13 Gift Cards That Make the Perfect Gift for Any Golfer in Your Life

Are you a golfer yourself, or do you know someone in your life who is a huge golf fan? Whether you or someone you know is a big, expert level golfer or you’re just a beginner starting out and learning the ropes, you might at some point find yourself looking for a gift for that golfer in your life (or yourself, we don’t judge!). But what do you get someone who is a big golf fan? Well, we have some ideas! 

Gift cards are a great gift to give anyone and everyone on your shopping list, but they’re especially a great gift option for the golfer in your life. Golf is a sport that everyone seems to play differently and everyone has their preferences about the tools and accessories they use during their golf game, so buying a gift for the golfer in your life can be tricky because you don’t want to get the wrong thing. This is where a gift card can come in handy. Gift cards allow someone to pick out exactly what they want, so why not get a gift card that is perfect for that hard to shop for golfer in your life? Or, grab one for yourself and treat yourself to something nice for your next golf game! 

Let's first talk about where you should get these gift cards before we talk about these gift cards that will make the perfect gift for any golfer in your life. Gift Card Granny is a website that you can go on to search for gift cards for thousands of retailers, all from one place and all on your phone. But why use Gift Card Granny? Well, when you buy a gift card on Gift Card Granny’s site you save money on your gift card purchase with cash back on all gift card purchases. Whether you’re a golfer yourself and you’re shopping for your own gift card, or you’re buying for someone in your life who is a golf enthusiast, Gift Card Granny has the perfect gift cards and you can save money all at the same time. 

Before we jump into the article and talk about all these awesome gift cards, let’s first take a look at the gift cards we’re going to be talking about today:

  • Gift cards for apparel and sportswear 
  • Gift cards for golf equipment 
  • Gift cards for fun and events

1. Topgolf

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Buy a Topgolf gift card

For folks who are serious about golfing and for those of us who aren’t quite sure how to swing a golf club, Topgolf offers an amazingly immersive sports experience without the pressure of high-level competitions. Better gather your family and friends for a fun day trip to the nearest Topgolf location in your area. 

In case you haven’t heard of Topgolf before, you can simply think of it as a sports entertainment complex offering an advanced, high-tech game of golf to get you and your buddies’ blood pumping. Aside from the gold, Topgolf offers refreshments through on-site restaurants and bars operated by experienced head chefs who cultivate a delicious menu filled with American fare, helping to keep you full while you play. 

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2. Fanatics

Fans of golf can shop merch for all their favorite tournaments 

Buy a Fanatics gift card

Being a fan of golf doesn’t necessarily mean you have to personally partake in the sport. Some fans simply like to sit back and watch the next big tournament play out and root for their favorite players, just like many folks do with other popular sports like football and basketball. Though golf isn’t quite as renowned in the sporting world, it’s still a big interest for many. 

Fanatics is every sports fan’s dream store. They feature an array of officially licensed merchandise including t-shirts, jerseys, trading cards, sportswear, collectibles, hats, and more awesome items fans will love. Fanatics features a variety of golf merchandise for different tournaments such as the Farmers Insurance Open, LPGA, Solheim Cup, Wells Fargo Championship, and the U.S. Open. 

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3. Golf Galaxy 

The golf store that has anything and everything 

Golf Galaxy is a golfer’s dream store. Golf Galaxy has anything and everything a golfer could want or need for their next golf game. From golf balls, golfing apparel, and club covers to shoes perfect for the green and new golf clubs or bags, Golf Galaxy has it all. A golf Galaxy gift card is the perfect gift card to get any golfer in your life because they can use it to pick out anything they want or need for their next big golf game. A Golf Galaxy gift card can be used both in store and online so if they don’t have a Golf Galaxy store near them they can use the gift card to order online as well. 

Unfortunately, Golf Galaxy gift cards are not currently available on Gift Card Granny. 

4. Go Play Golf 

A golfing gift card for every occasion 

A Go Play Golf gift card is the perfect gift card for any golfer in your life of any skill level. A Go Play Golf gift card can be used at over 5,000 golf courses all over the nation so the golfer in your life is sure to find a course to use it to play their next game on you! A Go Play Golf gift card is also great because it can be converted into a Top Golf gift card as well, so whether they’re a professional level golfer or just someone who likes to golf for fun, they can play a round at Top Golf with their friends or fellow golfers. A Go Play Golf gift card can also be used for golfing lessons at participating courses so even if they are a beginner golfer they can improve their golf game with some private lessons 

Go Play Golf gift cards are not available on Gift Card Granny at this time.  

5. Groupon 

A great way to save money on any golfing experience 

Buy a Groupon gift card


Groupon is a site that offers deals on thousands of experiences all over the globe. A Groupon is essentially a coupon to be used on an experience to get it at a reduced price than what you would normally pay. A groupon is a great gift idea for any golfer in your life because there are Groupons for Top Golf and other golfing experiences. This means that your favorite golfer can get together with their friends and play a game of golf, head out for drinks, or play a virtual golf game for a reduced price with Groupon. Plus, you’ll save money on the gift card when you purchase from Gift Card Granny so if you decide to use the Groupon gift card for yourself, you’ll save even more. 

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6. Athleta

Athletic gear that works to your advantage

Buy an Athleta gift card

Who said girls didn’t like to golf? Athleta is a retailer that specializes in the sale of athletic apparel for women, providing a wide array of attire for various sports and athletic activities, golf included. 

