25 Of The Most Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Everyone In The Family

Christmas is just around the corner, and you're still looking for that perfect stocking stuffer. The problem is you can't seem to find anything this holiday season! It's hard to find something unique that the person who receives it will actually use.

That's why we created this blog post: 25 of the most unique stocking stuffers ideas for everyone in the family.

What Makes a Stocking Stuffer Unique?

First, let's talk about what makes a stocking stuffer unique. Unique gifts are usually things that the average person wouldn't buy for themselves or don’t have already. They are also "fun" items and not necessities like socks, underwear, etc...

They can be interesting, different, funny, and even sometimes practical but unusual.

The Best Unique Stocking Stuffers for Everyone

1. Tabasco Spicy Dark Chocolate

Tabasco Spicy Dark Chocolate Wedges are perfect for the foodie or the people who like to eat spicy food in your family. The nice thing is that this delicious chocolate has a nice, sweet heat, but the Tabasco doesn't overpower the chocolate flavor.

2. 3-Ply Kids Christmas Disposable Face Masks

With the pandemic still wreaking havoc, it doesn't look like we will stop wearing face masks anytime soon. So why not get something cute for the kids for the holiday season. These face masks come in several different holiday patterns that are more fun for the kids.

3. ButterOnce Corn Butter Knife

These corn butter knives make the perfect gifts or unique stocking stuffer ideas for the man or woman of the house. Whoever thought of this clever butter knife is a genius as it's rounded to the perfect shape that matches an ear of corn.

4.WixGear Magnetic Car Mount

Have you ever had issues trying to use your phone for music or navigation while you're driving down the road? While texting while driving is illegal in many states, sometimes you can't avoid using your phone for other tasks. These magnetic phone holders keep your phone in plain view so you can keep your eyes on the road instead of looking down.

5. Zippo Refillable Hand Warmer

These hand warmers are great gift ideas for the hunter who spends time in the woods during winter or anyone who wants to keep their hands warm. They are easy to fill up, and the innovative cup helps you avoid spills. They stay warm for 12-hours and provide much more heat than disposable hand warmers.

6. Internet Passwords Journal

If you're looking for a unique stocking stuffer idea that's also useful, this password journal makes one of the best practical gifts. How many times have you forgotten the password to a website, or something has happened with the saved one on your computer? This internet passwords journal is the perfect book to jot your passwords down and keep by your computer. It comes in several fun colors like purple, cobalt, pink, and more.

7. REIDEA USB Rechargeable Lighter

Are you tired of using old-school long lighters to light your candles? This nifty electronic light is rechargeable. Simply plug it into a USB slot to recharge. The REIDEA USB lighter is windproof and is another great unique but practical stocking stuffer.

8. Relative Insanity Hilarious Party Game by Jeff Foxworthy

This funny party game makes one of the best unique stocking stuffer ideas for the family. Relative Insanity is like Cards Against Humanity for families. Someone reads a setup card, and then everyone chooses a card to finish the sentence. This game is definitely a fun gift for family time.

9. Money Soap with Real Cash

If you're looking for a way to incentivize the kids to wash their hands and clean up, then you'll love this money soap. The money in this soap is protected in a plastic bag wrapped in foil, so you can't tell how much it is. The only way the kids can get the money is to keep washing. It's one of the most fun yet helpful Christmas stuffers for kids.

10. Blank Flip Book Kit

Another one of the most unique stocking stuffer ideas is a fun Flip Book kit for kids or older children. A Flip Book makes a unique stocking stuffer for tweens who like to draw and create art.

11. Burt's Bees Lip Balm

If you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffer idea for anyone on your holiday shopping list, Burt's Bees Lip Balm in a variety of flavors is a fun idea. This lip care set comes with great flavors like mango, coconut pear, and pomegranate is even a great stocking stuffer for teens.

12. Urvoix Chapstick Holder

To go with the lip balm above, these chapstick holders are unique stocking fillers. These fun patterns are like works of art that keep your chapstick safe and close to you whenever you need it, so this set would make a great personal gift.

13. Silicone Straw Set

This set of 10 large reusable silicone drinking straws make great unique stocking stuffer ideas. These straws come in cool colors and even come with a cleaning brush that makes washing them easier.

14. American Flag Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain

If you're looking for unique stocking fillers for any military veterans in your life, this bottle opener makes one of the most thoughtful gifts. It's a great patriotic gift they can take with them everywhere, and the company that makes these bottle openers is owned and operated by a Marine Corps vet.

15. Garlic Mincer

Fresh garlic is a common ingredient in many dishes so get this garlic crusher for the cook in the house. It's the perfect size to fit in a kitchen caddy or drawer and make mincing fresh garlic less smelly.

16. YouTheFan NFL 3D StadiumView Drink Coasters

If you want to find unique stocking stuffers for men, these stadium view coasters are perfect for the man who loves football. You can get these NFL coasters in 31 different teams, and they're sure to be the talk of your next party.

17. Wine Lip Scrub

Are you looking for awesome stocking stuffer ideas related to wine but don't want to buy a bottle of wine? Etsy has these awesome wine gifts for her - wine lip scrub. Not only are these wine lip scrubs different, but they also make cheap stocking stuffers.

18. GE 3-Outlet Wall Tap Cube

This GE Wall Tap Cube makes another great practical gift idea for the holidays. Expand your outlet without bulky plates and extension cords so you can power more electronics.

19. Ravioli Silicone Novelty Spoon Rest for the Stove or Table

This spoon rest is another great present for the chef in the house. This Ravioli spoon holder is fun and unique but still keeps the mess off your stove or table. Get bonus points with this stocking filler if someone cooks Italian recipes in your home.

20. Voluspa Petite Glass Jar Candle in French Cade and Lavender

Candles are such popular gifts for people, but you want to get one that is unique. This French Cade and Lavender Glass Jar Candle smells great and looks elegant.

21. The Negg Boiled Egg Peeler

The Negg Boiled Egg Peeler is the perfect small present for someone that loves eating hard-boiled eggs. Hard-boiled eggs are notoriously hard to peel, so the Negg Boiled Egg Peeler makes it much easier.

22. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

If you have someone on your Christmas list that loves to travel, hike, or camp, this LifeStraw is the perfect stocking-sized present. The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter removes 99.99 percent of parasites and bacteria like E. coli and salmonella, so you can safely drink water if you can't boil it.

23. Lakeside Collection of Novelty Character Poop Mint Tins

If you want a hilarious present for your family's Christmas stockings, these tins of "poop" mint are tasty yet funny. They'll actually like getting poop for the holidays when it's of the elf, reindeer, or snowman variety that they can eat!

24. Double Crisp Chocolate Coal

If you want to freak your kids out with another funny gift, just drop this sack of coal in their stockings. But make sure to keep their REAL stocking just around the corner. They may get upset if they think that coal is really all they get for Christmas, but it is definitely a fun gift for everyone in the family.

25. When in Doubt, Get Gift Cards

Look, we know exactly how hard it can be to find the right gift or stocking stuffer for someone else. At Gift Card Granny you'll find hundreds of great gift cards for everyone on your list. You can get an eGift Card or a traditional one to put into their stockings for Christmas Day.

Final Thoughts on Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Now you have plenty of unique stocking stuffer ideas for every person on your list. You'll find funny presents, practical gifts, elegant ones, and everything in between on this list of awesome present ideas. And just in case you're at a loss as to what to get, check out all the great gift cards on Gift Card Granny.