20 of the Best Gift Ideas for Teens

Teenagers often are one of the most challenging groups to shop for during the holidays. They’re no longer interested in toys and games, except when they are. They have particular tastes in music, books, and fashion, so it makes it hard to surprise them without having a detailed list. 

We did some research and found 20 gift ideas for every teenager. Whether they’re into gaming, music, art, or beauty, we’ve included something on this list. We also included some fun stocking stuffers for teens too.

Some gift ideas you can expect to find on this list include:

  • Gifts for personal care and beauty 
  • Gifts for fun and games
  • Gifts for trendy electronics 

Now, let’s jump right into it!

Electronics Ideas for Teens

Teenagers want the best in electronics, whether it's the newest gaming system or a portable waterproof speaker. They also want their devices to be charged and ready as soon as possible.

1. Nintendo Switch Lite

On The Go Gaming

If your teenager keeps overtaking the television with his gaming consoles, buy him a Nintendo Switch Lite designed for individualized handheld play. It includes a sleek design and a built-in control pad. The Nintendo Switch Lite works with all physical and digital Nintendo Switch games in handheld mode.

Nintendo Switch Lite

2. Apple AirPods Pro

Stylish Technology For 24/7 Listening

These noise-canceling earbuds drown out the sounds around them, so teens can focus on listening to music or school lectures from their devices. The silicone tips come in three sizes for a comfortable fit.

Apple - AirPods Pro (with Wireless Charging Case)

3. Apple Products Charging Station

Never Get Caught With A Low Battery

This charging station lets teens charge all three Apple devices simultaneously – their smartphone, Airpods, and Apple watch. Its compact design makes it the perfect accessory to keep on a bedside table tucked out of the way.

elago 3 in 1 Apple Charging Station

4. JBL Flip 5

Crystal Clear Sound

Teens will love this waterproof portable speaker because they can use it while singing in the shower or hosting a party with their friends in the basement. It comes in 11 different colors and lasts 12 hours per charge.

JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Gaming Ideas for Teens

Even though they are growing up, teenagers still love playing games, whether that is board games, outdoor games, or challenging a friend to a game of darts.

5. DropMix Music Gaming System

Mix Music Like A Pro

DropMix is a unique music mixing game, and every card that drops activates a track of music and blends seamlessly with others to develop new sounding mixes. This gaming system will allow your teenager to create fun and fresh sounds with their friends and host memorable parties. It includes 60 DropMix cards from artists such as Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons and more.

DropMix Music Gaming System

6. Spikeball Roundnet Combo Meal Set

Unpack Instant Athletic Fun

This outdoor game combines the rules of volleyball and foursquare and is played in two-player teams. Each team takes turns hitting the ball on the ankle-high net, so it ricochets to the other team. They then have three tries to return it. The first team to reach 21 points wins the game. It comes with a convenient bag, making it easy to transport to parties, the beach, or family B.B.Q.s.

Spikeball Roundnet Combo Meal Set with 3 balls and Backpack

7. Magnetic Dart Board

A Great Addition To Any Game Room

This magnetic dartboard cures boredom and stress. It’s great for kids to practice their hand-eye coordination skills and relieve stress by trying to get the target. It’s also a fantastic competitive party game for teens when they’re hanging out with their friends. Since the darts are magnetic, parents don’t have to worry about harming their children or home.

Magnetic Dart Board

8. Marvel Villainous

Channel Your Inner Supervillain 

Marvel-themed merchandise is at the top of many teen lists, so that this game would make an excellent addition to your family game nights. It’s perfect for diehard Marvel fans. Each player takes on the persona of one of these three villains -- Doctor Octopus, Titania, or Kang the Conqueror-- and plays to meet their story objective. It’s compatible with other Marvel Villainous games.

Marvel Villainous: Twisted Ambitions Expandalone Game

9. Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins

Jump Right Into the Fantastical World of D&D

For teenagers wanting to get into Dungeons and Dragons, this version features shorter and faster gameplay. It’s the perfect cooperative fantasy game to introduce teens to the heroes, monsters, and magic throughout the lands of Neverwinter. They will learn how to customize their characters, experience new adventures, and improve their storytelling skills.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins

Book Ideas for Teens

Sometimes, it's challenging to know what teens are reading these days, but we've got some suggestions, beginning with a YA novel that's recently been adapted to a Netflix series. Many teenagers enjoy being creative so a cookbook or a coloring book works well too.

