Online Gift Cards for Wine

If you have family or friends who partake in the occasional (or nightly) glass of wine, you’re probably already well aware of just how important the distributor is when it comes to quality. There are many wine retailers that go above and beyond in terms of wine selection, caliber, and customer service, but they are not all the same by a long shot. 

Lucky for you, dear reader, we have composed a thorough list of several online wine retailers who are determined to deliver their best brews and bottles to customers everywhere. Consider getting a gift card or two to any of these fine retailers of wine and wine-related sundries instead of the traditional and totally expected bottle. 

Gift cards are an underappreciated star that always shine bright during holidays and celebrations; their versatility puts all the power in the hands of the gift recipient, which means you never have to fret over the possibility of giving an unwanted present. Keep reading to learn more about the various options and ideas for online wine gift cards, including:

  • Gift cards for wine, spirits, and beer
  • Gift cards for wine storage, houseware, and accessories
  • Gift cards for tasteful wine pairings 

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1. Total Wine and More

Shop All the Wine You Can Handle – And More!

Buy a Total Wine and More gift card

There’s nothing quite like sharing a drink with dear friends, but splurging on an expensive bottle is significantly less fun when you’re on a budget. It’s a good thing retailers like Total Wine and More are around to deliver customers the lowest prices on a range of alcoholic beverages. 

Total Wine and More has an impressive catalog consisting of thousands of wines, liquors, spirits, and beer. From fine and rare to champagne and sparkling, there’s no shortage of tasteful wines to peruse. Pour a glass and enjoy it on the back porch on a warm summer night, or get cozied up next to the fireplace with your sweetheart on a cold winter evening. 

Whether it’s for refreshment or to get your body temperature up, Total Wine and More has plenty of wine and assorted alcohols to get the job done. Check out Gift Card Granny for an opportunity to earn cash back on a Total Wine and More gift card!

2. Wine Enthusiast 

Elevate the Style of Drinking Wine

As the name suggests, anyone who’s crazy about this fermented grape beverage will have a blast shopping here. Buying bottles of the stuff is always great, but let’s not forget about all the wineware and accessories that are an essential part of the drinking experience. 

At Wine Enthusiast, customers have access to a range of elegant products that will transform how they drink wine, leading to a much more sophisticated endeavor. Wine Enthusiast is the leading online source of wine storage, paraphernalia, and relevant information. Shop their massive catalog, learn new tips and tricks on their blog, and read all the wine reviews you can handle from their magazine. 

Total wine lovers deserve a retailer that can fulfill all of their drinking-related demands, which is why a Wine Enthusiast gift card is a fantastic choice. Earn cash back when you purchase a Wine Enthusiast gift card from Gift Card Granny today!

3. Domestique Wine

Serving the Best of Natural Wine

Headquartered in Washington D.C. and one of the top five natural wine shops in the United States, Domestique Wine is certainly worth checking out if you’re a fan of excellent bottles and brews. Domestique Wine works exclusively with producers who use organic agriculture and minimal intervention in the cellar during the aging process, delivering you the very best selection of premium wines. 

In addition to a diverse blend of natural wines, Domestique Wine provides a variety of alcoholic beverages including spirits, beer, and ciders. Shop special collections, curated cases built by knowledgeable winemakers, or join the innovative Wine Club, a wine subscription service that encourages customers to explore the depth of natural wine by providing different bottles every month. Wine Club members also get to enjoy a five percent discount off all other purchases. 

If you know any insatiable wine enthusiasts whose glasses need filling, this might just be the wine retailer to go with. Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not currently offer gift cards for Domestique Wine at this time; check back soon to see the latest updates to our catalog!

4. 1800Baskets 

Put a Whole Lot of Love in Every Occasion 

Buy a 1800Baskets gift card

Gift baskets have been a popular form of gift-giving for decades, and with such cute assortments of high quality products it isn’t hard to see why. Food baskets in particular are quite beloved and appeal to a wide range of folks, from those who like salty snacks to total sweet enthusiasts. 

There’s no reason why wine can’t be a part of the gift basket magic. At 1800Baskets, customers can shop a respectable selection of gourmet baskets that include bottles of wine. Explore the full range of your taste palate with wine pairing baskets, where rich chocolates and piquant cheeses can be enjoyed alongside remarkable wines. Other gift baskets include artisanal trays perfect for the holidays, speciality assortments of chocolate, and a mix of the sweet and savory. 

Find exquisite wines and so much more at 1800Baskets, and be sure to spread the joy and earn cash back when you use Gift Card Granny to order a gift card to 1800Baskets!


