Mastercard Gift Cards for Birthdays: The Perfect Present

Birthdays are an exciting time! They are a special day everyone celebrates once a year, and they provide an excuse for friends to get together and have a good time. Birthday celebrations can be as small as a pair of people and as big as a house-filling party. As we get older, however, it often gets more and more challenging to pick out a thoughtful and useful gift for your friends. That’s where Mastercard gift card birthday gifts come in! 

Many young adults are in a position where monetary gifts are incredibly useful. They aid in budgeting and can take some financial stress off of the month if they go towards needs like groceries or household supplies. This article will talk about using Mastercard gift cards for birthday presents, how to make it as exciting as possible, and how to buy Mastercard gift cards for special occasions. 

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Another popular gift-giving site is GiftYa, which also offers customizable eGift cards! GiftYa lets you add custom photos or videos to all your gifts in the form of a virtual gift wrapper. A GiftYa can be sent by text or email, so the gift is always delivered within minutes. You can also schedule the gift to be sent on a specific date, such as a birthday or holiday. With over 16,000 local merchants and 280 national merchants usable at over 230k locations across the US, you can find the perfect gift for anyone!

There are a lot of celebrations in the year, and using Mastercard gift cards as birthday presents is a great way to show your appreciation!

Mastercard Gift Card Birthday Gifts

This section is all about using Mastercard gift cards for birthday presents. We will discuss how to find the right gift value, package the cards, be they virtual or physical, and personalize the gift even more, should you so desire. We do our best to keep this advice general, letting you apply it to make the best gift for your friend or family member. Since you are here, we’d wager that you are purchasing a gift card for someone who values and appreciates a monetary gift over a novelty. One of our favorite aspects of Mastercard gift cards for special occasions is that, while you can gift the card with a specific intention, it falls to the recipient to spend it the way they think is best. 

How Much to Spend on Mastercard Gift Card Birthday Gifts

This is a point of stress for many gift-givers of all ages. Deciding what amount to spend on the gift is challenging, but we are here to help. This section will cover a few questions to ask yourself to zone in on the right gift amount for your friends and family. 

The amount you spend on Mastercard gift cards for birthday gifts depends, first, on who your recipient is. The gift value for a family member, partner, or best friend should exceed the gifts you give to casual friends and acquaintances. Some common gift card etiquette puts close friend and family member gifts in the $25 to $100 price range and acquaintances in the $10 to $20 price range. That’s a good place to start, but there are two more factors we’d like to discuss. 

The first factor is your current financial position. There is a lot of societal pressure to spend on gifts for special occasions like holidays, birthdays, graduation, weddings, showers, etc. For people who run a tight budget, expenditures on gifts can take up a large portion of it unexpectedly. If gifts for upcoming birthdays are stressing you out, consider some alternatives to purely monetary gifts. A homemade craft is a really special gift, and we hope that your close friends and family, to whom many of these gifts go, would love it just as much as a money-forward gift like a Mastercard gift card. To sum up, the price range for gifts is more guidelines than actual rules. Inexpensive crafty gifts are an excellent alternative to monetary ones. 

The second factor is the birthday person themselves. Some people celebrate their birthdays with a huge celebration of friends and family. In those cases, a smaller Mastercard gift card is likely to land well, as they have a lot of gifts on hand. Smaller celebrations or giving gifts to someone not holding a birthday celebration leave you with much more flexibility. For better and for worse, you can gift them with a gift card in the $10 to $20 range, the $20 to $50 range, or more. We hope the recipient will be happy no matter what, so pick out an amount with which you are comfortable. If you are still uncertain, figure out how much they spent on a recent birthday gift for you. From there, you can pick out a similar amount. 

How to Package Mastercard Gift Cards

Now that you have figured out how much to spend on Mastercard gift cards for birthday gifts, it is time to package them in an exciting and personal way. This is an optional step but one that makes these gifts much more fun for the recipient. There are a lot of little ways to add some cute packaging to your gift, if you are giving a physical gift card, to bring a smile to your friend’s face. 

Customize Your Gift Card

Gift Card Granny also allows for gift card customization. Using this feature, you may add a custom picture, name, and short message to the card. 

Mastercard gift cards for special occasions are an excellent gift for friends and family. 

