Golf Course Gift Cards

Believe it or not, golf fans are everywhere. You don’t have to be a player of the sport, or have any interest in golf at all, to realize that there are quite a lot of golf enthusiasts out there. Some play the game themselves, others may only enjoy the game from the comfort of their recliner as it airs on live TV. Whatever the case may be, these lovers of golf could use gifts that reflect their interests. 

Golf fans come in all sorts of different varieties, but if you happen to know anyone whose love for golf extends beyond the television and to the course, then you should definitely get them more than merchandise of their favorite players. A gift card for new golf gear or courses is a fantastic way to give something meaningful even when you don’t have much knowledge about the subject. Golf players could use gift cards for playing fees, golf equipment, and anything else related to the golfing experience. Even if you aren’t sure what good a gift card for golf could do, your golfer friend or relative will definitely know how to put it to good use.

If you aren’t sure where to start your golf course gift card course, rest assured that you don’t need to go into this alone. Us gift card enthusiasts at Gift Card Granny have put together this handy list of golf gift cards to help make giving the perfect gift to the people you care about simple and easy. You will have no trouble finding the ideal golf gift card for the enthusiastic golfer on your shopping list when you check out the great gift cards featured below. 

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You can buy golf gift cards from a lot of gift card retailers, so why choose Gift Card Granny? Two words: cash back. When you purchase retail gift cards from Gift Card Granny, you get to enjoy earning an amount of cash back that corresponds with the value of your gift card. There are many different gift cards to choose from for all types of merchants, from department stores to online marketplaces. The percentage visible on gift cards at Gift Card Granny indicates approximately how much cash back you will earn when you purchase that card. Gift cards with a higher percentage will yield a larger amount of cash back, which means your money has more value with specific merchants. 

1. Visa

Golfers can buy what they like with this gift card

Buy a Visa gift card


Even though a Visa gift card is not exclusively for golfing needs, it can be the perfect gift to give to any golfer who is particular when it comes to who they buy their gear from and where they play. Since a Visa gift card is not connected to any specific retailer or brand, users can use Visa gift cards to make purchases from a variety of merchants for all kinds of goods and services, including those relating to golf. If you know a golfer who is very particular when it comes to the equipment and apparel brands they use, then you realize how beneficial a Visa gift card would be when it comes to shopping for specific products and gear. 

Visa gift cards are a super convenient shopping tool that make purchasing almost anything from any business a quick, painless experience. They can be used similarly to cash and they hold no value once their funds are depleted. Unlike cash, Visa gift cards are a lot more easy to manage and do not require a lot of space. If a Visa gift card is lost, there is a possibility that you can recover your funds if you report the incident fast enough. As far as cash is concerned, in most cases you never receive your lost money back, making Visa gift cards a more safe and financially secure shopping method. 

You can purchase a Visa gift card with a predesigned golf background for any golf fans on your shopping list from Gift Card Granny!

2. Callaway

Make a difference in your game with quality equipment

Buy a Callaway gift card


Any fan of golf, whether a passionate player or casual enjoyer, is familiar with Callaway products. With equipment marketed in seventy countries around the world, Callaway is the largest manufacturer of golf clubs currently in operation and has a tight grip over the golfing industry. 

A Callaway gift card can easily transform your next golf match for the better with impressive equipment, apparel, and accessories to elevate your performance. Shop a variety of club types on Callaway such as fairway woods, wedges, drivers, hybrids, and odyssey putters, along with balls, gloves, bags, headwear, and eyewear. Callaway also sells gear specifically designed with women players in mind, offering the best support possible for various types of golfers. 

Make conquering your next course easy with a Callaway gift card from Gift Card Granny, and earn cash back on your purchase!

3. Go Play Golf

Don’t miss out on this gift for everything golf

Buy a Go Play Golf gift card


When it comes to experiencing anything and everything golf related, you won’t get much better than a Go Play Golf gift card. You can use a Go Play Golf gift card to pay for your green fees at thousands of courses nationwide, to purchase golf merchandise, to take lessons, golfing vacations, and pretty much anything else related to golf. 

Go Play Golf boasts a comprehensive list of more than five thousand golf courses across the nation, which means there is likely one closer than you think. Use your Go Play Golf gift card to show off your skills on the green, or stock up on high quality new gear with clubs, gloves, apparel, and accessories available at Worldwide Golf Shops (your gift card balance can be applied online only).  

