Mastercard Gift Card for Fitness Enthusiasts: A Healthy Gift Option

Have a friend who is big into fitness equipment and gym memberships? Finding the right gift for them for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions is often quite a challenge. No one knows what they need better than they do, and if they are never particularly upfront about what they want, well, that puts a lot of pressure on you. There are a ton of fitness-related products on which they might have their eyes, from memberships to equipment or clothing. 

There is one gift that covers all those bases: Mastercard gift cards. Mastercard gift cards are cash-equivalent gift that is fun to get and fun to spend. 

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Without further ado, let’s jump into why Mastercard gift cards for fitness enthusiasts is an awesome gift at any time of the year. 

Everyone has their own way to workout, and a Mastercard gift card for fitness enthusiasts leaves the final decision in their hands. 

Best Ways to Spend a Mastercard Gift Card for Fitness Enthusiasts

Whenever you give someone a Mastercard gift card, they have the final say in how it’s spent. That is one of our favorite reasons to gift someone a prepaid gift card, as it minimizes the chances that they forget about it or leave it sitting somewhere until the dormancy fees rise up and consume the value of the card (they kick in after a year of inactivity). As you are here, we expect you to want to buy a fitness-related gift for your friend and, as such, hope they spend their Mastercard gift card for fitness equipment or something along those lines. This section will cover a small subset of possible expenditures and how a Mastercard holds up in those situations. 

Mastercard Gift Card for Gym Memberships

Mastercard gift cards are not your best bet for gym membership purchases. Gym memberships are usually either a recurring monthly expense or a one-time purchase that covers a number of months. 

If your friend pays for a monthly gym membership, they will have a difficult time adding the Mastercard gift card funds to allay that purchase. In all likelihood, they have a card on file, and it is charged each month. Adding a prepaid card to that process, especially if it only covers a month or so, is more trouble than it is worth. 

The best time to gift a Mastercard gift card for gym memberships is right before your friend purchases a yearlong membership. If you get them a Mastercard gift card for that purpose and they make the purchase in person, it is an easy proposition to split the payment and use the gift card and another form of payment. 

Mastercard Gift Card for Workout Classes

Workout classes fall into a similar category as gym memberships. Mastercard gift cards are fun and flexible and should give the recipient more excitement than if they received a $20 bill in their card. In general, we think that these cards are more exciting! It gives them a gift card feel, and they can spend it anywhere, from the grocery store to Starbucks and everything in between. 

These cards have a few limitations, and recurring payments are one of their weaknesses. Online shopping, in general, is more difficult with these cards because you can’t split purchases online. That means you can only buy items less than the card’s value, something that gets more challenging with each purchase. Another weakness is recurring payments, much for the same reason. You want to set your friend up to spend the card all at once, or at least put them in a position where it will be easy to use the entirety of the card’s funds. 

Mastercard Gift Card for Fitness Equipment

If your friend has their eye on some new fitness equipment a Mastercard gift card can be a great gift. At risk of sounding like a broken record, this hinges on them going in-store to pick up their new equipment rather than buying it online. Fitness equipment is uber expensive, and, in the right circumstances, a Mastercard gift card is a great way to lessen the final payment and help them buy the next piece of their indoor gym. 

Mastercard Gift Card for Sustenance

Another big expense for fitness gurus is the specialty food and beverages they purchase to keep their energy up. There’s a laundry list of products for fitness enthusiasts, and a Mastercard gift card is an excellent choice for a friend who is interested in buying more or trying out new products. Larger grocery stores stock a lot of these, and a Mastercard gift card is the perfect time to restock low supplies. They can choose to spend the gift card anywhere, so we recommend adding a little note to the gift packaging detailing where you think they should spend the card. This helps them spend it on something special. 

There is an almost endless list of ways to work out, and we find time to do them all. Buy your favorite exercise beast a Mastercard gift card at Gift Card Granny today!

