The Best Holiday Gifts for Men at Any Age

Selecting the ideal holiday gift for the men in our life can be challenging. The old standbys of a new tie or a new sweater become boring after a while, and you should feel excited about the gifts you bestow on others. More importantly, you want him to feel enthusiastic about his present.

This Christmas, select a present that's tailored to his personality. We've included gifts for men of a range of ages, making it easier for you to shop for your significant other, your son, or your dad. We even featured some options that men of all ages will enjoy recieveing under the Christmas tree this year.

Men In Their 20's

Men in their 20's are often just starting out, so they need practical gifts that help them function day-to-day. They also are still glued to their phones and electronics, so consider buying them new charging devices.

Electric Egg Cooker

If he's trying to eat a healthy breakfast but never masters the floffy egg right, buy him this electric egg cooker. It cooks up to seven eggs in several styles, including boild, scrambled, and individual omelets.

Wacaco MinipressoNS, Portable Espresso Machine

If he needs caffeine to survive, he'll appreciate this portable espresso machine. It weighs less than a pund and is compatible with Nespresso pods, allowing him to make espresso whereever he craves coffee. It even comes with a convenient carrying case, making it easier to transport from home to the office.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

Cell phones carry more than 25,000 bacteria per square inch, but the PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer kills 99% of germs using two germ-killing UV bullbs. It also includes USB and USB-C charging ports, so it works with all smaprphones.

Popular Mechanics Home Hub

If he owns several devices like a smartphone, smartwatches, and a Kindle, then give him this charging station that will charge up to four devices at once. It will keep his office neater and free of excess cords since it's now all done in one docking station.

Gifts For Men In their 30's

Men in their 30's are more established, but they still apprecitate nostalgia like the classic edition of the Nintendo gaming system. They enjoy some of the finer things like a high-quality pair of sunglasses or a nice bar set.

Remington Virtually Indestructible All-in-One Grooming Kit

This grooming kit features two attachments and six combos to shave and trim your head, beard, and mustache. It even includes an ear and nose hair trimmer. One five-minutes charge powers it up for 90 minutes.

11-Piece Black Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

This stylish 11-piece cocktail set will make a great addition to his home bar. It's crafted our of high-quality stainless steel. The set includes two cocktail shakers, a julep strain, a cocktail muddler, a bar spoon, two liquid pourers, and more. He'll be the favorite bartender among his friends.

Alto Frames Audio Sunglasses

These stylish sunglasses combine Bluetooth headphones with Alto frames, so he can listen to his favorite tunes while blocking out the sun. This perfect tech gift is ideal for a man that loves music and spending time outdoors.

Nintendo Entertainment System NES Classic Edition

He'll feel some nostalgia and travel back to the 1980's with this retro-themed and collectible gaming system. It comes preloaded with 30 games, includes favorites such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, PAC MAN, Final Fantasy, and many more.

Gifts For Men In Their 40's

Even as they grow older, men still appreciate fine toys, whether it's a poker set to play on game night with their buddies or a new flashlight for an upcoming camping trip.

Personalized Poker Set

This personalized poker set will have him ready for game night, It includes two decks of cards, five sets of dice, and four sets of poker chips. The collection can be customized with his initial, his name, and a phrase of your choice.

Insulated Wine Tumblers

These insulated stainless steel wine tumblers are perfect for keeping your wine cold without worrying about delicate wine glasses. The set includes two tumblers, a corkscrew, and a customizable black leather box.

High-Powered Tactical Flashlight

If he loves camping, this flashlight is perfect for him. It's lightweight and compact, with light beams reaching up to 320m. This flashlight will light the way, even if it's dark on the hiking trails or near the campsite.

Gifts For Men In their 50's

Older men are nearing retirement and have more time to spend on their hobbies, such as fishing or golf. They'll appreciate the massage gun to apply to their trigger spots after a long day if they are still working.

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

If he enjoys fishing in a nearby river or going on a boat with friends, he'll love this fishing rod kit. It's ideal for both sea and boat fishing. The fishing kit includes a fishing rod, a fishing reel, fishing lures, and a convenient black carrying bag.

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

This massage gun will feel like luxury after he has a long day at work. With five levels of intensity and eight massage heads, it's perfect for healing sore muscles and ares like tight shoulders or sore calves, and should also be used before and after work-outs.

Professional Golf Practice Putter

Does he enjoy golfing in his spare time? This portable professional putting green is easy to set up anywhere, from your basement to your backyard. The putting green includes several holes of varying difficulty, and it lasts for five to eight years with normal use.

Gifts For Men At Any Age

Some gifts are perfect for men of all ages, including BBQ accessories, a beer-making kit, high-quality work boots, and a new Dungeons and Dragons book and accessory kit.

Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

If he's the grillmaster, give him this George Forman indoor or outdoor grill with a removable stand. Now, ther's no reason to let the weather stop you when you're craving steaks in the winter. The easy-to-remove stands lets this grill move from the countertop to the backyards in seconds.

Home-Complete HC-1000 BBQ Accessories

To supplement the grill, give hime some new grilling accessories, so he can sear that meat and potatoes perfectly. This high-quality 16-piece set includes everything he'll need to season meat, flip hot dogs, or to eat perfectly grilled corn.

Mr.Beer Complete Beer Making 2 Gallon Starter Kit

Whether he's 2 or 50, his love of beer doesn't go away. It's sometimes nice to relax with a cold one at the end of the day. Give him this beer brewing kit, which allows him to make 16 pints of beer in the keg at once.

Heated Smart Travel Mug With Temperature Control

This insulated travel mug is the perfect gift for men on the go. It plugs into their car charger and will war up coffee and tea to the desired temperature. It can't warm up ice cold drinks, but it'll do wonders on lukewarm beverages.

The Original L.L. Bean Boot

Created in 1912, these boots are still handcrafted one pair at a time to be made as carefully as they were 100 years ago. They're crafted out of full-grain leather and rubber soles. If he wears lightweight socks, order a size down, but if he wears hevier socks, order his regular size so they fit comfortably.

Dungeons & Dragons Book And Accessory Kit

Does your man love to play Dungeouns and Dragons with his buddies on weekends? Buy hime the first official D&D adventure set exploring the Feywild. It's simple to drop the Witchlight Carnival into any campaign The set features a beautifully illustrated double-sided map on the carnival, 11 dice, and 19 reference cards.

Dungeons & Dragons Pint Glasses

In following with the theme of Dungeons & Dragons and beer, consider giving him some custom pint glasses. These can be personalized with his name and are laser etched so they will last longer. It's like bringing the D&D tavern right into your own home.

eGift Card

If you have trouble finding the perfect gift for the men in your life, give them an eGift card. Gift Card Granny has an endless array of gift card options, from clothing to home improvement to stores liek Cabela's and Best Buy.

You can even choose to build a personalized Visa gift card and write a customized message, and include a photo with the two of you. Since it's a Visa gift card, men may shop at any store they want to select the gift of their choice.

While Christmas shopping for men seems complicated, we've given you 22 options to get you started. This guide offered price ranges for everyone and ideas for men of all ages, so we hope you'll find something for that remarkable man in your life.