Whether it’s a fun game on the golf course with friends or getting your hands on new equipment and supplies to elevate your golf game, you can be sure to get all that and more with a Go Play Golf gift card. Head over to Gift Card Granny right now to earn cash back on a Go Play Golf gift card today!

4. GolfNow

Play the game you want to have

GolfNow is a convenient online booking service for great deals on tee times at thousands of courses worldwide. Devoted golfers need a service they can rely on to secure them with access to the game they love, and GolfNow provides golf enthusiasts with software that seamlessly integrates them into the world of golf. 

Golfers can use this booking service to find great deals, discover the best courses near them, browse beautiful destinations throughout the country and in various regions of the world, and redeem points collected through GolfPass on hot rewards. 

Check out GolfNow here

5. Golf Galaxy

Providing a personalized journey to the game

Golf Galaxy is an interactive golf store that provides a curated shopping experience for the type of golf player you are. As a trusted advisor for passionate golfers of all skill levels, Golf Galaxy ensures a customized approach to the game using the latest technology, offering professional instructions and access to top-rated equipment from the best brands on the market so you can always play your best. 

Experts at Golf Galaxy know that the universal secret to success is by way of unlocking your fullest potential, and it is their goal to help guide players and offer resources personalized to their playstyle. Golf Galaxy provides players with premium golf gear such as clubs, balls, apparel, and footwear, as well as expert services players can utilize to enrich their golf journey and up their game. 

Unfortunately, Golf Galaxy gift cards are not available for purchase at Gift Card Granny at this time. Be sure to check out the dozens of other gift cards for popular retailers and earn cash back when you buy!

6. Pease Golf Course

A coastal golf course that takes your breath away

This beautiful golfing venue on the seacoast resides in scenic New England in the gorgeous city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Pease Golf Course is a wonderful destination for golfers of all backgrounds, offering terrific views alongside challenging play for each player’s specific skill sets. The Pease Golf Course consists of twenty-seven holes nestled in beautiful woodland settings, with streams and manicured greens providing beautiful visual stimulation as you enjoy your game. 

Pease Golf Course is completely open to the public and offers affordable rates for players to take advantage of. This unique golf course is a captivating environment that no golf player worth their salt would pass up the opportunity to experience. Learn more about Pease Golf Course here

Gift cards are not currently offered via Gift Card Granny. 

7. Groupon

Keep golf within your budget with unbeatable deals

Buy a Groupon gift card


On the hunt for great deals at golf courses near you? Or perhaps you want to find golf lessons from experienced players for bargain prices? No matter what your end goal is, you’ll find the best prices for all types of golf related activities when you use Groupon. 

A Groupon gift card can give eager golf players an easy and affordable way to book their next game at a venue close to them. Find impressive deals on rounds at beautiful golf resorts, snag discounted golf magazine subscriptions, and book online lessons with golfing experts who can help guide you to a successful play. All that and more is possible when you look for unbeatable deals and bargains available on Groupon. 

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8. Main Event

There are no limits when it comes to having fun

Buy a Main Event gift card


Main Event may not be a golf course in the literal sense, but there are several Main Event locations that feature a dazzling mini-golf experience that both young and old golf players can appreciate. Main Event miniature golfing is beyond any type of mini-golf experience you’ve ever had before, with courses that are as innovative as they are immersive. 

Golf courses at Main Event offers challenging plays that are tons of fun for the entire family. Each Main Event location has its own novel miniature golf experience to entice and enchant visitors with, so you will never get the same experience twice. A Main Event golf course is the perfect location to host a birthday party, celebrate an anniversary, or simply enjoy the company of friends with. And after the golfing activities are done, don’t forget to make a pit stop at the full-service bar and restaurant operating at every Main Event location – delicious cocktails and cheesy pizza awaits!

You can earn cash back when you purchase a Main Event gift card from Gift Card Granny!



Golf may not be your thing, but you can still be the perfect gift giver when you make use of all the great things gift cards have to offer. Shopping can be a hassle even when you know exactly what you need to get, but when you’re shopping for other people it’s nearly impossible to know if you’re buying the right thing. Gift cards get rid of the risk completely and make it easy to give practical gifts to others, even when you have limited knowledge about their interests, like golf. 

Have a great time shopping and saving with Gift Card Granny!