Give a Gift He’ll Love with Our Top 8 Gift Card Ideas for Young Men

From the exciting and bold to the reserved and modest, young men come in personalities of all types, so get them a gift that’s just as unique as they are with these awesome gift card ideas!

As the budding winter season edges steadily towards blossoming into a flurry of twinkling lights and powdery snow, the annual anxiety of what you’re going to get your loved ones for the holidays makes its scheduled appearance.

Each year, without fail, millions of people suffer from a mix of holiday euphoria and panic. While wintertime may be pristine and merry on the surface, the reality of gift shopping is a tad more chaotic, and that’s even before you consider all the men you’ll be shopping for. 

Young men, in particular, constitute a wide and diverse demographic of individuals who are all undeniably unique. While there is no perfect answer when it comes to gift shopping, gift cards are generally a safe bet, which is why we’ll be going over the top picks from Gift Card Granny to see which options are best suited to the young men in your life. Get ready to see some great gift card ideas, including the following:

  • Gift cards for trendy apparel
  • Gift cards for meal services
  • Gift cards for fun and entertainment

Earn Cash Back on Gift Cards for Young Men with Gift Card Granny

Yes, you read that right! Gift Card Granny makes shopping for gift cards as rewarding as ever by putting cash right into your pocket with every purchase. And with thousands of local and national brands to choose from, you certainly won’t be lacking in options by any means. All you need to do is select a retailer that is befitting of any young man you know, load on the amount of your choosing, and pick a delivery method that best suits you. 

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s get on with our list!

1. Barnes and Noble

Discover Worlds of Possibilities with Words

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Buy Barnes and Noble Gift Cards

Reading might seem like a niche hobby only enjoyed by pretentious academics and soft spoken introverts, but that’s no more than an unwarranted stigma that only serves to discourage young folks from picking up books. There are a great number of young men who find pleasure and peace in reading, and it’s only fair we acknowledge them in our list with a bookstore that can support their passions.

Barnes and Noble is that exact bookstore. 

Founded all the way back in 1886, Barnes and Noble has grown into a goliath of a bookstore chain, with more retail outlets than any other competitor in the United States. There are currently a little over six hundred stores operating across all fifty states and, despite a large portion of the publishing industry moving to digital platforms, brick-and-mortar Barnes and Noble locations continue to rake in significant business. 

Technology has its advantages, but there’s no feeling quite akin to stepping through the entrance of a local Barnes and Nobles and being greeted by a serene atmosphere and the crisp, fresh aroma of new books wafting through the air. In addition to the vast array of books and pop culture merchandise, many Barnes and Noble locations also include a small cafe section to help keep readers caffeinated.

If this sounds like your young man’s cup of tea, don’t hesitate on picking up a gift card to Barnes and Nobles from Gift Card Granny to help support his journey down the reading rabbit hole!  

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2. PacSun

Build the Next Fire ‘Fit 

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Young people tend to put a lot of effort into their appearances, and while women might be the ones who receive much of the unwarranted commentary and criticism, it is ignorant to assume young men do not put in a considerable amount of effort as well. Plenty of young guys go out of their way each morning to dress themselves to success, and you can find many of them flocking to the nearest fashion retailers for the hottest new designs. 

PacSun is a retail clothing brand whose main demographic is comprised mostly of teenagers and young adults, making it the perfect fit for any young male fashionista you know. Even if you aren’t particularly close with any young adults and lack knowledge of the latest styles, you can rest easy knowing that the apparel selection at PacSun will do all the work for you.  

Find clothing appropriate for the lifestyle of any young man with PacSun’s range of hot jeans, trendy graphic tees, swimwear, footwear, and cool accessories. Create iconic styles fit for a fun day at the beach or a chill movie night with friends – the options are truly infinite with all of the stylish possibilities at PacSun. 

Don’t miss out on snagging a gift card to PacSun from Gift Card Granny for a quick chance to earn cash back while you shop!

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3. Home Chef

Anyone Can Cook These Delicious Meals

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This is a list about gift cards for young men, so why are we talking about a meal delivery company right now? It simply all comes down to the importance of cooking and possessing the knowledge needed to sustain yourself. Even if a young man still lives with his parents (and there’s no shame in that), he should have the skills required to keep himself fed. And no, relying on frozen meals and microwaved leftovers doesn’t count. 

