Say Thank You To Teachers with Gift Cards for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers do so much for their students. They always work hard to ensure that everyone in their classes has the tools they need to succeed. Whether that’s having enough graphing calculators, making sure that everyone has access to a computer, or ensuring that students all have confidence in their ability to learn the material. Our teachers really care about preparing kids by successfully educating them.


Teachers have had to adapt to all kinds of changes over the past couple of years in the way they teach, whether it’s shifting to online instruction, or working out a way for students to feel safe in the classroom. While we should show our teachers that we appreciate them all the time, it’s especially important during Teacher Appreciation Week! Every year during the first week of May, we celebrate this special week devoted to letting the world know how much of a difference teachers make in the lives of students.


What’s one of the best ways you can show a teacher in your life that you care? With a gift card of course! In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 10 gift cards to give for teacher appreciation week, which include:


  • Gift cards for supplies

  • Gift cards to treat themselves

  • Gift cards to make life a little easier!


Use Gift Card Granny to pick up gift cards for teacher appreciation week

Have you heard about Gift Card Granny? In case you haven’t, it’s the site where you can purchase gift cards (including some on this list!) and earn cash back for yourself. You can choose to use that cash back to purchase additional gift cards, or take a cash payout. It seems like gift cards are the solution to the many occasions that call for gifts, such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and even teacher appreciation week!


You’ll notice that there are gift cards available at Gift Card Granny, as well as some that are not yet on their list of retailers. Make sure to check back often because GCG is always adding more brands!


One of the best places to pick up supplies, any teacher will appreciate a gift card to Staples!

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If you know a teacher, you know how much stuff they need throughout the year. Depending on what grade they’re teaching, they could go through lots of supplies throughout the school year. This is where a gift card to Staples will be much appreciated! Teachers can pick up all kinds of supplies for the classroom at this convenient store, including paper, pencils, markers, notebooks, and much more. 


Staples is also a good store to upgrade their technology. If a teacher you know could use a new computer or a new printer for the classroom, this is just the place to get it! Did you know they also provide some of the best desks and chairs? Giving the gift of a Staples gift card lets the teacher you know decide what they need.


Pick up a gift card to Staples at Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back on each purchase you make! 

Office Depot

Want to help out a teacher? Get them a gift card to Office Depot!

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Similar to staples is Office Depot (and OfficeMax), which offer teachers all kinds of supplies essential to running their classrooms. Whether they need folders, pencils, paper, or notebooks, Office Depot is sure to have just what teachers need. Office Depot also offers bigger items such as standing desks, ergonomic chairs, printers, keyboards, and computers if that’s something that’s been on your teacher’s wish list.


The best part about giving an Office Depot gift card for Teacher’s Appreciation Week is that they get to decide when and how to use it! You never know when they’ll have to make a supply run, so make sure they’re always prepared with a gift card.


Get a teacher you know a gift card to Office Depot from Gift Card Granny! They’ll be sure to put it to good use to help out their students.


You just can’t go wrong with a Visa gift card! Teachers can pick out exactly what they need.

If you want to give a teacher the gift of choice, choose a gift card from Visa! Visa gift cards are designed to be all encompassing, giving the teacher you know the ability to use it on almost anything. If your teacher wants to use it on supplies, a Visa gift card is a great option. However, because it is accepted just like cash, a teacher you know could use it on additional items for their classroom as well.


Or, they could also choose to spend it on something they’ve been meaning to add to their home, on a tank of gas, or even on a new outfit to wear to work. The beauty of the Visa gift card is that they can decide exactly where they want to use it. Perhaps they’d like to use it to grab dinner, or see the latest movie, they can with a Visa gift card!


Make sure to show a teacher you care with a Visa gift card from Gift Card Granny! They’ll get to choose what they want to purchase with it, and you’ll earn yourself cash back. 


Because every teacher needs a little pick me up once in a while!

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If you’d ask a teacher what kind of gift card they really want, number one on their list would probably be to an office supply store for classroom items. Number two on that list would be Dunkin! Everyone deserves a little treat once in a while, and what better way to show a teacher you appreciate all they do than with a gift card to pick up coffee and donuts? Dunkin is one of the most popular places to grab a morning (or afternoon) coffee and a bite to eat.


Whether your teacher wants to use it before work for a little pick me up coffee drink and a sweet donut, or later in the day for an iced brew and a sandwich, Dunkin can do it all. This convenient place is located all over the country, and they even offer drive-thru so you don’t have to waste time getting out of your car!


