Gift Card Granny Challenge

Gift Card Granny wants to prove it's possible to live off discount gift cards, so she challenged stay-at-home mom of two Ashley Grimaldo to live off gift cards for an entire month. Throughout March, Ashley will make all her purchases -- excluding rent and utilities -- using discount gift cards purchased from resellers.

Follow Ashley as she blogs daily about her gift card adventure. Our savings ticker will show you how much Ashley has saved so far. 

Why not join Ashley by taking your own 30-Day Challenge? Just use discount gift cards for your everyday purchases. If you're curious to see just how much you can save, use our Savings Calculator before beginning your own adventure.

Top 6 Random Gift Cards Found During the Challenge

Living off discount gift cards alone can lead you to some interesting purchases. Ashley shares which cards she has been surprised to get so much value from.

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The ER Doesn't Take Gift Cards?!?

An unfortunate trip to the emergency room turns the Challenge upside down. While the ER doesn't take gift cards, everyone was able to walk away healthy. It's an eye-opening reminder that some things in life are more important than money.

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The Discount Gift Card Way to Save on Groceries

After a gift-card-only trip to the supermarket, Ashley shares what she's learned about buying food with discount gift cards.

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Selling Back Un-used Gift Cards

The Challenge hits a snag as Ashley realizes she has purchased the wrong gift card. Will she be able to overcome this obstacle and sell the card back for maximum value?

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Red Mobster at Red Lobster

A great gift card deal inspires Ashley to pay a rare visit to Red Lobster. Will she and the rest of the family sink or swim in savings?

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Pinching Pennies

With one week left to go in the Gift Card Granny Challenge, Ashley sits down to review her remaining gift cards and how much she has left to spend.

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Online Clothing Shopping: Not for the Faint of Heart

Shopping in stores with gift cards is one thing, but online can be a whole different experience. Was Ashley able to save money with her discount gift cards?

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Ode to a Starbucks Gift Card

The passing of my dear companion, the Holy Grail of gift cards, the Starbucks Card, deserves more than a mere blog post. We're going full-out Wordsworth to memorialize the card that lays the golden lattes. I'll shed a tear for you today, my sweet! We shall be united again another day--when you hit at least 10% off and not a second sooner.

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Merchandise Credit Woes

Merchandise credits can often be confused with gift cards, and in most circumstances they work the same. However, there is the occasional exception. Find out what Ashley has learned about the differences during her Gift Card Granny Challenge experience.

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Markdown Movie Monday

With movie ticket prices on the rise, using a discount gift card is a smart way to save money. See how Ashley used her gift card with another discount to score some serious savings on a flick.

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