Any adult should know how to cook good, nutritious meals prepared by their very own hands, which is why services like Home Chef exist. Learning to cook delicious food with no prior knowledge isn’t all that easy, but Home Chef can assist even the most inexperienced of cooks by providing monthly meal kits that include clear recipes and pre-portioned ingredients. 

Home Chef is a great way to introduce young men to the kitchen while also allowing them to be independent. With clear instructions, Home Chef makes it easy for guys to follow along no matter their skill level, ensuring mouthwatering results every single time. 

Help young men channel their inner chefs with a Home Chef gift card from Gift Card Granny, where a good meal for him equals delicious cash back for you!

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4. Outdoor Voices

Fashion for Free Spirits 

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Being active keeps you young, and we’re not just referring to physical appearance. It’s important to get outside and engage in activities that get your heart pumping and help you stay in shape as you age. Young men may think they are invincible to the casualties of aging, but their bodies will change all the same. That’s why fitness is a crucial step in the process of sustaining good health. 

Outdoor Voices offers a curated selection of athletic apparel to make getting out of the house easier than ever. Exercise doesn’t have to be an exhausting affair; even a task as simple as walking the dog can change your life for the better. What’s truly important is getting out there and doing something that ignites your passions for the outdoors!

Young men are sure to love the variety of stylish designs available at Outdoor Voices. Shop an array of athleticwear including breathable tank tops, patterned shorts, bodysuits, quality shoes, and additional accessories to make any outfit complete. 

Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not currently offer gift cards for Outdoor Voices, but check back soon to see which awesome brands join our catalog next!

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5. Crutchfield 

The Latest and Greatest Tech All in One Place

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What’s one thing all the young people have in common? Aside from unlimited pop culture knowledge and an unrelenting urge to jump in on the latest social media challenges, the younger generations possess a technological savviness that translates into a profound affection for electronics in general. 

Crutchfield, a North American retailer that has been in operation since 1974, has everything a budding young man could need within the realm of contemporary electronics. Find equipment for the automobile like car stereos compatible with your smartphone, car speakers, video and recording devices, and additional accessories to transform any vehicle into a futuristic dream. 

Don’t forget to upgrade the tech at home, either. Browse Crutchfield’s catalog for home audio equipment, high definition TVs, gaming headsets, wireless security systems, and so much more. 

Pick up a Crutchfield gift card from Gift Card Granny to start earning cash back on your purchases!

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6. Grubhub 

Take a Moment to Savor Every Bite

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Young men are notorious for having insatiable appetites and consuming well past their daily calorie recommendation. But we’re not here to perpetuate stereotypes, so we must acknowledge that not all guys have appetites that rival those of whales; there are a notable amount who do, though. 

And for those guys, what could be better than food on demand? 

Grubhub has the ability to satisfy hungry stomachs anytime, anywhere with their simple and fun delivery model. Peruse a diverse array of food from local restaurants and fast food joints, edit your order until it meets your satisfaction, and kick back and relax while your driver fulfills your request. 

Spend less time cooking and more time socializing with a Grubhub gift card from Gift Card Granny, where a whole world of deliciousness and cash back awaits!

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7. Zappos 

Never Put Off A Good Pair of Shoes

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Shoes are kind of a big deal. While some people may only see shoes as an afterthought that only becomes relevant after the rest of the outfit is put together, their significance is much greater than that. 

Shoes are the centerpiece of fashion and can either successfully hold entire outfits together or send them to ruin. Young men who are conscientious of this fact are careful enough to consider the truly delicate nature of shoe buying, which is why they opt for Zappos. 

As an online American retailer of clothing with a passion for shoes, Zappos takes style to the max with its impressive range of trendy footwear befitting of any occasion. From athleticwear and sneakers to flashy boots and cozy slippers, there isn’t a shoe you can’t find at Zappos. Their other apparel options are nothing to pass up, either. 

Visit Gift Card Granny to get your own Zappos gift card and give the gift of good fashion to any young man, plus some cash back for yourself!

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While there may never be a perfect solution to the last minute gift shopping panic that is commonplace during the holidays, gift cards are a remedy suitable for all. With all of the amazing gift card options available at Gift Card Granny for retailers both old and new, shopping for presents that are sure to please has never been so easy. Rest assured this list will earn you a heartfelt thanks from any young man in your life!