The Largest Online Resource for Wines

Buy a gift card

When it comes to finding reputable online retailers of fine wines, consumers aren’t going to find much better than This American online retailer has the largest selection of wines in the entire world. Wine lovers will be absolutely enthralled by the sheer variety of artisan brews available at  

From complex red and creamy whites to sparkling wine and floral rosé, offers a wide range of delicious and luxurious choices, boasting a stock of more than seventeen thousand different bottles. And with over two million bottles of wine sold per year, it’s evident is the preferred online retailer of wine for folks in the United States.  

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6. Primal Wine

A Great Way to Diversify Your Tastes

Trendy and modern, Primal Wine is operated out of the Los Angeles area and possesses a transformative perspective on the future of the wine industry. Made with conservation and biodynamics in mind, the wines offered by Primal Wine are all-natural, organic bottles of pure excellence. Biodynamics refers to a different method of agriculture and harvesting of wine that challenges contemporary farming philosophy, one that has become increasingly popular in the wine-drinking culture. 

In addition to natural and organic wine options, Primal Wine has a diverse catalog consisting of all kinds of wines, including vegan, red, white, and even orange! Primal Wine also has their own wine club, where wine enthusiasts or total newbies can start their natural wine journey with a monthly delivery of top-grade bottles. Choose from total red, white, or mixed combinations of wine packages – whatever best suits your fancy.

Primal Wine is not offered through Gift Card Granny at this time, but be sure to check back soon to see which wine retailers join us next!

7. Naked Wines 

Transparency in the Wine Industry

Naked Wines is an unconventional wine retailer that turns the wine industry on its head, benefitting both customers and winemakers alike. Talented winemakers have the freedom, support, and funding they need to create truly unique brews, while lovers of wine are provided with a colorful catalog of premium wines at exclusive prices. 

With thousands of different wines and hundreds of vineyards out there, finding quality bottles at the best prices can be a challenge. Naked Wines does away with unnecessary middlemen, bringing consumers significantly closer to the winemakers and eliminating asinine fees. At Naked Wines, the best independent winemakers are sought out to shine, and any purchases at this retailer will benefit members of the winemaking community. 

If you want your money to support local and small businesses, consider doing your shopping at Naked Wines. Gift Card Granny does not currently carry gift cards for this retailer. 

8. Sur La Table 

Nothing But the Best For Your Kitchen

Buy a Sur La Table gift card

Okay, maybe wine isn’t your entire personality. That’s fine. But there’s no shame in admitting you favor the occasional glass or two, which is why you need to equip yourself with the best kitchenware and drinking apparatus out there. After all, who knows when you’ll crack open your next delicious bottle? 

Find cooking paraphernalia, glassware, cutlery, and so much more at Sur La Table. This Seattle-based retail chain is stocked with the finest cookware from brands with worldwide notoriety. From stellar bakeware guaranteed to concoct delicious pastries to trendy appliances designed to save you precious time in the kitchen, Sur La Table has plenty of cooking products to enhance your experience.

Find wine-themed decor, wine charms, bottle stoppers, wine preservation devices, corkscrews, shot glasses, and dozens of other products to make drinking a million times more fun for all. Don’t pass up a gift card to Sur La Table from Gift Card Granny, where you can earn cash back for your purchases!  

9. Harry & David

Share Thoughtful Wine Pairings with Friends

Buy a Harry & David gift card

Once more, never underestimate the power of a gourmet gift basket. Explore the tantalizing catalog of gift baskets at Harry & David, which include specially paired food selections alongside elegant bottles of the finest wines. 

There’s gift baskets for all sorts of occasions – holiday festivities, fireside gatherings, and casual moments of merriment. Explore the intricacies of premium wines with gift boxes catered specifically for wine indulgence, or choose a basket brimming with sweet and savory treats that is professionally paired with a bottle for a truly tasteful experience. Whether you’re in the mood for fruity, salty, chocolatey, or any other flavor combination under the sun, Harry & David has the perfect gift basket for you. 

Treat someone special to a delicious gift basket with a Harry & David gift card from Gift Card Granny! 


That’s a wrap on our list for online gift cards for wine. Did any of these retailers happen to catch your eye? Even if you’re still mulling things over in your mind, know that Gift Card Granny isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you can always come back once you figure things out. 

With all the possible options for online wine gift cards, it can be hard to settle for just one. But no matter which wine retailer you end up going with, be confident in your decision and know you did all you could to pick out the best gift card for any wine lover in your life.