10 Gift Cards for Shoes

Shoes are something that everybody needs, and with how frequently we wear them, it doesn’t take too long before you need to go shopping for a new pair. Even the highest quality shoes succumb to normal wear and tear as time goes by, which is why it usually pays off to have a modest variety of shoes to pick from for your daily needs. 

Whether it’s athletic shoes for running laps or durable boots that will keep your feet warm and dry in the winter, shoes offer vital support to ensure you stay comfortable while going about your business. You can find tons of footwear varieties at shoe shops everywhere, from the small town storefronts to national chains that carry all of your favorite brands. And with the increase in popularity of online shopping, consumers can order all kinds of footwear right from their living room sofa and have it delivered straight to their front door. You can definitely say we are living in a great time to do your essential shopping. 

To simplify finding your next favorite pair of shoes even more, here is a list of gift cards for notable shoe retailers and brands you can use to discover great footwear that meets your needs while helping stay in style. Continue reading to find out which shoe gift cards are right for you!

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1. Finish Line

Fresh shoe picks for all types of athletes

Buy a Finish Line gift card

Athletes deserve to have reliable footwear that will give them the support they need to always perform their best. There are plenty of great shoe brands out there built for sports and other physical activities, and one retailer made to give athletes a curated footwear shopping experience is Finish Line. 

Finish Line is a shoe retailer that operates locations throughout most of the fifty states and Puerto Rico. Customers can shop for athletic shoes as well as related apparel and accessories for a truly sporty look. Finish Line sells running shoes, casual sneakers, slides, cleats, platforms, basketball shoes, boots, and other footwear from top name brands. You can also find clothing options like sweatpants, hoodies, graphic tees, tanks, sports bras, swimwear, bike shorts, and kids’ apparel. 

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2. Adidas

A footwear brand that gets you through anything

Buy an Adidas gift card

Anyone looking for good quality shoes from a reputable brand knows that Adidas is a sportswear company they can rely on. Adidas has been in the footwear game for nearly a century and with such a firm grasp on the shoe industry, they certainly don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Adidas makes it easy for customers to find the footwear that is designed to give them the support they need during performances. You can browse shoes for hiking, running, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, volleyball, and more for men and women. Adidas also sells accessories to aid you on athletic endeavors such as water bottles, backpacks, hats, gloves, and headphones. 

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3. DSW

Get unbeatable bargains on the footwear brands you love

Buy a DSW gift card

If you need shoes and don’t want any distractions by way of flashy attire or tempting accessories, then a shopping trip to DSW is the right move for you. This footwear retailer has shelves stacked with products from popular name brands you’re definitely familiar with, from Reebok and Skechers to Crocs and Vans. 

DSW provides its customers with significant discounts on some of the most coveted shoe brands on the market, plus access to even more savings through special discounts via a rewards program. Each DSW location has regular sales and items available on clearance, giving customers a chance to score great finds at prices that are notably lower than in other stores. And if you can’t find a pair of shoes in-store at a DSW location, you can find even more footwear offerings on the company’s website. 

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4. Zappos 

Your next favorite pair of shoes is a few clicks away

Buy a Zappos gift card

Shopping for shoes online can be scary. You don’t want to end up picking the wrong size or style, only to be permanently stuck with your purchase due to unclear return and exchange policies. Luckily for shoe shoppers everywhere, the return window at Zappos is as clear as a sunny day, giving you an entire year to ensure you end up with a pair that works for you. 

Zappos has a lot to offer by way of footwear and stylish clothing to attract a diverse crowd of customers. Some of the types of shoes they keep in stock include oxfords, sneakers, loafers, sandals, work boots, heels, clogs, mules, hiking shoes, booties, and shoes with a wide build. Men, women, and kids can also check out the apparel and accessory options available at Zappos to build their ideal outfit. 

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5. Journeys

Keep your footwear game fresh with this trendy retailer

Shopping for shoes can be difficult all in itself, but when you’re shopping for footwear for older teens and young adults? Now that can be nearly impossible. If you’re struggling to find the styles picky adolescents want, you won’t want to pass up a chance to shop at Journeys. 