Additional Options When Using Mastercard Gift Cards for Birthday Presents

Purchasing a Mastercard gift card for a birthday gift is a great way to show your appreciation. It lets the recipient spend it wherever they wish, but a little guidance can go a long way. Many people will spend their Mastercard gift cards on something simple, like groceries or something equally pragmatic. If you want to give them a nudge towards something more exciting, consider writing a note with one of these categories along with their gift. 

A Night Out on the Town

Heading out for some evening fun is an activity enjoyed by just about everyone. Heading out to a restaurant, going to bars, seeing a concert, or more! Anything is possible. There are many people who do not spend a lot of nights out on the town, and we think that they may enjoy a reason to go out and celebrate their birthday. You can give them a Mastercard gift card or birthday gift to spend on a few drinks, a meal or to help pay for an event. 

A Visa gift card is a great way to lessen the expense of any night out. This is a great way to save up for something special! 

A Gourmet Home-Cooked Meal

Next on the list is using a Mastercard gift card for a food-related birthday present. If the recipient of this card likes to cook, then you can add a note suggesting they spend this card procuring specialty ingredients for an amazing meal. There are a lot of recipes out there that sound phenomenal, but between ingredients and prep time, they are often overlooked in favor of easier options. This is the perfect time to help them with a challenge meal! Even if you can’t help them in the kitchen, a gift card to allay the ingredient costs goes a long way. 

A food-based gift card need not be limited to cooks. A Mastercard gift card can go towards purchasing the little treats they usually pass by at the store. 

Clothes Shopping

Another special excursion is clothes shopping. In our mind, this card works for those who love shopping for clothes and those who hate it. For people who love clothes shopping, this card goes towards their next excursion and helps pay for their next outfit. For people who don’t, a gift card is a nice way to alleviate the pain of often high bills from getting necessary clothes. 

A gift card to a particular clothing store is nice, but Mastercard’s flexibility makes it a better option. Sometimes you need to shop around at a few different places before finding the right item. 


Drinks are expensive! Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are expenses that many money-minded people avoid, preferring to buy it from the store and make it at home. Purchasing a Mastercard gift card for special occasions lets the recipient use it to buy the coffee drink that they would otherwise avoid. 

How to Register and Activate Your Mastercard Gift Card

You can activate a gift card here or call the toll-free number on the back of your card. To activate a Mastercard gift card, you need your card number, expiration date, and security code on hand. All of these are located on the card. We recommend keeping this information on hand in case your gift card is ever lost or stolen. There is a chance you can restore your card and spend the remaining balance, but you need all the information to do so.

There are countless fun and small ways to spruce up your Mastercard gift card birthday gift. A little packaging or a small ancillary gift can complete the picture. 

Mastercard Gift Card for Birthdays: The Perfect Present

There are a lot of amazing presents out there, but using a Mastercard gift card for a birthday present is a safe and reliable way to give friends and family a pragmatic money-forward gift that they will enjoy. There are a lot of people who, while they enjoy fun and personalized gifts, would like a gift card more than anything. Remember: you can purchase a Mastercard gift card right here at Gift Card Granny! 

Using Mastercard Gift Cards for Birthday Presents

How do I choose a Mastercard gift card for a birthday present?

Easy! You can use a retailer like Gift Card Granny to customize a gift card and pick out an excellent Mastercard gift card for a special occasion. 

Can I personalize a Mastercard gift card for a birthday gift?

Yes! Retailers like Gift Card Granny have customization options when using Mastercard gift cards for birthday presents. With Gift Card Granny, you can customize the photo on the card, add a logo, and add a gift message. 

How do I send a Mastercard gift card as a birthday present?

There are many ways to purchase an eGift card that is sent in an email. That is an easy way to send a Mastercard gift card as a birthday present, but you can also purchase a plastic card in-store or online and mail it to their place. 

Can I use a Mastercard gift card for birthday party supplies?

Yes! Mastercard gift cards are acceptable in almost every retailer across the United States. You can use it anywhere Mastercards are accepted. If the purchase is greater than the balance of the card, you can split the purchase with another form of payment. 

Are there any fees for using a Mastercard gift card for a birthday gift?

Unfortunately, yes. There is an activation fee of Mastercard gift cards of around $4, but once the card is purchased and activated, there are no fees associated with using a Mastercard gift card for a birthday gift.