10. Shadow and Bone Trilogy 

Give The Gift of YA Fiction

Young adult novels are tailored towards teenagers and often include first love, dystopian overlords, and wizards. Currently, the Grishaverse universe is popular, consisting of the Shadow and Bone Trilogy and the Six of Crows Duology. Teens can escape into this fantasy world through the books and watch the new Netflix series adaptation.

The Shadow and Bone Trilogy Boxed Set

11. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Make Magical Recipes At Home

Since it was released in 2010, this Harry Potter-themed cookbook has remained a favorite among teenagers. With over 150 complete recipes, teens can whip up some of the best dishes from the series, such as Mrs. Weasley’s mince pies or Harry’s favorite Treacle Tart. It’ll feel like the entire family is reliving the books as you cook and eat these goodies.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

12. Coloring Book For Teens

Ease Teenage Anxieties With A Coloring Book

The teenage years are stressful, so these Art Therapy Coloring books are filled with fun and quirky designs to put a happy smile on your teen’s face. With colored pencils and gel pens to use on 90 different designs, teens can explore their creativity and let the anxiety go. Coloring helps teens be more present and relaxed so buy them a few and some quality colored pencils.

Coloring Book For Teens

Grooming and Beauty Gift Ideas

Teenagers care about looking and smelling good, both boys and girls. We've included a grooming kit for teenage boys and several styling and beauty options for teen girls that trended this holiday season.

13. Marvel Body Wash Collection

Even Superheroes Need To Stay Clean

Every Man Jack has created a limited edition line of men’s grooming products inspired by Marvel superheroes. Their awarding-winning body kits feature deodorant, body wash, and hand wash in scents inspired by Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, and Spider-Man. If it keeps those superheroes clean, it’ll work on your teen too.

Marvel Body Wash Collection

14. REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original 

Get Luxurious Hair In No Time

Teen girls love this Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer because it gives salon-worthy blowouts and tames frizzy waves. This hair styling tool has trended since it allows you to dry, style, and volumize your hair. It uses maximum drying power without damaging your hair and reduces frizz.

REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

15. The Olive and June Studio Box

Manicures In The Comfort Of Home

Perfecting the home manicure has become essential for teen girls, and this kit includes everything she’ll need. It includes a nail polish remover pot, a clean-up brush, salon-quality tools, award-winning cuticle serum, and seven polish colors of her choice. It features the limited edition shades of lilac poppy and a glossy top coat.

The Olive and June Studio Box

16. Rare Beauty Lip Balm

Keeps Your Lips Fresh and Moisturized 

Selena Gomez debuted her new beauty line, Rare Beauty, at Sephora. Teen girls will love all the products in her new line, but the lip balm and liquid blush work great for teens just starting out with make-up. The lip balm offers a moisturizing hydration with a pop of color, making it easy to apply on the go. Add a Sephora gift card so she can stock up on beauty products.

Rare Beauty Lip Balm

Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Looking for fun ideas to fill their stockings with? These options let you fill them affordably and choose ideas that match their personalities.

17. Custom Moon Phase Necklace 

As Special As The Constellations 

Choose an important date like your teen daughter’s birthday and the shop owner will research the moon phase and create a customized necklace just for her. Each necklace contains an 18-inch brass chain with a 16-millimeter custom pendant.

Custom Moon Phase Necklace

18. Leopard Personalized Starbucks Cup

A Custom Cup To Suit Their Specific Tastes 

Now your teenager won’t get frustrated over the barista getting their name wrong. This 24-oz personalized Starbucks tumbler is perfect for cold drinks and has their name on the side of it. Make sure you include a gift card for their favorite drinks.

Leopard Personalized Starbucks Cup

19. Do Not Disturb I’m Gaming Socks

Capture The Essence Of Your Teenager 

These socks make the perfect stocking stuffer for your gaming teenager, especially if they do spend all their time gaming. The black and white pair is ideal for teenage boys, while the blue and white option works for teenage girls.

Do Not Disturb I'M Gaming Socks

20. eGift Card

A Gift That Never Disappoints 

Buy an eGift Card here

If you have trouble finding the perfect gift for the teen in your life, give them an eGift card. Gift Card Granny has an endless array of gift card options, from clothing and sporting goods to stores like Best Buy and Sephora.

You can even choose to build a personalized Visa gift card and write a customized message, and include a photo. Since it’s a Visa gift card, teens may shop anywhere they want to select the gift of their choice.


While Christmas shopping for teens seems challenging, we've given you 20 options to get you started. This guide offered price ranges for everyone, and ideas for both teenage boys and girls, so we hope you'll find something for that special teen in your life.