5 Steps For Less Stress When Holiday Shopping

Updated 10/13/2020

The holiday season is here...and so is the shopping craziness. Don't stress out about it! We compiled 5 easy-to-follow steps to stress-free holiday shopping. Approved by serious money-saving shoppers, this list will will take the pressure off of your pocketbook. Granny's goal is to help you stay in the green while still having wiggle room in your budget for any unexpected holiday expenses.

5 Easy Steps For A Jolly Shopping Experience

1. Set A Budget
How much are you spending? Setting a budget will help yourself stay financially responsible when it comes to gift giving. You can either set individual budgets or an overall budget. Either way, you will limit your spending on items that are out of your means. We recommend allotting a budget that doesn't involve going into any credit card debt; you should only budget with your current income after all necessary bills are paid. Our best advice is to keep this budget as cash in hand so you're always aware of your remaining allowance.

2. Gifts And Recipients
woman holding present and credit card 

Who’s on the nice list? Making a list of gift recipients and potential gift items will help you manage your budget more closely. This will also help you to effectively shop and not run out for last minute (expensive!) gifts. Take this list with you as you’re shopping so your mind is focused on finding the perfect gift within your means.

3. Select Stores
Where are you shopping? Make a list of stores you wish to visit and create a shopping plan. The most efficient way is to select stores that have multiple items you wish to give. Or shop online in the comfort of your home to avoid crowds, gas money or store hours. Think of Kohl’s, Macy’s, Target and other department stores that have gifts for everyone. This way, you will save time and money – two very valuable things at this time of year!

4. Coupons And Deals
How to save money? Be sure to sign up for stores' newsletters to receive their current offers. We also recommend signing up for any loyalty or rewards programs for extra perks like free shipping, extended shopping hours and member only discounts. By keeping track of these deals next to your gifting list, you will be sure to find the best prices on the items you wish to purchase.

5. Give a Stress-free Gift
If you've reached your breaking point and just can't decide on what to give a friend, coworker, or family member, take a breath and grab a gift card. Lucky for you, you don't have far to go. Shop Gift Card Granny for hundreds of popular gift cards that you can personalize with a unique design and custom message. This way, your recipient can choose exactly what they want at their favorite store. What's more, you earn cash back on your gift card purchase shopping on Gift Card Granny so really, it's a win-win for all!

Now with a plan of action and savings ready to roll, the only thing left to do is shop! These tips will help you have a less stressful holiday season and will allow you more time with friends and family than in the shopping malls. Happy bargain hunting!