Inexpensive Vacation Spots For Your Next Trip

They say that the Internet gives you access to the whole world. But that’s only partially true. It gives you access to a world of knowledge, for example, and more information than you would be able to handle in a lifetime. If you want to get to know distant places, however, you need to travel. And the world is full of interesting places that are worthy of exploration. Here are some of the best cheap places to travel.

Situated in the southeast of Europe, Croatia is a country whose major draw is the Adriatic Sea coastline. Croatia is the perfect country if you want to go island hopping without breaking the bank. The mainland has many charming and historic coastal cities, and you will surely find something that will appeal to you at a price you are comfortable with. Add to that a culture that prizes good food and wine, and you got yourself a full package getaway.

Portugal is a booming travel destination. The country, situated in the southwest of Europe, is undergoing major changes to deal with the high influx of travelers. However, there are still plenty of cheap places to travel in Portugal. Sintra offers beautiful historical castles. The Azores islands are great for nature-lovers. Porto is perfect for a sunny urban adventure. Ericeira is a surfer’s paradise. You can really pick and choose your adventure in Portugal, and you can do it on the cheap. 

Barbados isn’t a destination one would usually consider affordable. However, the Caribbean island country is one of those places that has great weather all year round, even during the wet season. If you plan your trip right, you can get there off-season and take advantage of great hotel discounts that will make your stay very affordable. And while you’re there, you should enjoy the laid-back vibe, water sports, beautiful beaches, and great food.

Morocco has long been the favorite getaway of artists, bohemians, and other free spirits. The north-African country is known for its unique blend of African, European, and Arab cultural influences, and has plenty to offer to travelers who like their adventures to be affordable. From the busy streets of Marrakesh to the historical beauty of Fes, and the desert town of Merzouga, Morocco is a travel destination unlike any other in the world.

Best known among travelers for its Angkor Wat temple complex, Cambodia is a gem of a country. Head there if you want to see one of the cheap places to travel to that still isn’t crowded by like-minded travelers looking for a bargain. The islands tend to be more expensive than the mainland, but even there you’ll still be able to find good bargains. And the reasons to go to Cambodia? Great beaches, rural villages, and interesting architecture. 

Bonus Destination: The Cook Islands
The South-Pacific island nations of Cook Islands is a beautiful and charming mix of the modern and the traditional. The locals are very friendly, the Maori culture is vibrant, and the nature is stunning.