27 Fun and Useful Teenager Stocking Stuffer Ideas They'll Love

Are you trying to find the best stocking stuffers for teens? Teenagers can be really hard to buy for, even if you know them well. Plus, while being a teenager only spreads across several years, gift ideas for a 13-year-old will differ drastically from an 18-year-old.

What's "in style" changes constantly, and the gifts they want change with them. So if you’re having problems finding the right stocking filler ideas for teens, you're in luck! This post has some great teenage stocking stuffer ideas that any teenager will love.

What Things Make Good Teenage Stocking Stuffer Ideas?

Many teenagers like expensive tech presents that sometimes break the bank, but they often love the little things too that you can find when you know them well.

They're way too old for baby stocking stuffer ideas and kids stocking stuffers, but they're at a stage when shopping for them can be fun.

Stocking stuffers shouldn't be too expensive although if there is a more expensive small gift that they'll love, the stocking may be the perfect place to hide it.

The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens This Year

Let's dive into the list of the best stocking fillers for teenagers.

1. Gift Card

A gift card is often the perfect gift for a teen boy or teen girl then you don't have to worry about getting them a present they don't like. Gift Card Granny has tons of great gift cards from some of the most popular brands and retailers. When in doubt, find a great gift card for your tween or teen.

2. Do Not Disturb I'm Gaming Socks

We all know that teenagers, especially boys, love video games, and these gaming socks make great stuffers for teen boys. You'll find a variety of styles of video gaming socks on Amazon. So, we're sure you'll discover a pair of these fun socks that would make a cool stocking stuffer for your son or daughter.

3. Puka Shell Necklace

A Puka Shell necklace makes a stocking stuffer for a teenage girl or boy as they come in many styles and colors. It may be one of their favorite stocking stuffers this year.

4. Crate 61 Best Sell Soap 6-Pack Set

This set of soaps has thousands of positive reviews and comes in scents for girls and boys. You can break the setup and put one in everyone's stocking this year. Some of these scents are very masculine and moisturize dry skin, so they make great present ideas for teen boys.

5. Knee High Socks for Girls

These fun llama socks make cute stocking stuffers for teen girls, but there are other styles too. Whether she loves cats, sloths, or another animals, these fun socks make great teenage stocking stuffer ideas.

6. Zodiac Mug

This Zodiac mug is another great stocking stuffer for teens. It comes in 14 or 15 oz and all the Zodiac signs. It makes the perfect gift for a stocking.

7. Empowered: A Journal for Teen Girls

This journal makes one of the best present ideas for teen girls because it helps them build confidence and feel empowered. We honestly wish every teenage girl had this gift because every girl needs confidence. These journals make a thoughtful gift.

8. Harry's Razor Set

Teen likes are hard to gauge, which is why these Harry's Razors make great stocking stuffer ideas for 18-year-old teenagers. This razor set is the perfect practical stocking stuffer for boys.

9. Movie Scratch Off Poster

This poster is one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for tweens or teens that love watching movies and keeping a tally. It includes 100 movies everyone should watch, and your son or daughter can scratch each one off after they've viewed them.

10. Things They Don't Teach You in School

This fun game is one of the best teenage stocking stuffer ideas, but it's fun for the whole family. Trivia buffs will love this funny game with random facts they don't teach you in school.

11. Apple AirPod Earbuds

Earbuds are a great gift idea for all kids but they are one of the top stocking stuffer ideas for 18-year-olds. These Apple AirPods are a little bit expensive but the perfect small gift for a stocking.

12. Favorite Candy Bars

Candy bars make great teenage stocking fillers ideas because they are inexpensive, and everyone loves candy. If they have health issues, like diabetes, sugar-free candy makes a great option too.

13. Resin Hair Clips

These hair clips are cute, and they come in a variety of elegant styles and colors. They're inexpensive and come in many different cool colors, so with 28 clips, there's one for every outfit. They may become their favorite accessories.

14. 97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School

This fun book makes one of the best stocking ideas for teens as it encourages creativity and helps them open their eyes to the world outside of school. Your teen can experience things that broaden their horizons, like starting a new hobby, planning their first road trip, making a time capsule, and more with this book.

15. Letters to My Future Self

This fun memory book makes one of the best teenage stocking stuffer ideas because it's a gift to their future selves. Letters to My Future Self includes 12 different letters for teenagers to fill out with advice and their favorite memories. Your teen will cherish these letters forever.

16. Left Center Right Dice Game

This popular dice game is versatile as you can play with as few as three players all the way up to 100. It's fun and fast-paced as players roll the dice to determine which direction they pass their cups. The last player with chips wins.

17. Da Bomb "F" Bath Bomb

These "F" Bombs make unique stocking stuffer ideas as they dissolve your stress and come with a surprise message inside. They won't stain your skin or tub, so get more than one because your teen will want to use them just to see the secret message. Da Bomb makes other bombs, too, like the Candy Bomb, Dragon Bomb, and more.

18. Hydrating Body Lotion

Lotions that moisturize your skin make great stuffers for teen girls that they'll love. Every girl uses lotion, and there are many different kinds to choose from. This lotion includes coconut oil, so it also smells like the beach.

19. Custom Birth Moon Phase Necklace

These 3D custom birth moon phase necklaces make unique stocking stuffer ideas for teens. They come with a moon phase card, and you can get them in two sizes - a 16mm pendant with a 20-inch chain or a 20mm pendant with a 22-inch chain.

20. Raw Birthstone Studs

These raw birthstone studs make beautiful teenage stocking stuffer ideas. They’re small yet elegant and come in each of the 12 birthstones.

21. IRON Flask Sports Water Bottle

These IRON Flask Water Bottles make the perfect teenage stocking stuffer for teens because they can use them at school. Each bottle comes with three lids, is made from stainless steel, and is leakproof.

22. Leatherman Multi-Tool

Multi-tools make some of the best teenage stocking stuffer ideas for the teen that is handy or likes to camp. They come in many different styles with a variety of tools. There's even a Leatherman specifically for campers.

23. Hot Sauce

Does your teen like spicy food? If so, hot sauces make the perfect stocking stuffers. This Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce is popular and has 357,000 Scoville units of heat. But that's not the hottest sauce by far; there are many more to choose from.

24. Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Mega Punch Gift Set

This gift is a fun, unique gift for any teen that plays the guitar. They can make custom guitar picks from any plastic lying around the house like hotel room keys, gift cards, old credit cards, and more. Plus, it comes with starter guitar pick strips.

25. Dadanism 9-11 Inch Tablet Sleeve

Does your teen have an iPad or other type of tablet? Then tablet sleeves make the best teenager stocking stuffer ideas. This sleeve comes with helpful pockets for accessories and even a pouch for a smartphone.

26. Anker Portable Battery Charger

Teenagers don't like to be without their electronics for too long, so this portable battery charger ensures they can always keep their phone and electronics charged. Whether they're on vacation or the power goes out, they can continue using their phone or tablet and recharge them several times.

27. Smart LED Fairy Lights

Teens love to decorate their rooms with lights, and these fairy lights come in white lights with different colored wires. You can even use these lights with Alexa voice control, sync them to music, and they are compatible with other fairy lights.

Final Thoughts on Teenager Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Whether your teen likes hair clips with a pop of color, lotion for sensitive skin, video games, or something else, there's something for every teen on this list. Now that you have many items to choose from for teenager stocking stuffer ideas, you can choose the perfect ones to make this the best Christmas ever.

And if you're just not sure what to get them, head on over to Gift Card Granny for a popular retailer or VISA or Mastercard gift card.