Chillin' At Chili's After Dirt Diggin'

Hubs is back from a 4-day mega-music event in Austin (he's a sound guy) and pretty much pooped. So what do I have waiting for him? Digging barrowfuls of dirt and hauling them in the backyard. Bet you wish you had a wife like me. Our landscaping project is getting underway and we have to make hay while I have his presence.

I did a bit of the flowerbed prep-work yesterday, grueling, humbling work involving a shovel and several choice words--this pregnant chick knows how to get dirty. The homeowners before us built up the beds six inches over the weep holes, which spells foundation repair in a few years if we don't pull it back. Lovely, thank you. But our "modest" goal of getting both beds leveled, weed blocked, mulched and lined with stone actually laughed at us in the face.

This is how far we got.


I'm not being completely fair to the work we accomplished--we also spread excess dirt around low spots in the yard and cleared out our flourishing weed garden in the front. And, with our trusty Home Depot gift card, we bought mulch, weed cloth and tacks for $43, which are still sitting eagerly in the truck. That Home Depot card is really starting to pay off.

So after an afternoon of sweaty fun, let's head out to eat! Chili's is one of those safe restaurants, the kind that even meat 'n taters men can order something acceptable and get decent service. Thanks to a little foresight I scored a free skillet queso by signing up for Chili's email club.

After browsing the menu and slipping ice chips to the Zoolander hunk, Hubs asks how much is on the card. Seems like an innocent question, but it isn't the whole query. What he's not asking, but definitely intends to find out, is how much he can blow tonight, whether he can score the ribs and a molten chocolate cake, or a salad. At least that's what the sparkle in his eye told me when I said "About forty bucks". Immediately after responding, I felt obliged to remind him about our gift card challenge, how we need to be really careful about spending since the cards are running short, how we can't treat it like free money...manamana, do do, do do do.

So he says, "I'll just order one avocado slice," with a generous flair of martyrdom. As much as I desperately wanted him to order guacamole, as avocado is his arch nemesis, I roll my eyes and let him order something that comes between a bun.

And he takes it home in a pretty white take out box, just to prove a point. We still had $12.85 left on the card. Maybe next time we'll get a double order of guacamole. Or grow an avocado tree in our renovated flowerbed.



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