Mastercard Gift Card for Gamers: How You Can Use It For Digital Purchases

Video games have a firm grip on the entertainment industry as we know it. What was once a more niche hobby reserved for a particular demographic has since evolved into a prominent pastime for a wide variety of folks, from the very young to the mature. Wherever you or anyone you know fall within that placement is irrelevant – you are still entitled to enjoy the engaging experience that video games offer users. 

Perhaps you have been an avid video game player for over a decade and counting, or maybe gaming is a relatively new hobby to you that has quickly become a favorite activity of yours. There is no right or wrong way to integrate video games into your life, which is why you should feel free to do what feels right for you. From competitive tournaments and friendly co-op to solo play where the only company you have is yourself, there are a number of ways to enjoy the gaming experience. 

Currently, you can find video games being sold at hundreds of different retailers across the country just as much as you would see DVDs of movies, TV shows, and cartoons. There are also plenty of national retailers that include video games and related products as a major part of their inventory, such as GameStop and Best Buy. If you want a specialized video game retailer experience and want to veer away from major chains, you are likely to encounter many unique, independent businesses that sell new and used video games in urban and suburban areas around the nation. There are so many hidden gems out there that all offer an exciting new experience for gaming enthusiasts everywhere. 

No matter where you go for your next video game purchase, you want to make sure you have the funds for it. Retailers that sell video games are able to accept most payment methods, from credit and debit cards to cash or even Mastercard gift cards. Visit and give business to your favorite stores by making in-person purchases, placing reservations for upcoming releases, or order from online retailers and have products delivered straight to your front door all from the comfort of your couch. 

However you choose to purchase your next video game, you can count on a Mastercard gift card to help you with any and all future transactions at a variety of different retailers. Acting as a substitute for cash, Mastercard gift cards work similarly to other electronic payment methods like credit and debit cards, except you do not have to worry about paying off a monthly balance or having your bank account balance depleted. If you happen to have one on hand and are itching to make a purchase, then it definitely wouldn’t hurt to think about using your Mastercard gift card for video games you are interested in. 

Curious about learning more? Be sure to check out the rest of this article, because we’re going to discuss all you need to know regarding the use of Mastercard gift cards for your gaming needs, from buying video games from retailers you regularly shop at to making online transactions for digital games and in-game purchases. And if you don’t have time to read the whole thing, we went ahead and answered a few frequently asked questions from people just like you below to help you stay informed. 

Q: How do I redeem a Mastercard gift card for a video game?

A Mastercard gift card can be redeemed for a video game by using the gift card to complete a transaction at any retailer you decide to shop at. You can use your Mastercard gift card as you would a debit or credit card when checking out at department stores and electronics stores that sell video games, as well as at any other shopping outlets. If the retailer you want to purchase from is online, you can enter your Mastercard gift card information when submitting a payment method to use the funds. 

Q: Can I use a Mastercard gift card for online gaming purchases?

As long as your gift card has the funds necessary to cover the cost of the transaction you are trying to complete, you should be able to use a Mastercard gift card to make online gaming purchases without any issues. Ensure that your gift card has been properly activated before you use it or else your purchase may be declined. 

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I can buy with a Mastercard gift card for gaming? 

When it comes to purchasing video games, in-game purchases, and anything else related to gaming in general, you are not likely to encounter any restrictions that will prevent you from buying what you want. From physical copies of classic titles to up-and-coming video game releases you want to reserve at an independent video game retailer in your town, a Mastercard gift card can be used to help you afford a variety of video game related purchases. Even digital video games you purchase from virtual shops and bonus features you can only buy in-game are covered with a Mastercard gift card. 

A Mastercard gift card may not be used at ATMs to withdraw cash, check balance, or cash equivalent transactions. If a retailer you are shopping at does not possess electronic processing capabilities, then you will not be able to complete your transaction using a Mastercard gift card. Gambling merchants may also refuse to accept Mastercard gift cards, though there are a variety of online casinos that will take a prepaid card as payment. Any merchant can choose to not accept Mastercard gift cards as payment if they do not wish to, even if they take other types of payment methods under the Mastercard brand. 

Using a Mastercard gift card to help fuel a hobby that you are passionate about is always a good choice that will leave you feeling satisfied with yourself. 