In terms of golf apparel for women, Athleta stocks golf pants, skorts, polo tanks, cinch tops, and more. Manufactured with performance in mind, Athleta clothing offers support to its wearers and helps them enhance their athletic abilities. Even in the world of golf, it is important to use effective gear to showcase your true skills. 

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7. Worldwide Golf Shops

Step up your golf game with high end gear and accessories 

Similar to Golf Galaxy, Worldwide Golf Shops has so many things for a golfer to choose from. Worldwide Golf Shops not only has tons of golfing accessories to choose from like club covers, bags and carts, and even clubs, but they also have a wide selection of apparel to choose from, including tech pieces to help you play your best game yet and keep track of your stats. So whether you need new footwear for your next golf game or you’re buying for a friend, Worldwide Golf Shops has something for everyone and for every golfer in your life. Afterall, you can’t play your best golf game if you don’t have the right tools and accessories available to you. 

Worldwide Golf Shops gift cards are not currently available on Gift Card Granny.  

8. Columbia Sportswear

Play your best game in your best gear 

Buy a Columbia Sportswear gift card

This outerwear company offers a variety of high-quality attire for various athletic and outdoor activities. Men, women, and kids can choose from premium apparel that meets their needs including items like parkas, fleece jackets, sweatshirts, rain-resistant pants, trail running shoes, sandals, and other accessories like gloves and sunglasses. 

Columbia Sportswear allows customers to filter attire selections based on activity as well. For golfers looking for quality gear, Columbia Sportswear has plenty to go around. From comfortable shorts and shirts to stylish jackets and flexible skorts, men and women players will both have tons of fashionable and practical options. 

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9. Hibbett Sports

For all your sporting needs for your next big golf game 

Hibbett Sports might not be a golfing specific store, but Hibbett Sports is a great place for golfers to stock up on gear. Hibbett Sports is a sports store that specializes in having anything and everything for all sports, including golf. So if you want to update your golfing wardrobe or a golfer in your life is looking for new golfing shoes, or if they need a new golf bag, Hibbett Sports is the place to go. 

A Hibbett Sports gift card can also be used both in store and online so if the store nearest to you or the golfer in your life doesn’t have what you might be looking for, you can order anything online with a Hibbett Sports gift card. 

Hibbett Sports gift cards are not available on Gift Card Granny at this current time. 

10. Callaway Golf

Shop the best and latest golfing gear 

Buy a Callaway Golf gift card


Callaway Golf is another great golfing gear shop for golfers of any skill set and at any level. Callaway Golf has tons of golfing gear and accessories to pick from to help you or the golfer in your life play your best game of golf yet. Plus, Callaway Golf also offers the option to create and buy your own set of customized golf clubs, so not only can you play your best game, but you can look good while doing it with a pair of clubs that fit your personality and personal style. 

Callaway Golf also has a selection of eyewear to wear on the course so you or your favorite golfer can be sure to play your best game when you’re out on the course. There are also “pre-owned” and “trade in, trade trade up” options on Callaway Golf’s site so you can get your clubs for cheaper depending on your preference of how you want to shop. 

Buy a Callaway Golf gift card today and save money with cash back from Gift Card Granny. 

11. Adidas

Get great sportswear so you can play your best game yet 

Buy an Adidas gift card


Adidas isn’t necessarily known for their golfing apparel and golfing equipment, but that doesn’t mean that Adidas doesn’t carry high quality golfing accessories and that Adidas isn’t a great gift card for the golfer in your life. When it comes to sports, no one does sports apparel or shoes quite like Adidas does. With quality apparel and shoe options for any golfer, Adidas is a great gift card to give the special golfer in your life. 

Adidas has a wide selection of both men and women’s golfing apparel and they also have a huge selection of golf shoes that will fit anyone’s style and preferences. And the best part is that an Adidas gift card can be used both in store and online so the golfer you’re buying for is sure to find something they will like to help with their next big golf game. 

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12. Oakley  

Look stylish and be functional with a new pair of Oakley shades 

You can’t play your best game of golf if you can’t see the course, or if the sun keeps shining in your eyes. Oakley is a great gift card option to give the golfer in your life because every golfer, regardless of skill level, needs a good pair of sunglasses when they’re on the course. With sunglasses in so many different styles and different functions for specific activities, Oakley is a great place for you or the golfer in your life to get a pair of shades that not only fit their personal style, but are also functional on the golf course as well. Oakleys can also help with UV protection so they will keep your golfer protected out on the course while they play as well! 

At this time Oakley gift cards are not available on Gift Card Granny, but check back soon for updates to our catalog!

13. StubHub

Get the best seats at all of your favorite golf tournaments

Buy a StubHub gift card

You probably associate StubHub more with live music and thrilling performances, but don’t forget sports fans can get their fair share with access to tickets for upcoming games. And are golf tournaments included in this line-up? Of course they are, which is why a StubHub gift card can be a great gift for golf lovers. 

This ticket exchange and resale company allows you to purchase authentic tickets to in-person events from sellers and makes securing them simple. Even when an event is seemingly sold out, StubHub is there to come through and work some magic. 

Pick up StubHub gift cards to earn cash back!

Give a GiftYa

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If you or someone you know are a big fan of golfing, then a gift card might be the perfect gift to give that golfer in your life, or to keep to yourself. Gift cards are always a great gift option, but specifically for golfers it allows them to pick out what they might want or need for their next golf game. And when you buy from Gift Card Granny, you can save even more on your gift card with cash back when you purchase from the site! 

Don’t see something you like? Check out the other gift cards on Gift Card Granny’s site and find something you love! But don’t wait too long to check out these gift card deals, because they won’t last long.