for men. Now you can help the special man in your life keep his beer cold much longer; with these beer glasses, you freeze ahead of time.

21. Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Shoe Deodorizers

If you’re looking for another great present to put in your husband, dad, or son's stocking, consider the sneaker deodorizers. These balls remove foot odors and other smells from shoes, lockers, and gym bags

22. Fly by Jing Spicy Chili Crisp

Does the man in your life like spicy food? If so, he'll love this Sichuan Chili Crisp that goes well on everything. With intense flavor that's not too spicy, he can add chili crisp like hot sauce to foods that need a little kick like pizza, eggs, salads, and more.

23. The Cocktail Box Co. Premium Cocktail Kits

These little cocktail kits make some of the best stocking stuffers for men who travel. They make any airplane ride or hotel stay fun and are perfect for traveling because of their compact size. You can get them in drinks like a Manhattan or Old Fashion, or they come in sets of a variety of cocktails.

24. Gift Card

And when in doubt, get a gift card for the man who is hard to buy for or has everything. Gift Card Granny has plenty of great gift cards from eGift cards, to one from his favorite retailers.

Final Thoughts on the Best Stocking Stuffers for Men

Now you have some great ideas of stocking fillers for men , even the ones notoriously hard to buy for. We hope you find exactly what you need on this list, and remember, a gift card makes one of the best stocking stuffers for men this year.