Save Some Cash With Google's Travel App

People have become accustomed to counting on Google for many different things. The world’s largest search engine is the most commonly used gateway to the digital world, that’s sure. But Google and its products have changed the way we shop, do business, spend our free time, and communicate. Some would say that it comes with a significant trade-off because the company collects a vast amount of data about its users. But it still cannot be denied that Google has made many things in our lives easier. Traveling is one of those things. 

How Does Google Help You Travel?
When a company is as prolific as Google is, its users expect to receive a full suite of services in a field where the company operates. For the most part, Google and its parent company Alphabet understand this. However, when it comes to traveling, there isn’t a centralized way to get all the advantages Google has to offer. There is no single Google travel app. 

Instead, Google offers three separate services that help you save money when traveling, and only one of them comes in the form of an app. You can search flights using Google Flights, you can search hotels using Google search, and you can download the Google Trip app to organize and plan your trips. 

Saving Money Using Google Flights
Google Flights is a search engine that allows you to search flights to a desired destination. The core functionality is not unlike the many booking websites you’ve used before. However, Google has made sure that its Flights engine gives you plenty of options to save money. 

When you search for a flight using the Flights engine, you have four options in the “flight insights” bar. The “dates” option lets you see a calendar with flights and prices. The price graph shows you a graph of air fares. The “airports” tab lets you pick the airport where you want to land and the price range you can get at each airport, and the “tips” tab gives you special tips. Every single one of these options is made to help you pick the most affordable flight. 

Using Google to Search Hotels
Google’s hotel search integrates Google Maps and a host of search options to help you get great deals on hotel prices. All you need to do is search for words “hotel in” and your destination, and you will get a snack pack of results with a map view and limited options to refine the search results. 

When you expand the results, however, you get to fine-tune your search. You pick the check in and check out dates, the number of guests, the desired price range, user ratings, type and class of hotel, and even whether you want a pet-friendly hotel or not. All these options make it much easier to find a hotel with everything you need that fits your budget. 

The Google Trips App
The Google Trips app will serve as a central hub for your trip. The tickets you found using the Flights engine, and the hotel reservations you found through Google search will show up in the app as long as you got your tickets and hotel confirmation to your Gmail address. 

From there, you can use the Trips app to plan your time. You can plan what you are going to visit and when, you can receive information about tourist attractions, places where you can eat and drink, and many other things that might interest you. Being informed about your options can save you money, but so can the fact that you can access your plans offline. You don’t have to pay for Internet access when there are no public networks available. 

Google’s travel app and services are a great option when you have to plan a trip on a tight budget. You can search for flights and hotels, make reservations, and have everything you need stored in one app. The best thing about these services is that Google is constantly working on improving them. If you are a fan of affordable travel, Google has your back.