Cool Gift Cards for Guys: 9 Ideas that Measure Up to His Charm


Remind any guy in your life about how awesome having him around is by giving him a gift card that perfectly captures his cool essence

You’ve gotten to know many guys over the course of your life. Some of them may have turned out to be dear friends who you would take a bullet for, while others left little to be desired. Maybe your favorite guy in the whole world is your brother, whose warm smile and cheesy jokes make countless faces light up with joy. Perhaps it’s a doting boyfriend, partner, even husband – a man special to you in more ways than you can describe. 


Whether he’s a treasured bro who's been by your side since Friday night high school football games or the man who swept you off your feet on your wedding day, his presence in your life matters and you wouldn’t trade him in for any other model. 


So show him how amazing he is by giving him a gift that resonates with who he is: a cool guy deserving of cool things. But with so many options to consider, how can you pick out a gift that accurately captures how amazing he really is? 


Consider that a nonissue with the help of Gift Card Granny, where you can browse a surplus of awesome gift cards fit for any man in your life. Gift shopping no longer has to be intimidating or filled with anxiety, so kick back, relax, and be confident in your gift-giving abilities. 


Let’s explore some gift card ideas and see which ones make the best fit for any cool guy you know. Get ready to see the following:

  • Gift cards for sensible fashion

  • Gift cards for hobbies and entertainment

  • Gift cards for personal care

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Now that I’ve caught you up to speed, let’s dive into the wonderful world of gift cards suited for the cool guys in your life. 


Time to Sail the Ocean Blue

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What if clothes came from the sea? At Nautica, they practically do!


Catch a whiff of the salty sea breeze and envision the perfect beach day dressed in any of Nautica’s stylish apparel. Founded in 1983, Nautica is an American apparel brand that brings the ocean alive with a range of lively attire to accentuate the inner sailor of any man, woman, or child. 


Nautica may be renowned for their fashionable clothing items and aquatic accessories, but they sell a variety of marine-themed goods to transform any home into a year-round beach trip. Find stunning duvets, decorative pillows, practical wallets, beach towels, handbags, and other oceanic sundries. Nautica even stocks beautifully crafted fragrances that capture the pure, unfiltered essence of the sea. 


If your resident cool guy happens to have a heart that lies with the open sea, make him feel right at home with a gift card to Nautica from Gift Card Granny. Embolden his sailor spirit and give him the treasure he craves – freedom. Plus, you’ll earn some cash back in the process. 

Guitar Center

The Gift of Music Goes a Long Way

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Cool guys tend to like music. Really cool guys like to create music. 


Guitar Center can help make any musical dreams a reality with their generous selection of instruments and sound equipment. Forget the stigma of “basic skinny guy who can only play a riff or two on his guitar” and give any man who’s interested in music the means to support his curiosity. 


Whether it’s a new hobby or a passionate exploration of artistic muse, musicians deserve to have the equipment to accomplish their musical goals. Guitar Center has a diverse catalog of industry-praised guitars to make him feel like a rockstar ready to put on a show. 


And if your guy isn’t too savvy with his fingers, rest assured that guitars aren’t the only thing Guitar Center keeps in stock. Hook him up with prime DJ equipment, drum sets, mics, amps, and stellar lighting gear to get the full club experience. 


A Guitar Center gift card is waiting for you over on Gift Card Granny, so get one quick to make any guy feel like he’s hot stuff and earn a little cash back for yourself. 


Make Home Feel Like Heaven with Amazing Wall Art

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Guys are often criticized for their lack of decorating skills, and sometimes it’s justified. There are plenty of men out there who think pasty white walls should be left barren and desolate, almost like a desert but somehow even more void of life. 


Don’t let him succumb to that depressing fate – let Society6 offer some artistic assistance. As an online retailer with a broad catalog of items that help bring any home to life, Society6 is the best destination to shop for unique decor, home furnishings, and captivating wall art. From sensible and sleek to eye-catching and bright, Society6 has some of the best designs on the market for reasonable prices. 


Society6 is not available on Gift Card Granny quite yet, but that could change at any moment, so watch out.   


For the Needs of the Household

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Society looks to men as being the builders, the fixers, the DIY-ers. Basically, guys are seen as the convenient, cheap option to call when something breaks and you don’t want to shell out hundreds for a professional repair.


But guys need a break sometimes, too. And that’s where Handy steps in to save the day. 


Handy is an online marketplace designed to connect local professionals with potential clients who are in need of house-related services and maintenance. Their website makes it easy to browse the various different home services they provide, find a timeframe that fits into any schedule, and effortlessly book appointments.  


