Best Gift Cards for Expecting Parents: 6 Ideas to Lend a Helping Hand

Make the transition into parenthood easier for any expecting couple with these marvelous gift card ideas and prove that you are a friend they can rely on for support and assistance

The prospect of bringing a baby into the world is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Even eager first-time parents often find themselves stressing over the life changing reality that having a baby would bring about, though the love for one’s partner and passion for starting a family together tend to make the immensely life altering situation plausible. 


However, even if many folks do take the steps necessary to begin a family, that does not automatically mean they have the full means to get by without facing struggle in the meantime. Having a baby requires money, and family planning can take a downward spiral when certain costs start getting factored into the equation. 


As a sympathetic friend, you care about the happiness of your friends and wish you could do something to make the situation a little more bearable. Turns out, there’s a lot that you can do that is within your means of living, including shopping for gift cards from retailers that specialize in the best baby gear for expecting parents. 


Gift Card Granny has exactly what any caring friend needs to assist budding parents with the many responsibilities that come alongside having a baby. Some ideas you can expect to see from this list include the following:

  • Gift cards for clothing and accessories

  • Gift cards for newborn essentials

  • Gift cards for enrichment and safety

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It’s Practically an American Tradition 


One of the most prevailing concerns that accompanies the reality of having a baby is the fact that they’ll need a lot of clothes. Babies don’t stay babies forever, and they’ll eventually outgrow the outfits that fit them yesterday. Knowing this, how on earth is any low income parent supposed to keep up with the price of constant clothing? 


No one expects you to be the world’s greatest problem solver, but you can be a considerate friend by giving your friends the means to afford a few cute outfits from Carter’s. While it is no grand gesture, any expecting parents will be beyond appreciative to receive such a thoughtful gift. Babies may be small in size, but that doesn’t mean the price tag on their clothing won’t quickly add up to massive amounts. 


Founded all the way back in 1865 by William Carter, Carter’s has become an American household name as a major designer and retailer of children’s apparel. Carter’s connects new parents with an array of quality clothing for children of various ages, from newborn to toddler, all the way up to the dawning of the teenage years. 


Carter’s has a range of affordable baby clothes fit for the wallet of parents with a little less cash to spare. Browse their adorable baby rompers, jumpsuits, swimsuits, shoes, and so much more on their website, at any physical location, or at other retail outlets like department stores. 


Don’t miss out on picking up a Carter’s gift card from Gift Card Granny to score an easy chance at cash back for your thoughtfulness.  

Destination Maternity

Ensure a Comfortable Experience with Pregnancy 


Even before the baby enters the world, parents must deal with the financial burdens that accompany motherhood. Carrying a baby inside your body is no walk in the park, which is why it’s important any expecting mother is properly equipped to manage the physical tolls of childbearing. 


Destination Maternity happens to be the world’s largest designer and retailer of maternity apparel. Operating subsidiaries like Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod, Destination Maternity produces a variety of stylish clothing to ensure a comfortable pregnancy, nursing, and postpartum experience. Moms have a lot on their plate as it is, so help relieve some of the pressure with the best maternity clothing on the market. 


It’s ignorant to assume every mom is going to experience the same journey of motherhood. Some women will face more anxieties and troubles than others, which can really take a toll on a mother’s mental health. Though you can’t take away all the struggles of maternity, you can certainly offer assurance through clothing designed to prioritize comfort during all stages of pregnancy and beyond. 


A Destination Maternity gift card from Gift Card Granny will bring a smile to any expecting mother’s face, with a little side of cash back for your wallet. 

Buy Buy Baby

Set Parents Up for Success with the Right Tools

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There’s a lot of responsibility that comes alongside parenthood. A couple might believe themselves to be prepared for the worst of it, but it’s never a bad idea to check in and see what they could use help with. That’s the least any respectable friend could do, after all. 


Send them over to a Buy Buy Baby location and get them equipped with the latest and greatest baby gear on the market. Since its first store opened back in 1996, Buy Buy Baby has specialized in providing parents with direct access to high-quality, essential baby products to ensure any baby is brought into a comfortable environment. Shop strollers, bouncers, feeding tools, clothing, and loads of other accessories suitable for infants and young children. 


