8 Cool Gift Card Ideas Perfect for Employees

Looking for a way to give back to your employees? Show your workers that you care with our top eight cool gift card ideas that they are guaranteed to appreciate!

Running a successful business takes an immense amount of effort, unwavering dedication, and a loyal team of skilled employees who can keep things afloat when the tides take a turn for the worse. Any boss who is serious about making their business profitable and sustainable knows this fact, and they go out of their way to choose employees who can uphold these crucial values.  

Scouting for the cream of the crop among many resumes of qualified job applicants may seem like a fairly straightforward task, but the true work goes into retaining those skilled employees in the long run so your business can flourish for years to come. And to do exactly that, you’re going to need to be a boss worth sticking around for. 

Good thing Gift Card Granny makes that as easy as pie, allowing you to spend more time making thoughtful decisions your employees are certain to appreciate. Giving back doesn’t have to take a lot of effort, so make an example of how a respectable boss treats their employees with these cool gift card ideas. 

Our list will include gift cards for the following categories:

  • Gift cards for fun and entertainment 
  • Gift cards for everyday items 
  • Gift cards for the home and decor

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1. Visa

Customizable Gift with Vesatile Spending Options

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The first option on our list today is possibly the coolest gift card you can get anyone, employee or otherwise. Accepted anywhere that takes Visa credit cards, a Visa gift card is as good as giving cash. Your employees can spend their gift on anything from planning their next vacation to upgrading their home office. Plus with Gift Card Granny's customization options, you can personalize your gift with the company logo and a message in just a couple of clicks. That's a win-win in our books.

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2. Vera Bradley

A Design that Reflects the Heart

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Pretty much everyone needs a bag. From carrying essential items to help get you through the work day to providing an easy method of storage for the various life necessities you can’t leave the house without, bags are an invention that a majority of the populace cannot forgo. 

If you know this sentiment applies to your team of hard working employees, then look no further than the wonderful world of Vera Bradley to fulfill all your cool baggage needs. 

Vera Bradley transforms the dull and drab world of lifeless luggage and handbag designs into an inspired, colorful realm that encourages individuality. Founded all the way back in 1982, the original founders were tired of seeing travelers flock airports with lackluster, monochrome luggage for company. In an effort to bring a healthy dose of creativity and a breath of fresh air to boring baggage, the Vera Bradley company was subsequently born. 

With fun patterns and fashionable designs that serve as an excellent complement to any outfit, the Vera Bradley catalog is brimming with life and infinite potential, making this brand a wonderfully thoughtful gift suitable for your dedicated employees. Pick up a gift card to Vera Bradley from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back when you give the gift of cool luggage!

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3. Dave and Busters

Put Down the Paperwork and Pick Up a Brew

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A good work-life balance is vital to retaining productive employees. You can’t expect tired, uninspired workers to don enthusiastic attitudes and keep your business running smoothly if they lack the energy required for it. 

Providing paid time-off and personal days is certainly the mark of a good boss, but why not go one step further and be an extraordinary boss? Treat your employees to a fun-filled night at Dave and Busters and encourage them to forget about work for a while. 

Fusing the nostalgic arcade fantasy of the past with contemporary fads, delicious eats, and a full-service bar, Dave and Busters is a place where the whimsical qualities of childhood come face to face with the liberties of adulthood. Indulge in youthful fun with a range of exciting video games from different decades, or try your hand at physical challenges by shooting hoops or playing skeeball. 

Even after the games are finished, the fun at Dave and Busters doesn’t end. Be sure to grab a table or a seat at the bar, where craft cocktails and fantastic food are available to help you reclaim those calories lost from gaming. Plus, Dave and Busters has plenty of elevated TV screens airing live sports to keep you entertained even while you eat!

Check out Gift Card Granny for a Dave and Busters gift card today!

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4. MoMA Design Store

Art that is Anything But Ordinary 

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MoMA Design Store Gift Cards

Every employee fulfills a fundamental part of the business. Without their dedicated labor and thoughtful insights, running a successful business would be a task of unfathomable difficulty. As a boss, it is important to have a diverse team of employees who can offer different perspectives, give advice, and even voice personal concerns relevant to the business. But how do you scout for workers who meet the right criteria? 

Every individual is unique in their own special ways, and any seasoned boss is well aware of this fact. Any team you have is already composed of distinct, genuine people who possess these qualities, and it falls on the boss to encourage an environment that promotes individuality and creativity. 

