Save On Thanksgiving Dinner With These 8 Tips

Thanksgiving dinner can put a hurtin’ on your wallet. Be mindful of your expenses by following these money-saving tips for turkey day.

Thanksgiving Dinner On A Budget

1. Potluck

sharing food

It's okay to say ‘yes’ when someone asks to bring a dish, dessert or drink to Thanksgiving dinner. This will significantly lower your spend and also add some variety to the table.

2. Check The Pantry

Scan your kitchen before going to the grocery store to avoid doubling up on ingredients. You’ll be surprised with what you may already have available in your fridge or pantry.

Granny tip: Websites like Supercook will help you find recipes using the ingredients in your kitchen. 

3. Shop With Gift Cards And Earn Cash Back Or Receive A Discount

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4. Take Care Of Leftovers

turkey pot pie

Don’t let your leftovers go to waste! Find recipes that include multiple ingredients to repurpose your Thanksgiving meal. This turkey pot pie and turkey quiche are two of my favorites.

Granny tip: put a few helpings of Thanksgiving dinner in the freezer for a later date. This is a nice little fix for when you’re craving comfort food in the middle of winter.

5. Coupon Clipping

Check online and the newspaper for coupons you can use towards your Thanksgiving dinner. Find locally-owned grocery stores that will double, or even triple, your coupons on certain days of the week.

6. Buy Ahead

Scan flyers weeks before to get the best deals for your dinner. Shop for non-perishable items and ingredients with a lengthy expiration date.

Granny tip: want fresh fruit and veggies for your Thanksgiving dinner? Shop local farmers’ markets and food co-ops for a fraction of the cost at a grocery store.

7. Make A List

grocery list
Haste makes waste. This is especially true when going to the grocery store without a list. Prepare ahead of time by double checking your pantry and reviewing recipes before your shopping trip.

8. Skip The Thanksgiving Decorations

pumpkin centerpiece

Don’t toss those uncarved pumpkins and gourds in the garbage once Halloween ends. Instead recycle them to create a fall-themed centerpiece for your dinner table.

How do you cut corners for Thanksgiving dinner? Comment below with your tips.