Popular Fitness Equipment

If you want to get a Mastercard gift card for a fitness enthusiast and want to direct them towards spending it on their next fitness-related purchase, we recommend chatting with them to see if they have something in mind. An upcoming in-store purchase of fitness-related goods means they can use your card with no problem, and you don’t want to make them feel like they need to wait to use it, as that is exactly when they forget about it, and it goes unspent. In this section, we will outline some popular fitness equipment to bring up with your friend and see if they are in the market for something similar. 


These are the classic weight lifter’s equipment, and many avid lifters have these in their home. A dumbbell set, however, is insanely expensive. As a reminder, we will focus our efforts in this section on items your friend can get in-store instead of online, as online purchasing with Mastercard gift cards for fitness equipment is very limiting. A great alternative to classic dumbbells is adjustable weights, where you can fit a lot more variety into a smaller package. These popular items are a great recommendation for your gym friends. 

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an excellent addition to any home gym. These usually come in sets of different strengths and open up the doors for a variety of stretches and exercises that are perfect when working out less-used muscles. These are great recommendations when purchasing a Mastercard gift card for fitness enthusiasts. 

Yoga Mats

Carpeted households do not usually run into these issues, but trying to work out on a hardwood floor is hard on the wrists and any other part of your body that touches the floor. Also, if you start to sweat, it is game over. A yoga mat solves those problems! It provides the traction and comfort necessary to execute a killer workout at any stage of the game. 

An alternative to a yoga mat for the truly dedicated is those interlocking foam tiles that you see in gyms and daycare centers for children. The ones at the gym are (unfortunately) usually a matte grey instead of a colorful mix, but both work well for more extensive home gym coverage. 

Protein Powder

Another classic image for weightlifters, protein powder, has increased its scope of consumption. There are many varieties, some vegetarian, and some that are a lot less intense than the classic whey protein powder with 24g of protein in each scoop. These serve as an excellent way to round out a workout and are a great recommendation when buying a Mastercard gift card for a fitness enthusiast. 

Online Workout Classes

Spending a Mastercard gift card for workout classes is very challenging, but a lot goes into these classes above and beyond the membership to the class itself. Attendees have various accessories like sweat towels, water bottles, and workout clothes to stay as comfortable as possible in the grueling classes. If you know your friend takes some of these classes, you can recommend they spend the Mastercard gift card the next time they purchase supplies for the class. There are many options in fitness studios as well as online programs like BeachBody+ and Peloton. 

Working out is a popular pastime among many. Help your friend get what they need with a Mastercard gift card!

Mastercard Gift Cards for Fitness Enthusiasts: A Healthy Gift Option

Everyone has their own way of working out. Unless you know exactly what they want, purchasing them a specific gift is unnecessarily risky. A Mastercard gift card lets your friend pick out the equipment or sustenance they want to fuel the next stage of their exercise journey. Purchasing a Mastercard gift card at Gift Card Granny leaves you with many customization options. You can add an image of your choice, customize the message tag, and enter an amount.  From there, you can choose whether you want a physical gift card delivered by mail or an eGift card sent to their email address. 

Before making any purchase, however, we recommend talking with them about what is on their mind in terms of gifts. The subtlety of this engagement will change based on the occasion. If you are purchasing a gift for the holidays or their birthday, for example, you can expect that they expect a gift on the horizon. If you are, instead, surprising them with it, you can keep the word gift out of the conversation and instead steer it towards their exercise journey. Surprises are nice, but don’t go crazy keeping it from them. Oftentimes the main reason people receive gifts that they aren’t crazy about is a lack of communication. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Mastercard gift card for any gym or fitness club membership?

Yes! The only complicating factor when using Mastercard gift cards for gym memberships is the balance on your card. You may run into problems if your gift card balance is less than the total purchase cost. If you make a purchase in-store, you will be able to split it with another form of payment, but that is not possible online. 

How do I check the balance on my Mastercard gift card for fitness purchases?

You can check the balance when you use your Mastercard gift card for fitness equipment at this website: or this number: 1-833-623-4266

Are there any restrictions on what I can buy with a Mastercard gift card for fitness equipment?

There are a few restrictions on what you can buy, but none of them affect fitness equipment. As long as the retailer accepts Mastercard, you can use your Mastercard gift card for fitness equipment.