Where Should I Get My Mom a Gift Card To?

Mothers do a lot for their children. From feeding, sheltering, nurturing, and generally going out of their way to ensure their child grows up in an environment that’s right for them, there is little a mother wouldn’t do for her babies. 

Even if you’re well-past the age of excessive coddling and have developed into quite the competent, independent-minded adult your mother always knew you were going to be, chances are mom still treats you like you’re a kid. But hey, she’s your mother and you know that’s just how she shows her affection. Speaking of affection, do you ever think about all the different kinds of ways you can show yours? 

Moms don’t need much to be happy – the simple notion that their child is thriving out in the world is good enough for them. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a genuine effort to show how much you care from time to time. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a spur of the moment decision, gift cards are an excellent way to show someone else that they’ve been on your mind without being perceived as ostentatious or overbearing. 

For mom, a gift card offers just the right balance of thoughtfulness and simplicity that she won’t have to pretend to be thankful when in reality she’s wondering what she’ll do with your generous, albeit pointless, gift. A gift card to mom’s favorite retailer is sure to bring a smile to her face as she conjures up all the purchasing possibilities in her future. 

Do you know what shops your mom likes to visit, or any of her favorite brands? There’s gift cards for everything nowadays, so make sure to go with a gift card your mother will actually have use for. Here’s some ideas to help get you started:

  • Gift cards for bath and bedding
  • Gift cards for stylish and practical apparel 
  • Gift cards for dining and entertainment 

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Now then, let’s get on with some stellar gift card ideas. 

1. Boscov’s 

Discover a bounty of great products in-store and online 

Buy a Boscov’s gift card

Department stores are a mother’s best friend since they sell a range of everyday items and household necessities that no parent could go without. Apparel, appliances, and a mountain of other retail goods can be found at any reputable department store, Boscov’s included!

A staple store of Pennsylvania and surrounding states including Ohio, Maryland, and New York, Boscov’s provides customers with great values on products like home goods, furnishings, cosmetics, handbags, and more. Mom can save time in her busy work week by purchasing a new blouse at the same retailer she buys her bath linens at, and she won’t have to worry about forsaking quality either. 

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2. Tatcha 

Revitalize your skincare ritual with high-grade beauty products 

Want to give your mom her own personal at-home spa? Though you probably won’t be able to afford the installation fees that come alongside a full-service wellness resort, high-quality products are much more financially feasible. A gift card to Tatcha is just as good as a trip to any spa, so spoil your mom with this award-winning skincare brand. 

Taking influence from classic Japanese beauty rituals, Tatcha formulas are developed from pure ingredients and are designed to be kind to your skin. From plumping moisturizers that hydrate your skin cells and powerful cleansing exfoliators to revitalizing eye cream and face serums that help you maintain a youthful appearance, Tatcha products are a luxurious way of nourishing your skin. 

Tatcha gift cards are not currently available on Gift Card Granny.   

3. Catbird

Make her feel uniquely herself with classic jewelry pieces she’ll love

The older mom gets, the more elegant she looks adorned in shiny jewels and diamond rings. Seriously, it’s like she’s pulling off some wizardry. 

Catbird is a fine jewelry retailer that specializes in ethically sourced and recycled precious stones and metals. Their selection of jewelry is an inspiring array of glistening gemstones and shiny textures, with no design too complex or showy. Catbird is a great jewelry store for moms with a sense of fashion that is both refined and distinguished.

In addition to their fine jewelry, Catbirds sells an assortment of home and beauty products to take the elegance one step further. Shop perfume, cologne, candles, incense, and many more household accessories when you check out Catbird

This retailer is not available on Gift Card Granny. 

4. Athleta 

Elevate your performance and stay fit with stylish apparel 

Buy an Athleta gift card

A huge part of staying active is having access to the right clothes. After all, who wants to workout in an outfit that makes them feel like a boa constrictor is wrapped around their torso for the entire duration of the exercise? 

With Athleta, moms can stay fit and comfortable in their selection of activewear that is designed to integrate performance and technical features. Women and girls alike can browse apparel for a range of different athletic activities, including running, swimming, hiking, and yoga. Athleta even sells various exercise equipment and accessories like sport canteens, yoga gear, running wallets, and excursion backpacks. 