This specialty chain retailer is well-known for its curated selection of branded fashion footwear and accessories like hats, socks, and backpacks. Some of the shoes for sale at Journeys locations include casual shoes, sneakers, boots, flip flops, oxfords, clogs, skate shoes, and even slippers. Journeys has other cool apparel items as well like hoodies, ponchos, graphic tees, and sweatshirts. 

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6. Nordstrom

The designer footwear that you cannot live without

Buy a Nordstrom gift card

Are you willing to pay as much as it takes to get your hands on a pair of high-end shoes from famous luxury brands? Some folks simply do not play around when it comes to footwear, and if you are or happen to know anybody like that then there’s a good chance a gift card to the luxury department store Nordstrom will come in handy. 

You will certainly find a lot more than shoes available at Nordstrom, but that doesn’t mean their footwear offerings deserve to be overlooked. Women, men, kids, and even babies can show off with fashionable footwear from so many great brands, including Nike, UGG, Birkenstock, and Tory Burch. Nordstrom carries so many great styles and designs for whatever your shoe shopping needs happen to be. Check out sneakers, boots, heels, loafers, dress shoes, mules, slippers, platforms, running shoes, winter footwear, and so much more at a Nordstrom location near you or online. Plus, you never know, you may luck out and find the brand and shoe style you love on sale. 

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7. Champs Sports

Shop the top name brands for sporty footwear

Buy a Champs Sports gift card

Shoe shopping for sporty folks is super simple with a gift card to Champs Sports. This American sports retailer has hundreds of locations throughout the United States and Canada, giving a broad base of consumers access to apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories from some of the most prominent athletic brands out there. 

Champs Sports sells various types of shoes for all kinds of physical activities, from lifestyle shoes and boots to running, training, basketball, and skate shoes. Clothing options available at Champs Sports include jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, shorts, underwear, compression, and performance apparel. Filter results to find exactly what you’re looking for by certain sports and activities like baseball, soccer, football, gym, and other sports. 

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8. Famous Footwear

The popular brands and styles you can’t get enough of

Buy a Famous Footwear gift card

This well-established retail chain is one of the most prominent footwear stores operating across the country, and for good reason too. Famous Footwear gives its customers a chance to snag brand name shoes for less than they would pay if purchasing directly from the brand or high-end retailers, which is great news for budget shoppers who still appreciate quality and reliability. 

Another part of what makes Famous Footwear so great just so happens to be the knowledgeable employees who work there. They can help answer your questions, find the styles and designs you’re searching for, and give you recommendations on which shoes are best suited for different activities. You’ll get the most out of your money when you make smart shopping choices, and Famous Footwear can definitely help you out there. 

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9. Under Armour 

Stay in the game with dependable sportswear

Buy an Under Armour gift card

Under Armour is a sportswear company that sells more than just shoes, but their selection of footwear is definitely worth checking out if you are someone who takes athletics and physical fitness seriously. 

Under Armour makes it easy for customers to filter search results for shoes on their online store by particular sports and activities; they have shoes specifically designed for baseball, basketball, running, softball, soccer, lacrosse, hunting, fishing, golf, track and field, and much more. Both men and women can also browse an impressive collection of comfortable apparel at Under Armour, with featured products like underwear, leggings, sports bras, and swimwear. 

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10. Clarks

You won’t be parting with shoes from this brand anytime soon

A high-quality shoe can make a huge difference in your daily life. Rather than wear out a pair of cheap, poorly made shoes within a year’s time, consider if it is worth investing in footwear that is made with care and built to last from Clarks. 

With many styles crafted from real leather, Clarks shoes are in a league of their own and can withstand the test of time. Many folks claim to have had their Clarks shoes for decades, which usually cannot be said of shabby footwear options from competing brands who cut corners when it comes to quality. If you need a pair of shoes that are going to be a staple of your wardrobe for a long time, then you need shoes from Clarks. 

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Don’t let shoe shopping become too stressful that you can’t enjoy yourself. We hope you use this list of gift cards for shoes to find the perfect match for you or anyone you know!