How to Use Visa Gift Cards for Your Wedding (and Bridal Shower!)

Visa gift cards are amazing gifts to give and receive around wedding time. For the engaged couple, Visa gift cards for engagement gifts and wedding gifts help pay for the various expenses of the wedding prep, the wedding day, and the honeymoon. If you approach it the wrong way, however, asking for gift cards as gifts can slight some of your guests, which is something you always want to avoid. This article will cover how to ask for Visa gift cards during your wedding and bridal shower, as well as how to use Visa gift cards for wedding gifts!

Can You Ask for a Visa Gift Card for Weddings and Bridal Showers? 

For weddings: absolutely! Even though it is not the traditional item to add to the registry, it is a very acceptable way to ask for gifts, and all your guests should understand. Your wedding is all about celebrating your union, and your friends and family should know that their gifts are meant to help you out in the best way they can. The flexibility of Visa gift cards for wedding gifts make them fantastic gifts for any newlyweds. 

Asking for Visa gift cards for bridal showers is a bit less common because unwrapping gifts is a big part of the shower. If possible, we recommend sticking to a traditional gift list for your bridal shower so you can unwrap an array of fun and exciting gifts in front of your friends and family. 

Ask for Visa Gift Cards using a Wedding Registry

Online registries are amazing ways to organize your gift-giving and tactfully ask for Visa gift cards for your wedding. Online registries are the place for you to organize the gifts you want as a part of your wedding and are the perfect place for you to set the scene for how many Visa gift cards you want from your wedding guests. Our favorite part about online registries is that you can personalize how you will use your Visa gift cards after your wedding. There are a lot of excellent registry services available online, and you can direct your guests there with your wedding invitation. 

How to Give Visa Gift Cards for Wedding Party

As a part of gathering your wedding party, you will likely put together some little gift baskets to go along with asking friends and family to be in your wedding. Putting together these little baskets is really fun! You can gather a few items personal to your best friends and family, and have these baskets tied together with a Visa gift card. If you are ever stuck wondering how to complete a gift box for your wedding party — add a Visa gift card from Gift Card Granny!

Customize Gift Cards with Gift Card Granny

To up the personal touch for gift-givers, Gift Card Granny has excellent customization options for gift cards. You can put a picture on a gift card when you use our site. The process is easy! Let’s run through it. We have a build-a-card feature with Visa cards and Mastercard. You can choose between $10 to $500 and the number of gift cards you wish to purchase. 

After that, you can upload your picture, add the recipient’s name and a message for them that appears on the card.

How to give Visa Gift Cards to Wedding Guests

Visa gift cards are exciting party favors. As they go to every guest of your wedding we understand that you would not want to give big Visa gift cards, but a few dollars on a customized card for each of your guests is a fun way to say thanks for joining you on your special day. This Visa gift card for wedding guests lets them remember the day when they go out and purchase something fun with their card!

Visa Gift Cards for Wedding Planning

If you’ve received Visa gift cards for engagement gifts you can wait to use them when it’s time to plan your wedding. The wedding planning process is long and has a lot of expenses throughout its course. It is beneficial to lay the idea that your friends and family can gift you Visa gift cards for wedding planning to help you out with all those miscellaneous expenses like the florist, photographer, tuxedo and dress, catering, venue, and more. Visa gift cards for the bride and groom are an excellent way to support their upcoming marriage. 

Collecting Visa gift cards for wedding gifts lets you splurge during your honeymoon for really special events. The trip is a place to make many happy memories!

Creative Bins for Visa Gift Cards on Wedding Registry

As you get closer to the wedding and create your registry, adding bins for your Visa gift cards is a way to excite your guests about their gift. We want to highlight some common themes for registry gifts. Visa gift cards save you money and contribute to your honeymoon budget while giving you the freedom to spend them however you wish.

Food and Restaurants

Food is a classic bin for wedding registries. The honeymoon is a lovely vacation where you will likely purchase a lot of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This lets your wedding guests contribute to your food fund with Visa gift cards and you can inform all the lovely guests about your culinary journey throughout your honeymoon! 

With the freedom of a Visa gift card for your honeymoon, you can also spend the cards on your groceries. Regardless of where you go, you can stock up your vacation fridge with some items for times you want to have a relaxing night in the hotel room. 

Clothes Shopping

The honeymoon fund is not complete unless you have a clothing budget! Shopping for some new clothes lets you stock up on a new wardrobe for the upcoming trip. Unfortunately, clothing is quite expensive. It is one expense that you might skip if you want to allocate the budget to other areas, leaving only necessary clothes shopping (which is much less fun). A gift card to Old Navy, Banana Republic, or a similar store is nice, but a Visa gift card works at every single one of those stores. Sometimes it is best to shop a few places before finding the right item. 