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5. Columbia Sportswear

Brave the outdoors in gear designed to support you through the worst of it

Buy a Columbia Sportswear gift card

If your mother never tires of exploring the great outdoors and pushing her athletic limits to the max, then you won’t want to pass up an opportunity to get her a gift card to Columbia Sportswear. 

Women have a lot to choose from when it comes to the available inventory at Columbia Sportswear; there’s fleece jackets and windbreakers to help fend off the elements, shoes for trail running and intense hiking excursions, and plenty of comfortable bottoms to support activities like jogging and snowboarding. 

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6. Bookshop

It has never been more easy to support local bookstores

Does your mother constantly have her nose stuck in a new book? Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with all the new releases she keeps adding to her eternally growing to-read list? You’ll worry way less when you give her a Bookshop gift card, and I don’t just mean a gift card to any random bookstore. 

Bookshop.org is an online retailer of books that makes ordering all your favorite titles a cinch, all the while helping out independent bookstores in local neighborhoods. Buying books online is undeniably convenient from a shopper’s perspective, but online sales can have a negative impact on smaller retailers who rely on in-person shopping. When you make a purchase on Bookshop you can rest easy knowing you’re actually making a positive impact on independent businesses. 

Bookshop gift cards are not available on Gift Card Granny at this time. 

7. Seasons 52

A restaurant with a rich menu that changes with the seasons

Buy a Seasons 52 gift card

When you want to give your mom an elegant evening out minus the extravagant dinner bill, then Seasons 52 is going to be your best bet. This grill and wine bar is a hot spot for folks on the search for an atmosphere that is both casual and sophisticated, allowing guests to feel fancy without too much pressure looming over their shoulders. 

The Seasons 52 menu is tempting enough to drool over, so you know it’s worth your mother’s time. Browse mouthwatering options like filet mignon and Maine lobster tail, truffle risotto, crab polenta, mahi mahi tacos, and creamy mushroom bisque. That’s only a fraction of the dishes offered at Seasons 52 – you’ll have to discover the rest on your own, and believe me when I say they are as equally tempting as the rest. 

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8. Grand Concourse

Enter the next level of upscale dining when you step foot in this grand restaurant 


Is your mom a resident of the Pittsburgh area or perhaps planning a visit to the city in the foreseeable future? If either of those happen to be correct, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get her a gift card for one of the most impressive dining experiences the city has to offer: the Grand Concourse. 

A premier restaurant operating out of an old train station, the Grand Concourse makes patrons feel like movie stars stepping back in time to revel in the stardom of early twentieth century celebrities. For choice of appetizer customers have tasty options like coconut shrimp and almond-encrusted brie, while the dinner menu is packed enticingly with delicious steak and seafood items. 

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9. Parachute 

Make home feel like heaven with the best bath and bed products around 

Help give mom a cozy home with bedding essentials from Parachute. This retailer of household commodities is a blessing with its catalog of plush, pillow-soft products designed to enhance the potential of your home, from the practicality of the bathroom to the sanctuary that is the bedroom. 

Parachute sells furniture like bed frames, nightstands, sofas, mattresses, and coffee tables; all types of bedding paraphernalia including quilts and fitted sheets; and plenty of bath necessities to tend to your private time. There isn’t much by way of apparel, but Parachute does sell some clothing articles – namely slippers and robes – to ensure customers have equally as comfortable bathroom attire. 

Gift Card Granny does not currently offer Parachute gift cards

10. Visa Card

Shopping doesn’t have to be complicated with this reliable gift card

Buy a Visa gift card

And at the very end of the list we have the wonderfully versatile Visa gift card, which is always an agreeable option no matter who you’re buying for. Moms like to have choices when it comes to shopping, but brand-specific gift cards have their limitations and aren’t right for everyone. It’s advantageous to go with a gift card that can be used in thousands of different locations around the world, such as a Visa gift card. 

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Now that you have some ideas in mind, gift card shopping for your mom should be a breeze! Whether it’s as a last-minute Mother’s Day present or simply because you want to remind her of how amazing she is, a gift card is guaranteed to make her smile. Remember to cash in on savings by using Gift Card Granny for all your gift card needs.