Gift Cards for Your Boyfriend: 10 Ideas He Will Be Sure To Appreciate

Never Have an Easy Time Shopping for Your Boyfriend? Try Out Some of These Gift Card Ideas and Watch the Magic Happen


Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, or romantic getaway to a tropical island in the Caribbean, buying a gift for your partner should always be something that makes you feel good inside. Take a moment to imagine the dazzling smile that overtakes their face, the bright shine in their eyes, all the words they want to say caught in their throat by a ball of emotion and love. 


It’s so easy to lose yourself in this fantastical setting that a whole minute passes before you remember the reality of your situation: boyfriends can be a pain to shop for. 


Of course you care for your boyfriend; your love is as boundless as the wind! But that doesn’t always translate into the world of gift-giving, often leaving you pressed for time and options. 


At Gift Card Granny, we recognize that struggle all too well. Almost nothing feels worse than being at a loss over which gift will be the perfect match for your boyfriend, and you never want him to feel like you don’t care, so stop the worrying and let gift cards do the work for you!


Let’s explore some of the gift card possibilities available and see which ones resonate with your boyfriend’s passions. And before we go any further, let me put out a little disclaimer – expect to see some stereotypical boyfriend interests on this list. When it comes to men, I have to be a little generic in order to hit the nail right on the head, as I’m sure you realize. Get ready to see ideas like the following:

  • Gift cards for fun and leisure

  • Gift cards for outdoor activities

  • Gift cards for odd hobbies

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Over on Gift Card Granny, we offer a variety of customizable gift cards for thousands of local and national brands that can be easily sent online. Choose from an expansive catalog of retailers that specialize in a range of different products, from sporting goods to kitchenware to travel necessities. With so many options in one convenient location, Gift Card Granny is sure to meet the needs of any boyfriend while you get to earn cash back for your shopping troubles. 


Easy-peasy, right? Now, let’s move on with the list. 


Sportswear Taken to the Next Level

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If your boyfriend is the type to spend long hours on the treadmill or run laps around the block early in the morning, chances are he burns through his shoes like there’s no tomorrow. 


And hey, staying in shape is no easy feat, especially when you lack the equipment to help get you there. So cut out the cheap sneakers from the equation and get the athleticwear specifically designed for an active lifestyle. 


Adidas carries clothing and accessories designed for those who like to get their blood pumping and lungs expanding. Whether he’s a professional athlete or casual jogger, Adidas manufactures quality footwear designed to support your boyfriend during all of his exercise endeavors, and make him look on point while doing it. 


Get an Adidas gift card at Gift Card Granny to assist your boyfriend on his fitness journey, all while earning cash back for yourself! 

Buffalo Wild Wings

Wings and Sports? Say No More

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Every night is boys’ night when it’s at Buffalo Wild Wings, and it can be!


Well, alright, maybe every night is a bit of a stretch, but we can certainly acknowledge that the ol’ boyfriend needs some alone time with the guys every so often to just sit back and chill. Or yell incoherent obscenities at the TV screen when a man fails to catch a ball. Y’know, typical guy stuff. 


So when it’s game night and you’ve had your maximum dose of sports for the year, spare yourself the trivialities of football talk and have your boyfriend get in some quality bonding time with the bros at Buffalo Wild Wings. There will be plenty of space for him and his friends to live vigorously through the thrills of a live sports broadcast while gorging himself on beer and fried food, two of his favorite things!


Luckily for the both of you, Gift Card Granny has a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings so that dream can become reality. And as a bonus, you’ll earn cash back.

Herschel Supply Co.

Designer Quality at the Right Price 


Little feels worse than arriving late to your dinner arrangement with the new couple on the block because your boyfriend couldn’t find that thing he said he had just ten minutes before, causing the two of you to spend the next twenty minutes turning the house upside down only to find the aforementioned object innocently sitting on the coffee table, having been there the whole time. 


If your boyfriend is the scatterbrained type who always seems to be losing something every other day, then Herschel Supply Co. has the remedy to solve that problem. With an inventory of stylized bags of all sizes, staying organized becomes simple with this retailer. Whether it’s a backpack, duffle bag, tote, or hip pack, Herschel Supply Co. has plenty of detailed, quality products to get anyone’s life in order. 


Though you cannot currently find Herschel Supply Co. on Gift Card Granny, our catalog is constantly expanding to include more retailers, so be on the lookout for what gets added next!

Advance Auto Parts

The Tools for a Successful Vehicle


Come now, you didn’t think we could compose a list of great gift card ideas for the typical American boyfriend and somehow neglect to mention cars? 


It’s true, not all men are “car guys,” and that’s statistically to be expected. More and more men are deviating from gender norms and their interests are following suit, but there will always be car enthusiasts lurking in the shadows. And if your boyfriend happens to fit that description, then do him justice with Advance Auto Parts. 


