10 Signs You're A Crazy Dog Person

You love your dog and everyone knows it...but have you gone too far? Are you a crazy dog person? If you can identify with any of these 10 items then yes, you may have crossed the line.

1. The hardest part of your day is figuring out which dog shirt to wear.

corndog shirt 
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2. This is your life motto.

Rue21 Dog Bag 

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3. Your dog was the best man at your wedding.

Dog Best Man 
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4. You stalk your dog when you’re away at work.

Petzi Treat Cam
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5. You get your dog ready for football season.

Steelers Puppy

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6. You spend more time (and money) figuring out your dog's costume than your own.

Dog Halloween Costume 

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7. You always order a puppuccino for your dog when doing a Starbucks run.

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8. You own one of these because a quick bike ride is WAY too long to be away from your furry friend.

Dog Carrier 
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9. You only eat at dog friendly restaurants.

Dogs Sitting At Table
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10. You own jewelry like this.

dog jewelry 
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Did you identify with all 10 items on our list? Comment below and let us know!