The flexibility of a prepaid Visa gift card is second to none. You can rest easy knowing you can shop to your heart’s content anywhere and pick some nice items there, and Visa gift cards for wedding gifts lets the bride and groom find the perfect new outfits for their upcoming honeymoon. 


This is a rather broad category. Entertainment can really be anything you want! There are a lot of novelty excursions like axe throwing, go-kart racing, amusement parks, and more that are, in essence, a one-day trip where you get to experience something out of the ordinary. Mini golf is one of our favorite excursions in this category. The location of your honeymoon and the activities you and your spouse like will let you personalize the entertainment category to events you plan on completing while on your vacation! Tours of the locale are creative bins for this category on your wedding registry. 

A Visa gift card for entertainment is a great way to lessen expenses on your honeymoon. 


Going out for drinks with your spouse (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) is a lovely honeymoon activity but is also quite expensive. A Visa gift card category on your registry dedicated to drinks is a great way to fund this part of your honeymoon, starting with Champagne on your flight out, to drinks from the hotel bar at the end of a long day. 

Weddings are a time for celebration. Receiving Visa gift cards for engagement gifts lets you alleviate some of the financial stress of planning the wedding. 

Visa Gift Cards for Weddings and Bridal Showers

Sending and receiving Visa gift cards for weddings and bridal showers is a great way to fund the newlyweds honeymoon fund, help them with wedding expenses, and also show appreciation for your wedding party and guests. Visa gift cards are similar to cash gifts for weddings, but the personalization available at Gift Card Granny heightens the gift to the next level. We recommend keeping a number of regular gifts alongside the Visa gift card and cash bins on your registry for guests that would really like to get you something traditional rather than a gift card. You can lead with the fact that you would appreciate Visa gift cards and cash over traditional gifts, but keeping both options open is advisable. 

Earn Cash Back On Gift Cards for Weddings with Gift Card Granny

As a quick reminder, we’ve pointed out all of the retailers on this list that you can find on Gift Card Granny as of this writing. Gift Card Granny makes it easy to buy and send customized gift cards online and earn cash back while you do. Gift Card Granny carries thousands of local and national brands including Visa gift cards, Mastercard gift cards, and gift cards for many amazing retailers.

Text eGift Cards on GiftYa

Another popular gift giving site is GiftYa, which also offers customizable eGift cards! GiftYa lets you add custom photos or videos to all your gifts in the form of a virtual gift wrapper. A GiftYa can be sent by text or email so the gift is always delivered within minutes. You can also schedule the gift to be sent on a specific date, such as a birthday or holiday. With over 16,000 local merchants and 280 national merchants usable at over 230k locations across the US, you can find the perfect gift for anyone!

Happy wedding! Visa gift cards for wedding guests is a fun way to give party favors that your guests will remember. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Visa gift cards to my wedding registry?

Easy! If you use an online registry, you can add any number of Visa gift cards for wedding gifts. As an added bonus, you can fill out the fields to inform your wedding guests where their Visa gift cards will go! Create a drink fund, a travel fund, or anything else so your guests know where their gifts will go. Guests can purchase a physical or e-card at any price point and add that contribution to your registry. 

Can I use Visa gift cards for wedding invitations or save-the-dates?

Absolutely. If you have a Visa gift card from wedding guests, you can use it to purchase wedding invitations or save-the-date cards. If you are purchasing these online, however, you may run into trouble if your Visa gift card does not cover the entire cost of the purchase. If that’s the case, you can spend it in-store (where you can pay with multiple cards) or pick out something else where you can spend the card! 

Can I use Visa gift cards for my wedding dress or tuxedo rental?

Yes! Visa gift cards for the bride and groom are excellent choices to go towards the wedding dress or tuxedo rental. Weddings are expensive, and Visa gift cards are great ways to lower expenses on the many parts of a wedding. If your friends are getting married, Visa gift cards before the wedding are great ways to support the engaged couple.

Can I use Visa gift cards for my wedding photographer or florist?

Yes! Visa gift cards for engagement gifts are great ways to help the couple pay for various parts of their wedding. The wedding photographer and florist are expensive parts of the wedding. Helping the couple save on those costs is an excellent gift. 

How do I personalize Visa gift cards for my wedding guests?

You can use a gift card retailer like Gift Card Granny to personalize Visa gift cards for wedding guests with gift messages and custom photos.