Holiday Gift Ideas For Teachers

Tasty Treat Ideas

Teachers appreciate tasty treats because many of them have a sweet tooth. Many teachers also prefer receiving gifts they can eat and then get rid of, instead of it cluttering up their classroom or their home. Check about food allergies before giving a teacher food items.

Milk Bar Confetti Cookies

Give your children's favorite teacher a box of these Milk Bar chewy confetti cookies. These chewy cookies are made of their infamous sugar cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles. They're individually wrapped and packaged.

Gold Gift Boxes

Who doesn't love fine chocolates? This 19-piece gold gift box from Godiva offers an exquisite variety of milk, dark, and white chocolates filled with ganaches, caramels, and nuts.

Jam Sampler Collection

Teachers will love sampling from this jam sampler with some scones and tea. They're made from local ingredients and minimal sugar. Some flavors include Strawberry Chipotle & Fig, Blueberry Lemon & Basil, and Smoked Yellow Peach.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Give this gift set to any teacher who has a sweet tooth. It includes sweet and sour favorites, such as Sour Rainbow, Sour Green Apple, Pink Lemonade, and Wild Cherry. The tackle box is perfect to reuse for storing paper clips, push pins, or erasers.

Classroom Gift Ideas

Mostly, teachers want useful items for their classroom, whether it’s a desk organizer, a custom stamp, or a new stylus pen. They spend the majority of their day in the classroom, so consider buying them something nice to enhance it.

EO Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray: French Lavender, 6-Count

While teachers would always appreciate hand sanitizer, this year it would be especially welcome. This lavender-scented santizer is organic and gentle and contains 62 percent alcohol, making it effective.

Elephant Desk Organizer

This cute elephant desk organizer will store everything a teacher has, including her cell phone in the elephant’s tusk. There are compartments for pen, pencils, and note cards.

Custom Teacher Stamp

Teachers use stamps frequently on students’ papers, so consider adding a new one for their collection. Make it unique and buy them a customized one with their name on it.

Colorblock Stylus Pen With Pouch

Teachers love pens and this stylus pen from Kate Spade is pretty and functional. It includes a stylus tip for devices and black ink for her note pad. It even includes a matching pink leather pouch.

The Perfect Planner

This planner will help keep teachers organized. It comes undated, so they can use it during the school year. It includes daily, weekly, and monthly calendars for setting goals, and even features 68 pages at the back for jotting down notes.

Stationary And Note Cards Ideas

Many teachers enjoy receiving personalized stationary, note cards, and note pads. They like to send handwritten thank you notes for each gift they receive, and they enjoy having cute note pads to jot ideas down on throughout the day.

Personalized Stationary

These personalized stationary cards pair fun lettering with a cute illustration of stacked books and a plant. Teachers will love writing personal messages on these cards and sending them home.

Teacher Notepad

Give your children’s teacher this cute and functional note pad. It’s divided into four sections where they can record the date, their to-do list, their contact list, and any miscellaneous notes. Each note pad contains 50 pages.

Bibliophile Notes

These note cards work perfectly for teachers since they feature 20 different book stacks, ranging from beloved novels to cook books. They can choose to use the blank note cards or frame them and use them as miniature art pieces around the classroom or at home.

Totes and Organizer Gift Ideas

Buying teachers tote bags or other organizational pouches is another fun idea. Teachers always seem to compile so much stuff and they need something cute to carry it around in.

Teacher Crayons Personalized Zippered Tote Bag

With a crayon design, this zippered tote has everyone teachers need to carry to and from class. It comes in seven colors and includes customization of the teacher’s name. Consider filling it with new crayons, school glue, markers, or other necessities.

Portfolio Organizer Holder

This portfolio organizer allows teachers to keep their tablet, their cell phone, and their important documents together. It features a colorful design and includes eight pockets, so for storage of documents and devices.

Teacher Canvas Survival Pouch

This 10-inch canvas ouch is perfect for everyday use. They’re covered with a cute design stating “Teacher’s Survival Kit.” Consider filling it with necessities, such as pens, thumb tacks, mini hand santizer bottles and a few chocolates.

Portable Bottles & Utensils Ideas

Teachers are always on the go, so they love custom water bottles or coffee tumblers, which allow them to drink fluids more often. They may also like portable utensils or cereal cups, so they can eat at school if they don’t have time to leave.

Portable Travel Utensils with Case

Sometimes, teachers don’t want to fight with others over the minimal silverware in the break room. Give her this stainless steel silverware set, which includes a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, and metal straw. They’re reusable and dishwasher safe.

S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Teachers will appreciate a high-quality water bottle since they drink lots of water throughout the day. This S’well water bottle keeps cold drinks cool for up to 18 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 18 hours, if she prefers transporting coffee.

CRUNCHCUP A Portable Cereal Cup

Teachers have such hectic mornings that they may sometimes skip breakfast. This portable cereal cup is the perfect solution. I’s divided into two cups, one for the cereal and one for the milk. It features a large straw so they can drink their cereal on the go.

Teacher Starbucks Cup

If you know your children’s teacher is a coffee lover, consider giving her a ventisized custom Starbucks tumblr cup. These cups feature the Starbucks logo inside an apple with the teacher’s name. You can purchase a cold or hot drink version. As a bonus, add a Starbucks gift card with it.

Homemade Gift Ideas

Many teachers have mentioned that they prefer homemade gifts, and that their favorite holiday gifts were a handwritten note from a student or something they made themselves, since it took time, effort, and thoughtfulness.

Apple Sauce in Mason Jar

Prepare applesauce in the crockpot with Gala apples, cinnamon sticks, apple juice and a table spoon or two of brown sugar. Cook on low for eight hours and whisk to apple sauce consistency. If you want it thinner, add more juice and cook another hour. Once it’s cooled, transfer into Mason jars for holiday gifts.

Mani-Pedi Gift in a Jar

This tutorial shows you to make a mani-pedi set in a mason jar. Fill the jar with a variety of items, such as a pumice stone, nail buffers, nail clippers, cuticle solution, nail polish remover, winter nail polish colors, nail stickers, and nail polish strips. Decorate the jar with a pretty ribbon.

Cookies in a Jar

Cookies in mason jars make such pretty gifts. This tutorial shows you how the dry ingredients are layered in order, starting with flour and ending with chocolate chips. Decorate the jar with colorful, festive bow and type the recipe and Jar Label on holiday card stock.

Teacher Survival Kit

Many teachers always want more supplies for their classroom, so consider finding a pretty wicker basket and filling it with daily essentials she uses. Include some of the ideas this tutorial suggests, such as pens, Post-its, flash cards, dry erase markers and erasers, her favorite candy and some mints.

eGift Card

If you have trouble finding the perfect gift for your children's teachers, give them an eGift card. Giftcard Granny has an endless array of gift card options, including popular options like Starbucks, Target, and Barnes and Noble.

You can even choose to build a personalized Visa gift card and write a customized message, and include a photo with your child and her teacher. Since it's a Visa gift card, teachers may shop at any store they want to select the gift of their choice. Teachers love gift cards so they can restock on coffee and school supplies.

We've given you 22 options to get you started to help you find practical gifts for your children's teachers. This guide offers price ranges for everyone and several different categories, so we hope you'll find something for those hardworking teachers in your life.