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Buy a MasterCard Gift Card

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MasterCard Gift Card at a discount

Here at Gift Card Granny, we protect all of our consumers. When you buy directly from Granny, your purchases are 100% guaranteed. If you decide to buy a discount gift card from one of our secondary market partners, all partners are required to adhere to Consumer Protection Standards.

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Here at Gift Card Granny, we protect all of our consumers. When you buy directly from Granny, your purchases are 100% guaranteed. If you decide to buy a discount gift card from one of our secondary market partners, all partners are required to adhere to Consumer Protection Standards.

Tips and tricks

  1. Go prepaid. A MasterCard prepaid gift card is accepted all over the world, so you never have to worry about carrying cash again.
  2. Personalize your card. When you order a MasterCard gift card you can customize it with photos and messages.
  3. Perfect gift every time. You’ll know this gift will always be warmly accepted!
Money Made Easy

In a technologically revolutionized world, money is hardly thought of in the physical sense anymore. Wads of cash are translated into a sleek card of plastic. Handling money has certainly been made simple -- there’s less weight in your wallet, and you no longer need to count out change.

MasterCard has been providing credit cards to the world for decades, and they’ve made their product acceptable just about anywhere, which makes cash just about obsolete. If you’re worried about spending money you don’t have, MasterCard has a plastic card for that. Instead of a credit card, you can get a MasterCard debit card, or better yet, a MasterCard prepaid card.

MasterCard gift card Q & A

Where can I use My MasterCard gift card?

You can use your gift card wherever MasterCard Debit is accepted. That gives you a lot of options, because MasterCard is one of the most widely accepted credit cards you can get! You have millions of merchants to choose from. You can also use it online, so you can pay a visit to your favorite online shops as well. Bills can also be paid with the Mastercard gift card.

Where can I buy a MasterCard gift card?

You can purchase a MasterCard gift card in any participating location; just walk in and sign up! You can also look online for purchasing options. At Gift Card Granny, you can buy a MasterCard gift card at a discounted price!

How does the MasterCard gift card work?

The MasterCard gift card will serve as a prepaid card that can be spent like a debit card. You will be given a physical card that can be used in any store that accepts MasterCard Debit plastic, which means your possibilities are endless. The person at the cash register will simply ask you to swipe the card, or insert the chip. You may need to enter a pin number that you choose, and the balance of your purchase will be taken off your card. You can also spend online; when you checkout online they will ask for your credit card details. All credit card information is marked on the gift card, clearly labeled for your convenience!

Does my MasterCard gift card need to be activated?

Activation varies depending on the supplier of the card. Check the information on the gift card or receipt for instructions. If activation is necessary, it will likely have to be done through the supplier. If bought on location, the card will usually be automatically activated.

How can I check the balance of my MasterCard gift card?

It’s simple, just click over to Gift Card Granny's website to check out how much spending money you have left. You can also follow the information marked on your card to make a call or visit their website.

What can I do if my MasterCard gift card is stolen or lost?

First, be sure to immediately report a lost or stolen card to your issuer. A lost card can be replaced by the issuer of your gift card, so no need to worry! When you contact them for a replacement, they’ll ask for the information you used to register the card. You may also need to know the card number, so keep a record of it somewhere safe!

Does the MasterCard gift card expire?

Unfortunately yes, your gift card does have an expiration date, which can be found on the face of the gift card. But not to worry, there are so many opportunities for you to spend with your gift card, the expiration date won’t mean much. If your MasterCard is the best thing that ever happened to you, it’s easy to get a new one right after the first expires.

Is the MasterCard gift card reloadable?

You can add funds to a MasterCard prepaid card at certain participating locations. If you provide the card’s direct deposit details to your employer, you can also set up your paycheck for direct deposit to the card.

You can also try the MasterCard rePower, a service available for all eligible MasterCard prepaid cards. This service allows you to visit a participating retailer with cash that can be transferred onto your card. MasterCard rePower may include service fees. You can find out if your MasterCard is eligible for this service by looking for the MasterCard rePower logo on the back of your card.

About MasterCard

Headquartered in New York, MasterCard has been a popular choice of credit card since 1966. Many banks have worked with MasterCard to offer branded credit cards with terms and conditions specific to the bank. MasterCards offers base, world, and world elite type memberships, and their credit cards are one of the most widely accepted options available. Their credit cards have a wide range of uses, both on location and online. MasterCard is a supporting cause in the technological advancement of the transaction of money.

Giftable MasterCard Gift Cards

Celebrate special occasions with a MasterCard gift card. These brand new MasterCard gift cards can often be customized to fit the occasion and person you are celebrating. Order it now and have it delivered straight to the recipient.


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