Prove you realize the intrinsic worth of your employees with the extraordinary finds at the MoMA Design Store. Combining contemporary art with cutting-edge designs, MoMA artists design stunning furniture, housewares, and unique objects that inspire the soul and nurture creative hearts. Find practical items for professional use or liven up the walls of any household with a stunning decorative piece or two.

Gift Card Granny does not offer MoMA Design Store at this time, but be sure to check back in the future to see which awesome retailers join us next!

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5. Ethan Allen

Transform a House into a Personal Castle 

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It’s hard to know what gifts people truly appreciate when they express insincere gratitude just to avoid hurting your feelings. Employees have even more reason to act ingenuine when receiving a gift, not wanting to upset the individual who signs off on their payroll every other week. 

While you are not well versed in the act of mindreading, there is still a lot you can do to ensure your employees truly love your gift. After all, the gift of new furniture is never going to be unappreciated by anyone, ever. Especially when it comes to the selection of home furnishings available at Ethan Allen. 

Ethan Allen has been delivering quality home furniture to customers since their doors first opened all the way back in 1932. With over three hundred stores spread across the United States, shoppers can find excellent furniture pieces and stunning accessories to make every room shine.

Give your employees the quality they deserve with an Ethan Allen gift card from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back quick!

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6. Sur La Table

A Five Star Meal Made in Your Kitchen

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Buy Sur La Table Gift Cards

Knowing your way around the kitchen is cool, but creating mouth watering delicacies with the tools at your disposal is arguably even more cool. And since you manage a team of brilliant individuals, it isn’t a stretch to assume a handful of them have a knack for cooking. 

Sur La Table is exactly what the chefs on your team need to bring their passion for cooking one step further. Founded in 1972, Sur La Table has been providing customers with all kinds of premium kitchenware that can transform the cooking potential of any kitchen, even for the novice chefs who haven’t quite mastered the craft. 

Browse quality finds for cookware, bakeware, kitchen tools, small appliances, knives, and anything else a chef of any experience level could dream of. Sur La Table even has a section reserved for gourmet food finds, perfect for when you want to add a dash of fanciful flavor to any home-cooked meal. And for those who still need a little more hands-on practice, the variety of cooking classes Sur La Table offers are definitely worth checking out. 

Sounds better than a traditional date night, doesn’t it? Check out Gift Card Granny to get a Sur La Table gift card for those workers whose hearts lie with the art of cooking today! 

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7. Areaware

Where Being Colorful Just Makes Sense

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Areaware Gift Cards

If you manage a lot of employees, chances are you can’t reasonably keep track of their various interests and hobbies, and that is completely normal. No one person can be expected to do something like that. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to show your appreciation for all the work your employees do. 

Areaware makes personalized gift shopping simple. The Areaware catalog is fun and packed with personality, with unique gift options that are just as special as your employees. Plus, with Areaware’s range of products, there’s no doubt everyone is certain to find something that speaks to their interests. 

Areaware has colorful products perfect for work and breathing life into any office space, but that’s only a fraction of their impressive catalog. Find vibrant home decorations, stunning candles, beautiful planters, and practical kitchen equipment that combines fun with efficiency. They even have an entertainment section perfect for kids and those who need to take a load off. 

While you can’t get a gift card to Areaware on Gift Card Granny quite yet, the future is filled with unlimited possibilities. Stay up-to-date with our expansive catalog to see the next exciting additions!

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8. Custom Mastercard 

Eliminate the Boundaries of Gift Card Shopping

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Buy Mastercard Gift Cards

We all know that decisions are tough, especially when it comes to your employees. You want to be a good boss who isn’t afraid to show how much you care, but you fear a gift card to a random retailer might be an unappreciated gesture. There’s even a possibility that a gift card could be seen as offensive, even when it is given with the best of intentions. 

So, how do you avoid the awkwardness that often accompanies gift giving?

With a gift card that is perfectly catered to all of your employee’s needs!

A custom Mastercard gift card from Gift Card Granny gives any gift recipient complete control over their gifts. Don’t worry about the possibility of returns or saving the gift receipt with this card – it is all you’ll ever need to be the best boss ever!

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Gift giving should never be a shot in the dark, so stop taking chances. Give your employees the appreciation they deserve with our amazing gift card options available at Gift Card Granny. With unlimited potential and cash back rewards, gift card shopping has never been so easy. Treat your employees to a fun day out and be the world’s coolest boss with these stellar gift card ideas!