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Consumer Protection

Here at Gift Card Granny, we protect all of our consumers. When you buy directly from Granny your purchases are always 100% guaranteed. If you decide to purchase a discount gift card from one of our trusted secondary market partners, feel confidence that they have adhered to our Consumer Protection Standards.

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Gift Card Granny is dedicated to ensuring that you have a positive experience purchasing gift cards.
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Sourced directly from merchants, Granny's cards never go bad.

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Gift Card Granny is here to answer all your questions when it comes to consumer protection.

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Marketplace Consumer Protection Standards

Discount gift cards offered by Gift Card Granny's marketplace are provided by trusted secondary market partners who are required to meet the following consumer protection standards.

Refund/Return Policy

Partner will provide a refund/return policy to customers whose transactions resulted in a loss to the customer due to fraud or inaccurate data.

Customer Support

Partner will make available to customers contact information for customer support.

Privacy Policy

Partner will provide a privacy policy that is available to all of the partner's website visitors.

Shipping/Delivery Expectations

Partner will clearly communicate shipping or delivery expectations for each transaction.

Know Your Source

Partners commit to not buying gift cards from illegal operations such as illegal drugs, firearms, prostitution, or credit card fraud.

Granny Consumer Protection

NCFTA Alliance Partnership

Online fraud, particularly using stolen or compromised credit, debit and gift cards, is a growing concern for retailers and law enforcement alike.

Gift Card Granny and the National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance (NCFTA) have joined forces to preemptively prevent and reduce fraud in the $100 billion gift card industry.

The Initiative is a major step forward in fraud prevention and consumer protection. Actionable data indicating high risk attributes will be available to merchants, banks, financial institutions, and online gift card sellers to mitigate losses and deter bad actors. The NCFTA is one of the most recognized and respected cybercrime research and prevention organizations in the world. Enhanced fraud prevention tools empower participating Granny Partners with access to 100's of millions of data records to circumvent fraud before it occurs.

Fraud prevention and security is a top priority in gift card exchange. Consumers need to know they can reliably buy and sell discount gift cards for gifting or for personal use. Gift Card Granny's partnership with the NCFTA is a significant step towards ensuring a more secure marketplace for everyone in the gift card reseller industry.”

- Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

Have Something To Report?

If you find any of the partners have violated the Consumer Protection Standards then tell Gift Card Granny about it.

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