Pharmacy Saving Tips: Rite Aid, CVS And Walgreens

Shopping at drug stores can cost a pretty penny. How are you supposed to keep your expenses low with their overpriced toiletries and expensive ice cream selection? While the convenience of a drug store can be alluring, don’t be deceived by their ‘deals.’ Shop with caution unless you use these money-saving tips for Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens.

Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens rewards cards

How To Save Money At Rite Aid
1. wellness+
Rite Aid’s wellness+ is a rewards program in which customers receive benefits (ie discounts, sales, etc) based on points earned. Each dollar spent earns one wellness+ point, and for eligible prescriptions you can earn up to 25 wellness+ points. There are three different levels of the wellness+ program: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze (0 to 499 points)
Receive a 10% off one-time shopping pass with every 100 wellness+ points earned.

Silver (500 to 999 points)
Receive 10% off practically all Rite Aid purchases for a year. 

Gold (1,000+points)
Receive 20% off nearly the entire store for a year. 

Granny Tip:  Sign up for a wellness+ card as a family. It’s easier and quicker to earn Gold status (hello, 20% off) with multiple people on one account.

2. Plenti
Plenti is an additional money-saving program in which members can earn points through partners including Rite Aid, Macy’s, AT&T, Hulu, etc. Combine wellness+ with Plenti to earn two types of points to use towards deals.

3. Load2Card Card
Ditch the paper coupons and go electronic. The Load2Card coupon tool allows you to find coupons online, load them on your Plenti card and then redeem online or in-store at Rite Aid.
woman shopping at drugstore

4. Purchase Rite Aid Discount Gift Cards
Use Rite Aid discount gift cards to save on your purchase. Depending on the card value and percentage off, your savings can significantly add up.

How To Save Money At CVS
1. ExtraCare
The CVS ExtraCare card is a rewards program that allows members to earn 2% back in ExtraBucks Rewards. This is a great way to receive credit towards your future CVS purchases. 

2. Coupons
Like = CVS coupons.
Dislike = the mile-long receipts in order to obtain the coupons.
Luckily members can now sign up to receive paperless receipts and coupons by email. And for those who don’t want to go electronic, ExtraCare coupon centers have been added in-store where cardholders can easily scan their card and the coupons are printed.

3. Discount Gift Cards For CVS
Whether you’re picking up milk, Band-Aids or tissues, save on your purchase with CVS discount gift cards.

How To Save Money At Walgreens
1. Balance Rewards Card

Sign up for a Walgreens Balance Rewards card to receive points on nearly all purchases. The accrued points will earn dollars off your Walgreens purchases.
Walgreens rewards points
2. Health Goals = Rewards Points
Walgreens wants to keep you on track with your health goals. Earn points when you exercise, link your health device (ie FitBit), weigh in, set a healthy goal, etc.  

Granny Tip: Join the Granny Rewards Program and earn free gift cards!

3. Walgreens Discount Gift Cards
Save on every single purchase when you use a Walgreens discount gift card. For the ultimate deal, don’t forget to combine your Balance Rewards card with coupons and a Walgreens discount gift card.

4. Beauty Enthusiast
The makeup aisle is hard to avoid at any drugstore. Sign up for Walgreen’s beauty enthusiast program and earn points when purchasing fragrances, skin care, cosmetics, grooming products and oral care. Benefits include a $5 reward (5,000 points) for every $50 spent on beauty, exclusive promotions and digital coupons.   
Walgreens beauty enthusiast 

Granny Tip: Don’t forget to combine the in-store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons at all drugstores.

Know of any money-saving tips for drugstores? Granny wants to hear them! Share your suggestions in the comments below.