Make sure you show a teacher you care with a gift card to Dunkin from Gift Card Granny. Coffee and donuts will make just about anyone’s day a little better!


Teachers can use a gift card to Safeway to stock up on anything they might need

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Safeway is one of the most popular places to shop for groceries. When teachers need to stock up at home, they don’t want to spend hours after work shopping. This is why a gift card to Safeway can be super helpful. Teachers can shop online and place an order for delivery, or choose to run over and pick up their groceries, with no time wasted!


Whether they need to get the basics covered for the week, or are preparing for a special treat to bring in for their students, Safeway has it all. 


In addition to food, if they need to stock up on items to help keep their classroom clean and germ-free, Safeway has all kinds of cleaning products that will ensure teachers can keep their classroom and items nice and clean.


Make sure you pick up a Safeway gift card from Gift Card Granny today and start getting cash back for your purchases!


Teachers can place an order and get items shipped fast. What a thoughtful gift card!


Amazon has to be at the top of almost any teacher’s wish list. They can order almost anything from classroom supplies, to tech items, snacks, and even a new pair of shoes and have it delivered to their door. The sky's the limit on what they might need to order from this online store. 


In addition to making sure their classroom is stocked, teachers can also use an Amazon gift card to purchase movies, shows, or books. They could decide to use this media on their downtime, or they could incorporate it into their classroom work. There are all kinds of documentaries available on Amazon, not to mention an amazing selection of audiobooks perfect for the classroom.


Although Gift Card Granny doesn’t offer Amazon gift cards just yet, make sure you check back often because we’re always adding new brands to choose from!


Allow a teacher you know to fuel up for the day


Teachers are early risers and need to make sure they’re ready to work first thing in the morning. What better gift to give than a gift card to their favorite coffee place, Starbucks! Many people love the little pick me up that a cup of coffee can offer in the morning, including a teacher you may know. Starbucks offers an amazing selection of coffee drinks such as mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos, which are sure to make any teacher smile.


They also offer tea, juice, and a variety of cold brew coffees if it’s too warm for hot coffee. Don’t forget about their pastries and fruit items! Having a gift card to Starbucks makes it an easy decision to stop for coffee on the way to the classroom.


Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny doesn’t offer Starbucks gift cards just yet. We’re always looking to add more retailers, so make it a point to check back!

TJ Maxx

Teachers can spruce up their wardrobe at this helpful store

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Teachers need to show up to work five days a week to instruct their students. That means they’ll need some nice work outfits along the way! Why not pick up a gift card to a TJ Maxx so a teacher you know can pick out something they’d love to wear? TJ Maxx has all the latest styles, but without the expensive prices of other department stores. Here they can pick up pants, blouses, shoes, polo shirts, slacks, skirts, as well as accessories like earrings and scarves.


If they’d rather save this gift card until the end of the year, they could also pick out a summer outfit perfect for relaxing at home or enjoying a vacation! TJ Maxx changes their styles with the season, so there’s always something a teacher could use.


Gift Card Granny doesn’t have TJ Maxx gift cards just yet, but check back because they may offer them in the future!

Yankee Candle

Help a teacher you know unwind with a gift card to the best candle store there is!

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One of the best ways to offer a teacher the gift of relaxation is with a gift card to Yankee Candle. This store has all kinds of candles in amazing scents, so they’re sure to find just the one they’re looking for. Teachers can choose from warm scents like cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar cookies, or scents that take them away to vacation with roses, lilacs, or orchids.


In addition to the best candles, Yankee Candles also offers sleep diffusers, reed diffusers, wax melts, and sprays that could be useful in the classroom. They even offer scent plug-ins for cars so a teacher you know can enjoy the ride to work!


Pick up a gift card to Yankee Candle at Gift Card Granny!

Home Chef

Help make dinner prep one less thing a teacher needs to worry about!

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Take the pressure off of a teacher you know by giving them a gift card to a meal service like Home Chef. This service is customizable according to their needs and preferences, and delivers high quality ingredients right to their door. Teachers are busy, and they may not have time to prepare a healthy meal at the end of the day. Having a meal service that includes all the ingredients and instructions will help them have a balanced, healthy meal on the table in 30 minutes or less!


Give your teacher the night off from worrying about dinner with a gift card to Home Chef from Gift Card Granny.


Make sure you show a teacher in your life how much your care by thoughtfully giving them one of these options for teacher appreciation week!