Top 18 Gifts for Kindergarten Teachers to Celebrate National Kindergarten Day

Are you looking for the best gifts for teachers to celebrate National Kindergarten Day this year? Every April 21 is National Kindergarten Day, a holiday that celebrates everything about kindergarten and what our amazing educators teach our children.

If you want to know more about this holiday and the best presents for kindergarten teachers, this post is for you! You'll learn the best kindergarten teacher appreciation gifts and more about this unique holiday.

What is National Kindergarten Day?

National Kindergarten Day celebrates everything related to kindergarten teachers and this grade level. It's the birthday of Wilhelm August Frobel, the German teacher that founded the kindergarten grade level back in 1837.

For Frobel, kindergarten children needed a nurturing teacher to instill in them the thirst for knowledge and learning. Kindergarten teachers also teach children how to be kind and loving people when they grow up.

Kindergarten is a child's first school experience, so it's a special grade where children should feel comfortable and learn more about themselves and school.

Margarethe Schurz brought Frobel's ideas to the United States in Watertown, Wisconsin, in 1856. And Susan Blow opened the first kindergarten class in public schools in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1873.

What is a Good Gift for a Kindergarten Teacher?

Kindergarten teachers' favorite gifts are things like gifts cards, sentimental notes from students, something coffee-related, school supplies, and anything thoughtful that comes from the heart. Classroom supplies make a really great gift as many teachers have to reach into their own pockets to buy things all year long, and these gifts benefit everyone.

They get tons of candy, lotion, homemade treats, trinkets, and apple-themed presents all year so try to avoid those gifts. And teachers also say not to get them a pet.

Top Gifts for Kindergarten Teachers

1. Gift Cards

A gift card or gift certificate makes a great teacher gift. Gift Card Granny has plenty of great gift cards from popular brands or Visa or Mastercard gift certificates.

They make the perfect gifts for your favorite teachers all year long. You can also get them a gift card to the local movie theater for a movie night with treats.

2. A Jar of Notes from Students

One of the most unique kindergarten teacher gifts is a jar full of handwritten notes from students. You could also have students sign a notebook for the teacher.

It's a sentimental gift that your kids' favorite teachers will cherish for a long time.

3. Coffee-Themed Gifts for Teachers

While teachers get a lot of mugs and cups all year, you could buy them a personalized travel thermos, coffee mug, or one tailored to their specific interests. Do they like to travel or play a sport? Try to make it unique to them and something they'll enjoy drinking their morning coffee in.

A gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop would be one of the best gift ideas for a kindergarten teacher because they can get something they want or need.

4. A Book

Many teachers like to read, so a book could be a nice gift for an elementary school teacher. But if you don't know what types of books to read, you may want to get them a good personal development book or one that helps them be a better teacher.

5. Homemade Teacher Gifts

Homemade gifts for the classroom make awesome gifts for kindergarten teachers. Teachers love getting handmade gifts that kids make, like a personalized plaque for their classroom or small ornaments.

Even a simple card shows your child took the time to make something just for them. If you're not sure what to make, DIY Sweetheart has some great DIY gift ideas for teachers.

6. A Bottle of Wine

Another fun gift idea is a bottle of wine, but you want to make sure the kindergarten teacher drinks first. If you buy a bottle of wine for a teacher that doesn't drink alcohol, you could offend them, and they won't enjoy the gift.

Or you could get a nice set of wine stoppers or wine tote.

7. School Supplies

School supplies make a great class gift or present for an elementary school teacher. Many teachers dip into their own pockets to buy classroom supplies because school budgets are always tight.

But these amazing teachers want to make sure the kids have the best learning experiences possible, so a school gift of classroom supplies will help the whole class.

Kindergarten classes need a lot of art supplies and other things such as:


             Plastic caddies

             Unifix cubes

             Colorful rugs

             Dry erase markers

             Magnet letters

             Safety scissors


             Paper clips

             Construction paper

             Hanging folders

             Flash drives


             Writing paper

             Hot glue gun

             Board games

             Plastic colored folders

             Three-hole punch

             Paper stack organizer

             Gallon Ziplock bags

8. A Gift Basket

An elementary school teacher gift basket is a neat idea to show your appreciation for National Kindergarten Day. You can ask questions throughout the year to see what the teacher likes. And then when April rolls around, you can create an awesome gift basket with everything the teacher loves.

Add in some treats and teacher supplies, and you'll create a present any educator would love.

9. Inspirational or Funny Sticky Notes

Teachers tend to use many sticky notes, so why not give them some as a gift. These inspirational sticky notes are great for any teacher, and these funny stickies are neat.

10. Home Spa Kit

Teachers love to be pampered, so buy them a home spa kit with bath beads, lotion, and other items. It's one of the best gifts for kindergarten teachers because they work hard all day and deserve to relax at home, and there's nothing like a warm bubble bath.

11. Time

Time is the best free gift for kindergarten teachers, and it's a great way to celebrate National Kindergarten Day. Offer to volunteer to help with the class if it's allowed or help the teacher clean or organize the classroom at the end of the year. It's a simple gift a teacher will appreciate.

12. A Basic Toolkit

Some teachers said that they received a basic toolkit that came in handy to help fix things in the classroom or at home. A useful present is often more treasured than chocolate, trinkets, or a mug. This pink toolkit is cute, but they have it in other colors too.

13. A Journal of Memorable Sayings

Kids really do say the darndest things, so any teacher would love this journal where they can record what their students say. It will provide many laughs for years to come, and it's one of the more unique gifts for kindergarten teachers.

We think every teacher needs a journal of memorable quotes and sayings by students.

14. A Memory or Scrapbook

One of the best gifts for kindergarten teachers is a scrapbook or memory book where than can keep memories, notes, and keepsakes that students have given them over the years. It's a neat way to preserve some of their best memories and things they get while teaching.

15. Teacher T-Shirt

You can never have too many t-shirts, so getting a kindergarten teacher a neat or funny t-shirt is a great way to celebrate National Kindergarten Day. This neat Dr. Seuss shirt is fun to wear if you're introducing Dr. Seuss to the class or this teacher life shirt is cute too.

16. Customized Teacher Stamp

A personalized teacher stamp is another great gift idea for a teacher. This stamp allows you to customize the text, accessories, and hairstyle so they can use it on their students' assignments and lessons.

17. Thank You Teacher Candle

Candles make great gifts for kindergarten teachers, and you can personalize this fun one with the teacher's name, so that it says, "Mrs. Smith's Last Nerve." This nice one that says, "A Teacher is Like a Candle," is another neat idea that illustrates just how amazing schoolteachers are.

This candle by Frostbeard Studio smells like a bookstore with hints of leather, coffee, and mahogany.

18. Weekly Planner

A weekly planner pad is another great present for any teacher. Give them a place to write down the important things they need to do for the week, so they don't forget anything.

This other weekly planner is a great gift to celebrate National Kindergarten Day, and you can personalize it with the teacher's name.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Kindergarten Teachers

Celebrating National Kindergarten Day with a gift for your child's teacher is the perfect way to show your appreciation for all they do. We have plenty of gifts for kindergarten teachers on this list that we know they’ll love.

Kindergarten is such a special grade because it's a kid's first introduction to the educational system and learning. We want our children to be inspired to continue learning in a nurturing environment that makes them feel comfortable and safe.


So, make sure you show your kid's kindergarten teacher that they are special, and you appreciate all they do with one of the neat gifts on this list.