Using a Mastercard Gift Card for Gaming and Related Purchases

Since Mastercard gift cards work at a majority of popular retailers, and even lesser known businesses that accept the Mastercard brand, you will find using them as a payment method incredibly useful and convenient. Plus, they make for a fantastic alternative gift for any fan of video games who would rather buy what they want for themselves. A gift like this makes sense when you want to make a video game fan happy with a brand new title, but you aren’t personally invested enough in the video game scene to know which game is the right choice. 

To use a Mastercard gift card in person at certain businesses or retail outlets is a relatively simple process. Once the gift card is activated, the user can use it to complete a transaction when checking out by swiping it like a credit or debit card. There may be some instances where you would need to hand it to the cashier instead, but as long as the merchant can accept Mastercard gift cards you will be able to use the funds to buy any video game you want. 

A Mastercard gift card will also work as payment at online merchants. Digital shops and distribution platforms such as the Nintendo eShop, the PlayStation Store, and Steam sell thousands of video game titles that can be purchased and downloaded straight to your consoles or other gaming devices. For minimalist gamers who prefer keeping the amount of physical copies of games they own on the lower side, these online shops provide a great alternative that doesn’t diminish the gaming experience. 

Accessories related to video games may also be purchased using a Mastercard gift card from various merchants. If a business accepts Mastercard gift cards, then you do not have to reserve your gift card funds solely for video games. You can purchase entire consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch using your gift card, as well as additional components like extra gaming controllers, headsets, monitors, external hard drives, and even computer parts if you are a PC gamer. 

There really is not a whole lot that you cannot buy using your Mastercard gift card. As long as you ensure the merchant you are shopping at is able to take Mastercard gift cards as payment, you are free to purchase pretty much any items you need to enhance your gaming experience. Just make sure you have the appropriate funds on your gift card so that you can afford the cost of the entire purchase. 

Activate your Mastercard gift card online or over the phone

You cannot make use of the many advantages that come alongside shopping with a Mastercard gift card if you do not activate your gift card before using it. Thankfully, there is no long or arduous process behind activating a Mastercard gift card, so you should be able to have it up and running in a matter of minutes. 

There are a couple ways you can go about activating your Mastercard gift card. If you do not mind making a phone call, you can simply dial the toll-free number located on the back of your Mastercard gift card (1-833-623-3266) and provide your relevant gift card information once prompted. Enter the 16-digit gift card number, the 3-digit security code, and the expiration date. Once the information is provided, you will hear an automated message with your available gift card balance. Now the card is good to go and you can begin using it for any video game purchases you want. 

Another way to activate your Mastercard gift card for anyone who does not wish to make a phone call is by activating it online. You can visit the official Mastercard website to manage your Mastercard gift card, which includes activating it, checking the balance, and viewing your transaction history. Like activating over the phone, you will need to provide your gift card number, CVV, and the expiration date into the corresponding boxes. Click the orange ‘Continue’ button to access the details of your Mastercard gift card. One advantage of activating or checking your gift card balance online is that you can review your purchase history to see what you have spent your card funds on, which is not an available feature when you activate your gift card over the phone. 

There are so many different ways you can use a Mastercard gift card to elevate your gaming experience. Don’t limit yourself to just one thing when you can get creative with it!

Make In-Game Purchases with a Mastercard Gift Card 

If you play a lot of games on your smartphone with pay-to-win features or video games that regularly release new DLC (downloadable content), then you are already quite accustomed to the prevalence of in-game purchases. You can find them in so many games now, especially when multiplayer is a main component of the game. New characters will be added, new skins will be released, new maps and levels will be designed – and more often than not, all of these things come with a fee. 

Well, you don’t want to let even more hours of fun sit behind a paywall forever. Use your Mastercard gift card to your advantage and purchase all the bonus content you want!

Using a Mastercard gift card for in-game purchases is A-okay in our book and well worth it if you have been dying to download new content in your favorite video games, especially if the in-game purchases you want don’t fit comfortably inside of your budget. Since you do not have to worry about any money coming out of your bank account or causing your credit card bill to go up, a Mastercard gift card makes buying what you want far less stressful for your finances. 

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Buy a Mastercard gift card

Buy a Mastercard gift card

Close friends and family members who are into gaming will be touched to receive a custom Mastercard gift card designed by you. Not only is it an extremely practical gift, but it is entirely unique and conveys far more affection than a Mastercard gift card with a basic design you could find at other retailers. It never hurts to go the extra mile to show just how much you care.