With nearly five thousand stores operating across North America, Advance Auto Parts supplies automotive aftermarket parts and services to ensure your vehicle runs smooth and stays in top shape. Conveniently access the equipment you need to do the repairs yourself, or employ the assistance of a trained automotive professional to get the job done. 


Even if your boyfriend isn’t car crazy, a gift card to Advance Auto Parts from Gift Card Granny is still a useful resource to have. Get one today and rack in some sweet cash back! 


Fun Doesn’t Have a Price Tag, But a Gift Card Always Helps

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Ah, boys and their video games – is there perhaps a more perfect pair? Well, maybe you and your man make for a darn good one, but this list isn’t about that. 


When it comes to gift shopping for the boyfriend, don’t shrug off video games as a pastime exclusively enjoyed by kids and moody teenagers. Many adults love escaping to the fantastical worlds within video games, where the anxieties and obligations of real life cease to exist and you can simply live carefree in the moment.


The massive stock of video games carried by GameStop can help even the busiest boyfriend take a little time for himself. Browse a collection of games for consoles old and new, find fun merchandise of your favorite video game hits, and stock up on the latest electronics to amplify any gaming experience. 


Your GameStop gift card is patiently waiting over on Gift Card Granny, so hurry and start earning cash back today!

Uncommon Goods

Stand Out From the Crowd

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Is your boyfriend more of a unique soul? Perhaps he stands out from the bunch because of his rather niche interests, and though you love him even more for it, that doesn’t make gift shopping any easier. 


That’s why Uncommon Goods exists – to save the day and put a genuine smile on your boyfriend’s face. As an online American retailer with a diverse catalog of fun and unique items to browse, Uncommon Goods satisfies what the average department store and retail shopping outlet cannot. 


From custom embroidered pillows to hot sauce making kits to weird novelty items you’d be hard pressed to find in stores, Uncommon Goods carries a broad range of oddly specific products for all household needs, however fundamentally useless they appear to be. One’s man’s loss is another man’s treasure, so let Uncommon Goods make some of the best matches on the market. 


Unfortunately, Uncommon Goods is not currently one of the many retailers we have over on Gift Card Granny, but stay tuned – we’re always adding more to our catalog! 

L.L. Bean

Explore in Style

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No company does it quite like L.L. Bean, so don’t settle for less. Stick with a reputable brand both you and your boyfriend can trust. 


L.L. Bean started off over one hundred years ago in 1912 as a mail-order company that specialized in the production of durable outdoor clothing, and it now sits on the throne as the king of wilderness necessities. 


From fleece-lined hunting boots to fishing rods to recreational gear for old fashioned outdoor fun, L.L. Bean doesn’t let up when it comes to quality products. 


Pick up a gift card to L.L.Bean from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back with no hassle! 


Spice Up the Kitchen With More Than Paprika


Does your boyfriend have a passion for cooking? Is he constantly whipping up new creations that make your taste buds sing and stomach grumble in anticipation for more? 


Heck, even if he only dabbles in the kitchen on occasion, he deserves to have equipment that will give him the best results for his efforts. With top of the line cookware and efficient kitchen appliances, Williams-Sonoma is fit for helping him get the job done. 


Shop for professional-quality pots and pans, cooking utensils, cutlery, baking tools, and so much more. Find all the products fit for a kitchen lover in a variety of styles including ceramic, cast-iron, stainless-steel, and nonstick. Whatever your kitchen needs are, Williams-Sonoma has the equipment to help you succeed. 


Cook up a delicious dish with a Williams-Sonoma gift card from Gift Card Granny and indulge in cash back as a dessert!

Ace Hardware

Build the Foundation for a Better Home

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A man likes to have the tools he needs for success, and one of the best places to get them is Ace Hardware. Seriously, it’s the place. 


As the most trusted hardware distributor in the nation, as well as the largest hardware retail cooperative in the world, Ace stores have a vast inventory of products to fix, repair, and maintain a comfortable home. With a comprehensive selection of tools suited for home improvement, grilling, painting, and lawn and garden care, Ace Hardware has got all your bases covered. 


Though you can’t find Ace Hardware on Gift Card Granny quite yet, keep your eyes peeled to see which retailers join our catalog next!

Custom Visa Card

When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

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You’ve been given so many brilliant gift card options to pick from, yet nothing resonates as the ideal gift for your sweetheart. You fear nothing will be able to make the cut now, but don’t despair quite yet. 


When in doubt, it’s always safe to go with a custom Visa gift card readily available at your convenience on Gift Card Granny. Personalize your own card and load any amount you desire onto it, and don’t even concern yourself with the hassle of mail – you can get it sent digitally! 


Healthy relationships take time and dedication to properly manage, but adding a gift card or two to the mix is never going to hurt. 


Now that you have some ideas to sift through, spend less time fretting over what to get your boyfriend and more time showing him all the reasons you two make for a perfect pair that rivals even cake and ice cream. 


With so many fantastic gift card options to choose from on Gift Card Granny, you’ll never have to worry about wasting another minute on a useless shopping venture again. Think of all the extra time you two will have for cuddling!