Video Game Gift Cards

Video games are a popular pastime that are as fun for adults as they are for teens and young kids. Though they have only been around for a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things, video games have shaped the way we approach entertainment. No more still images, uninspired text, or visible boundaries between the audience and the fictional world in front of them – video games give users full control and deliver an immersive experience that no other form of media comes close to achieving. 

Variety is plentiful when it comes to video games, and there are so many great gift cards out there to make any video game enjoyer jump for joy. From the folks who like puzzle-solving games and simple platformers to passionate gamers who play action RPGs and survival horror games, there are tons of gift cards to ensure everyone feels included. As long as you know what kind of video games and consoles the person you’re buying for prefers, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a gift card that works for them. 

We went ahead and put together this list of video game gift cards to make finding the perfect one for your gift recipient a little easier. You can expect to read more about the following: 

  • Gift cards for general retailers
  • Gift cards for top gaming brands
  • Gift cards for services and platforms  

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1. GameStop

An all-inclusive retail gaming experience 

Buy a GameStop gift card

The world’s largest destination for retail gaming and trade-ins, GameStop has been a core part of the video game industry for decades and still manages to run strong in an environment that is always changing. GameStop is where you want to be to get your hands on the latest and hottest video game releases on the market, from impressive AAA titles to unique drops from indie developers. 

GameStop carries all manner of contemporary gaming consoles, from the PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch to the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 4. You can also shop for plenty more consumer electronics like cameras, virtual reality headsets, smart watches, fitness trackers, and other gaming accessories. Players can save on consoles and video games by shopping for available pre-owned items at GameStop locations, or they can earn some extra cash of their own by trading in unwanted electronics. 

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2. Xbox

Powerful consoles lead to enhanced gaming experiences 

Buy an Xbox gift card

An Xbox gift card is a fantastic gift for any gamer who prefers gaming on Xbox consoles and exclusive games only accessible through Xbox. Video game players with an Xbox gift card can use their gift card funds to purchase new full game downloads on Xbox consoles, apps, movies, TV shows, devices, accessories, and much more. Xbox gift cards may also be used in the Microsoft Store to buy anything you want by adding the funds to your Microsoft account.

When it comes to the world of gaming, Xbox is one of the leading brands out there always taking innovative new steps for seamless player integration. Give someone an Xbox gift card and deliver quality entertainment while earning cash back when you buy from Gift Card Granny!

3. PlayStation

A platform with some of the best exclusive titles on the market

Buy a PlayStation gift card

For devoted PlayStation fans and those who simply prefer gaming on a PS4 or PS5, a PlayStation gift card will provide them with countless hours of fun and engaging entertainment. Players can use a PlayStation gift card to make purchases on the PlayStation Store, which is accessible on a majority of next gen PlayStation consoles through the PlayStation Network. The store offers a range of downloadable content available for purchase using a PlayStation gift card, but users may find many items available free of charge. 

A PlayStation gift card may also be used to help users purchase a PlayStation Plus membership, a monthly or annual subscription service that gives players access to different features that enhance their gaming experience. Users can get monthly video game titles for free, store saved data to the cloud, and join an immersive online world and interact with other players across the globe. There are also plenty of exclusive video game releases limited to PlayStation platforms, making the consoles a must-have for gamers who want to play specific titles. 

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4. Steam

Power a playstyle that is personalized for you

This digital video game distributor has a massive catalog of games for sale available for the PC and has transformed the world of console-free gaming. Steam attracts a wide variety of consumers in the gaming sphere due to the fact that they regularly offer substantial discounts, seasonal sales, and bundles, giving loyal customers the chance to jump on unbeatable prices for their favorite games. Because of this factor, Steam does not gatekeep certain titles from players and allows them the opportunity to build extensive gaming libraries filled with all sorts of video game titles. 

When you purchase games on Steam, those games become a part of your account’s personal collection of games and may be installed on multiple devices. This means that if you download a game from Steam onto your laptop and your laptop ends up breaking and is unable to be repaired, you can re-download the game from your Steam account onto a new computer. Steam is an excellent asset for gamers who prefer to keep their gaming experience as digital as possible, with no discs or heavy hardware to take up your living space. 

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5. Valorant 

Demonstrate your gaming skills on a global stage 

Buy a Valorant gift card

For anyone unfamiliar with the title, Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical hero shooter developed and published for Riot Games. Valorant is playable via Windows on PC and the gameplay is character-based, which means each character build will have specific attributes and affect the player’s abilities. Valorant functions as a 5v5 FPS and operates on a global scale, so players can combat against other real-life users from anywhere in the world. 

Even though Valorant is only available through PC at this time, it is nonetheless an entertaining video game that will keep players engaged and occupied for hours at a time. Buy a Valorant gift card from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back on your purchases! 

6. Best Buy

Get your tech support from the experts 

Buy a Best Buy gift card

A Best Buy gift card can be a console gamer’s best friend. Not only does Best Buy carry some of the latest and most anticipated video game releases alongside next generation consoles and gaming accessories, but they have all manner of consumer electronics for other hobbies, pastimes, and work-related responsibilities. They also offer technological services and repairs for a range of electronics, so you can diagnose, troubleshoot, or install new programs without worry.   

Best Buy sells computers, laptops, printers, software, cell phones, TVs, appliances, cameras, drones, and pretty much anything else electronic. You can give your home entertainment room a well-deserved makeover when you use a Best Buy gift card to get what you need. 

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7. Nintendo eShop

Video games the whole family can enjoy

Nintendo has been one of the most celebrated video game companies in the world for many years now, and its grip over the video game industry remains as solid as iron. Nintendo develops, publishes, and releases a mixture of video games and video game consoles to a wide fanbase. Many games distributed by Nintendo are family-friendly and easy for young children to play alongside older siblings and parents, which makes the brand appealing for folks who do not want to expose their kids to unnecessary violence or mature themes. 

A Nintendo eShop gift card gives users the ability to access a virtual online shop and spend their funds on digital downloads of video games for modern Nintendo consoles. The Nintendo eShop carries thousands of new, classic, and indie video games that you may not find available anywhere else. Gamers with a preference for Nintendo consoles and titles will definitely get a lot out of a Nintendo eShop gift card. 

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8. Mastercard 

So much buying potential in one little card 

Buy a Mastercard gift card

A Mastercard gift card is more than just a gift card for video games – it is a gift card that can help you purchase basically anything you want from any business that chooses to accept them. The previous video game gift cards listed above are great in their own respects, but they are all extremely limited when it comes to where they can be spent. Most retail gift cards may only be used at certain merchants or with specific brands, which means you can’t use the gift card funds outside of certain stores. When you use a Mastercard gift card, you don’t have to worry about which store you want to shop at because the options are practically unlimited. 

Mastercard gift card users can satisfy their video game cravings by ordering video games from online shops, purchasing video games in person at their favorite retailers, or through digital downloads bought from video game services and platforms. They can also purchase brand new video game consoles, handheld devices, and a variety of gaming accessories all with their Mastercard gift card. It’s a great type of gift for gamers of all kinds!

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The best way to enjoy video games is by playing the games that make you feel the most engaged. 



We hope this list provides you with some inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect video game gift card!