If all of this sounds splendid to you, imagine how excited any expecting parents would be at the chance to shop the vast inventory of Buy Buy Baby. Whether they want to decorate their nursery with adorable knick knacks or need professional gear designed for travel, Buy Buy Baby is a practical solution for any situation. 


Visit Gift Card Granny to pick up a gift card to Buy Buy Baby for your expecting friends. It will show them you’re someone they can always rely on, and the cash back you’ll earn won’t hurt either. 


Quality Play-Kits for Healthy Development 

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Being properly stimulated is a crucial aspect of development during the early stages of childhood. Children should inhabit an environment that contains the resources they need to engage their minds and senses, and some of the best tools parents have to accomplish just that are toys. 


It’s important parents have access to toys that are actually beneficial to the cognitive development of their young ones. Not all toys are the same, and there are plenty that serve no purpose other than to distract and entertain. At Lovevery, that couldn’t be less of a problem. 


Lovevery is an American manufacturer of play-kits for babies and young children that operates on a subscription based model. Designed by experts, these play-kits offer stage-based play essentials to assist the development of children as they grow through the vital early years of life. Lovevery toys are built to support parents and engage crucial developmental windows in the lives of children, with play-kits tailored to their exact stage. 


Parents can rest easy knowing Lovevery toys are completely child-safe and crafted from sustainably harvested wood, making their impact on the environment minimal. Lovevery uses nontoxic paints and plastics that are safe for babies, too. 


Unfortunately, Lovevery is not available on Gift Card Granny quite yet, but we’re always looking to add more fantastic retailers to the mix!


Find Everything a Parent Could Need in One Place

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When it comes to stocking up on all the vital baby supplies, department stores have a range of useful items to add to any growing collection of baby essentials. Parents can plan a quick shopping trip to any local department store and pick up an array of necessities for their newborn, without having to run around to various stores that all specialize in selling different products. They’re great options for when parents are pressed for time or don’t want to spend an entire day scoping out baby paraphernalia. 


Target in particular is a chain of department stores that offers an impressive collection of parenting related goods to help take some of the stress out of raising a baby. They have a vast collection of adorable clothing for babies, toddlers, and older children, so whether a couple is having their first kid or is on their fourth, they will be guaranteed to find items fit for the whole family. 


And the greatness doesn’t stop there, either. Aside from apparel, Targets has shelves lined with other essential baby items like diapers, blankets, feeding tools, toys, formula, and health equipment. Basically, Target has everything under the sun that an expecting couple could ever want to ensure they bring their baby into a comfortable, safe environment that has been properly prepared with all the necessary supplies.  


While there’s plenty of amazing retailers to choose from on Gift Card Granny, Target is not currently available. Check back soon to see which brands join our catalog next!

The Children’s Place

Build a Better Tomorrow for Children Everywhere


There’s no such thing as over preparing for an oncoming baby, and the constant need for new clothes gives expecting parents plenty of opportunities to experiment with different styles of outfits to capture their baby’s individuality. It’s important parents find a retailer that meets their needs and is truly devoted to supporting children of all ages, which is exactly what The Children’s Place is here for. 


The Children’s Place is a specialty retailer of children’s apparel and related accessories that provides clothing for newborns, toddlers, and young boys and girls. The clothing at The Children’s Place combines quality, value, and style for memorable looks that will accentuate childhood and cultivate self-expression. They believe in having a special responsibility to create a better environment for future generations of children, and their stylish apparel emboldens children to have the confidence they need to make a change. 


With a mission to empower children to learn, grow, and build a better place for the future, The Children’s Place is dedicated to supporting local communities and strives to give back. They are committed to sustainability and making efforts to guarantee a better future for all children, so any shopping done at this retailer contributes to a positive cause. 


Inspire young souls with a gift card to The Children’s Place from Gift Card Granny. It’s an easy way to do good while you earn a little cash back!



There’s no shame in feeling nervous as the reality of bringing a baby into this world becomes more pronounced each day, the due date slowly creeping closer with the passage of each moment. Even if you know a couple who appears to be coping with the change well, it doesn’t hurt to reach out and see if there’s anything they could use help with baby-wise. 


A true friend doesn’t wait to be asked, they simply do. Step up to the plate and make the lives of your friends a whole lot easier with any of these amazing finds from Gift Card Granny. These can certainly be considered the best gift cards around for expecting parents, so don’t be afraid to pick one or two up and make life a little less stressful for your dear friends!