Some of the services available at Handy include help with furniture assembly, TV mounting, smart device installation, home and office cleaning, toilet repair, power washing, and so much more.  


Gift Card Granny has an expansive inventory of gift cards for prominent national and local brands, but Handy is not currently part of the catalog. We’re always adding new retailers, though!


The Best Shoes on the Market for the Best Prices


There’s something refreshing about slipping into a brand new pair of shoes. The feeling of plush comfort, the secure grip, the sleek design – it all comes together as the final touch to complete any outfit worthy of a delightful evening out.  


Any guy worth his salt wouldn’t pass up the chance to get a fresh new pair at Designer Shoe Warehouse, popularly known as DSW. This shoe retailer houses a massive collection of designer and name brand shoes, accessories, activewear, and more. 


Their array of men’s shoes has a mix of styles fit for every occasion, including dress shoes, sneakers, boots, sandals, casual shoes, loafers, and slippers. Whether it’s for running a marathon or giving a lecture in a college amphitheater, DSW has the shoes needed to elevate any look.


Make him into a shoe stud with a gift card to DSW from Gift Card Granny  

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

Fiction Just Got Real Delicious


Inspired by the acclaimed 1994 film Forrest Gump, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company first opened its doors to the public in 1996, just two short years after the film’s release. It now operates around forty locations in notable parts of the United States and abroad and has grown to be a beloved seafood-serving restaurant.  


Their name boasts shrimp, and while that certainly is their speciality, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company does a lot more than serve one crustacean. They’ve got fish and chips, clam chowder, ribeyes, salmon, and a ton of other delicious options to satisfy any hungry stomach. 


Any seafood-loving guy would be ecstatic for the chance to eat at this famous maritime joint, so pick up a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company gift card from Gift Card Granny asap! The cash back will be delicious.   


REI Co-op

Be Prepared For the Great Outdoors

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Cool guys enjoy getting out of the house to get deep and dirty with nature, but even the coolest guys out there don’t stand a chance of surviving the wilderness without the proper equipment. Fortunately, REI is here to ensure a top of the line outdoor excursion. 


REI Co-op (short for Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is an American retailer of outdoor recreational equipment, services, and outerwear. It operates 165 stores in thirty-nine states and functions as a consumers’ co-operative, putting the needs of its members above profits to provide exemplary services. 


REI has quality gear fit for camping, hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, and anything else that qualifies as a beloved outdoor activity. They also stock an abundance of clothing items, athleticwear, and accessories to ensure you’re dressed for the occasion. When it comes to getting intimate with nature, REI can’t be beat. 


There are thousands of different retailers available on Gift Card Granny, but REI Co-op is not yet one of them. We’re always adding to our catalog, so keep an eye out. 


Let the Festivities Commence 

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Concerts? Music festivals? Sporting events? No matter what your cup of tea is, the fun never stops with StubHub. 


StubHub began as America’s largest secondary-market ticket marketplace and has since grown into the most popular ticket marketplace within the e-commerce world, with people worldwide buying and selling their tickets on the platform. StubHub is the place to be to find tickets sold second hand for the best price points for entertainment events of all types. 


All the cool guys are using StubHub to catch their favorite sports teams and bands perform live, and with how easy StubHub makes ticket resales and exchanges, it’s no wonder why StubHub is the preferred destination for ticket buyers and sellers alike. 


Get him a gift card to StubHub from Gift Card Granny to help fund his next thrilling live performance venture and earn some easy cash back!

The Art of Shaving

Sculpt Your Best Self


Grooming is an art, and any cool guy who knows his way around facial hair knows that quality tools yield quality results. 


The Art of Shaving takes that philosophy and applies it directly to the type of business they run. Founded in 1996 in Manhattan, The Art of Shaving is a retailer of men’s high-end shaving equipment and accessories for skincare. 


Get state of the art razors, luxurious shaving creams and pre-shave gels, beard wash, stubble balm, aromatic body soap, and so many more products to create the ultimate grooming experience. 


While you can’t get a gift card for The Art of Shaving on Gift Card Granny quite yet, rest easy knowing we’re always adding more amazing retailers to our catalog.  


They say guys are hard to read and hard to shop for, but gift cards make the process a breeze. 


Feeling a little more confident about gift shopping for the cool guys in your life? With so many gift cards ideas to brood over, we certainly hope so. 


Shopping for gifts should never be a pain, and Gift Card Granny is here to lessen the hassle and create more opportunities for joy. Easily find brands you know he loves, customize the gift cards to your heart’s content, and relish in all that easy cash back you’ll earn because of your generosity. Seriously, it’s that easy!