Win Him Over, Help Him Win - Either Way, Next Win’s On You

Sometimes kids mess up. If you’re sitting inside a coffee shop in suburbia New Jersey and just got a parking ticket, best ditch dad’s car and find him a golfing gift to make up for it. After all, an amazing gift is the best way to say “sorry,” right?

There are tons of golf gifts out there to choose from. Only, shopping for a golfer can be tricky. Apparel and equipment aside, if he’s been golfing for years, then he’s likely going to have a lot of supplies. And if he’s just beginning, well, some things are better left for him to try and buy on his own.

So here are 9 creative gifts for the dad who loves (or wants to love) golf.

1. The Pocket Caddy: Golf Tips to Improve your Game

Maybe What He Really Needs Is A Little Bit Of Help

pocket caddy book

Vendor: Barnes & Noble 
Price: $7.95

Or maybe the two of you have a nice friendly competition going on, and you want to get him something clever. This exclusive pocket sized paperback by Golf Tips Magazine will be a good laugh, and he’ll never need to ask for golf tips ever again.

Packed with distilled bite sized bits of info, The Pocket Caddy is a collection of tricks to better anybody’s game.

2.SKLZ Dual Ball Return Golf Net

If the Book Doesn’t Help Dad’s Golf Game, This Golf Net Will

golf net

Vendor: Dick’s Sporting Goods
Price: $149

If he can’t make it to the driving range as much as he’d like, or he wants a little bit of extra practice, he’ll be sure to love this SKLZ Dual Ball Return Golf Net!

According to multiple reviews, it’s simple to set up and effective. Plus, it saves him time and money. Who doesn’t love a good golfing exercise in the comfort of their backyard?

This gift is a little more on the pricey side, but together between you and your siblings, you’ll be able to pool together something special he’ll be sure to use.

3. I’d Rather be Golfing Socks

Sometimes Something Simple And Cozy Is Just Perfect

Vendor: Etsy Sellers
Price: $14.99

If your dad likes to play golf, chances are he has some strange -- and possibly stinky -- superstitions. If you’ve ever gotten in trouble for washing his lucky shirt before tee-time, rejoice! These socks are the perfect way to freshen up dad’s lucky golf gear, at least for a while.

The best part about giving dad a gift is that he’ll love it no matter what, and these handmade socks will add to your golfer’s personal touch on the green and off. Especially if the message rings true!

95% polyester, one size fits most.

4. 16-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set with Aluminum Case

Get Some Tools That Help Him Refuel After A Weekend on the Green

grill set

Vendor: Home Depot
Price: $21.75

Nothing adds to a nice golf day than a midday family lunch. Just like your dad needs the right clubs to get that hole in one, he needs the right tools to retain his title of Grillmaster as well. Help your dad prep for the cook out by providing him with new utensils like this 16-Piece Stainless Steel Grill Set from Home Depot.

The set includes essential BBQ tools like spatulas, tongs, skewers, corn holders, and a handy aluminum carrying case for easy transport to any of his golf buddy’s grills. With these tools in hand, dad is sure to be a success at any party.

5. Executive Golf Putter Set

Golf On-the-Go!

golf putter

Vendor: Personalization Universe
Price: $58.00

This putter set is a hole-in-one. The set comes with a putter that easily disassembles, two balls and a wood practice cup. What's more, the wooden box it comes in has a brass plate that can be engarved to include a personal message. This way dad can pratice his putting game anywhere, anytime and always be reminded of you. 

6. Nike Dri-FIT Vapor Polo

When in Doubt, Stick to the Polo

nike vapor polo

Vendor: Nike
Price: $65

Nike has a wide variety of sizes and color options in their Golf polo collection. Your dad doesn't have to worry about sweating through his shirt on warm days with this lightweight, moisture-wicking shirt.

7. Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch

Try Giving Dad that Savvy Little Thing He’s Had His Eyes On

garmin golf watch

Vendor: Dicks’s Sporting Goods
Price: $149.99

Find the GPS tracker watch that looks sleek and is useful like the Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS watch.

Preloaded with maps from all over around the world, this device will help your dad golfer keep track of all his games from anywhere he’s playing. And he’ll finally have a clear digitized view of the entire range!

8. Golf Gift Score Book and Golf Journal

Never Underestimate the Not So Digital

Vendor: Etsy Sellers
Price: Varies

Sometimes dad needs a break from screens. So, why not pick up a customizable leather golf scorebook from Etsy. He can keep track of his wins the old fashioned way---with paper! Free from his watch, phone, emails and more, he can focus on his golf game.

Most journals are small enough to fit into his back pocket or golf bag. When he’s filled up the pages, it’ll turn into a keepsake and souvenir.

9. Play A Round with the Old Man

Who Knows, You Might Like It

Vendor: Groupon
Price: Varies

Spend less time worrying about what to buy and more time hanging out with your dad. Purchase a Groupon gift card and use it towards a round or two of gold at a local golf course near you.

He'll enjoy the time together and you can learn all about the game that makes your dad so happy.

Whatever your budget, whatever his golf skill level, all that matters is the thought and energy that went into your gift. Look to one of the above items to purchase or inspiration, and your golf loving dad will love it.