Learn How to Ask For Gift Cards For a Birthday Party

Birthdays are a universal signifier of celebration and joy. No matter where you hail from or what kind of lifestyle you practice, growing older is something that every single soul on this planet gets to experience. You could have a million things in common with someone else or nothing at all, and you would still be able to connect over the fact that you both at some point will turn a year older. It’s certainly something that makes being alive all that more special in a world filled with plenty of stressors, tragedies, and countless other unfortunate events that make getting through daily life quite the hassle. 

If you are preparing to host your own birthday celebrations or are helping to organize a birthday party for someone important in your life, then you have likely spent a lot of time thinking about the various affairs that you’ll have to put in order before the big day. From figuring out who to send invitations to, the spread of food and dessert options, to the very minute details such as the color of the streamers and confetti to match the overall theme, there’s practically no end when it comes to birthday party preparations. But in all honesty, isn’t planning the festivity a part of the fun? 

Even if you aren’t the type of person who finds party planning to be something to look forward to, it’s an undeniable necessity to any successful celebration and definitely should not be put off until the last minute, especially when it comes to sending out invitations. Unless you have plans to communicate directly with those you intend to invite to the birthday party, an invitation is a vital component of any birthday party and provides attendees with all the necessary information they need in order to partake in the fun. Invitations tell recipients the who, what, where, and when of the event, along with any additional details that they should be informed of before arriving. All in all, an invitation is a fantastic way to communicate with a variety of folks in a concise, efficient manner. An invitation can even tell folks what type of gifts to bring, from specific items as part of a theme or gift cards for particular stores and retailers. 

That’s right – you can absolutely request that guests bring gift cards to your birthday party and you don’t have to feel ashamed about asking at all!

You can successfully learn how to ask guests to bring gift cards to your party in a polite and direct manner by checking out our guide below.

Different Ways You Can Ask For a Gift Card On a Birthday Invitation

Whether you intend to be straightforward with your request or prefer to leave things a bit more open-ended, there is no shortage of ways you can encourage those you invite to a birthday party to bring gift cards in lieu of other types of presents. Of course, depending on the type of person you are and the kind of relationships you share with those you invite, you may find some ways of asking to be outside of your comfort zone. That’s okay. Everyone is different and there is no universal right or wrong way to go about asking.

1. Gift cards would be greatly appreciated 

Requesting gift cards in this direct yet polite manner works well when sending out invitations to close family members and friends. The request is straightforward without coming across as too demanding, as it is telling guests that they are respected while still being direct with communication. Those friends and relatives whom you share a close bond with will likely value the honesty of your request and subsequently contribute to the birthday celebration in a meaningful way with a gift card. 

2. Gifts are not necessary, but gift cards work nicely 

A message such as this one lets your recipients know that they are not expected nor obligated to bring a gift with them to the birthday party, but if they wish to give you something, a gift card would be ideal. This gives an easy opt out for anyone who may not be able to afford to bring a present without making them feel bad about not having one. A request like this one is a good idea if you are not too invested in receiving gifts from those you invite. Include this message on invitations you send to friends for your special day. 

3. A gift card is all we need 

You can use this direct and modest way of communicating that you would like to receive gift cards for your party when sending out invitations to those who are close to you, such as good friends and members of the family. Folks whom you share an intimate relationship with will appreciate the communication and understand your gift preferences. This is a simplistic way of asking for gift cards that shows you value their attendance much more than the types of gifts you receive. 

4. Feel free to choose a gift card that resonates with you

While you are still requesting to receive gift cards with this phrase, this type of wording encourages invitees to pick out the type of gift they wish to give. This request is considerate and does not come across as too informal or demanding, making it ideal for a broad range of acquaintances, from close friends to more distant contacts. You are pretty much guaranteed to receive gift cards when you include a message like this one as part of your invitation, but you are also enabling those you invite to choose a type of gift that speaks to them and is representative of the relationship you share. 

Gift cards can make birthday celebrations all the more special for anyone. 

5. Gift cards are a wonderful choice

Positive and polite, any invitation that includes this phrase will be well-received by individuals you share any type of relationship with. Close friends, relatives, and acquaintances will all feel respected when this type of communication is given, and the chance of anyone feeling uncomfortable with this kind of wording is extremely low, so it’s always a safe bet.  

6. If it is no trouble, a gift card would be very appreciated

Something along the lines of this phrase mixes genuine friendliness with a touch of respectable formality. This type of wording is exceptionally appropriate for family members, acquaintances, and anyone else you wish to come off as dignified or honest to. With this phrase, you are clearly communicating a wish for gift cards while also voicing gratitude towards the invitee. It’s a nice message to add to an invitation that will assure the recipient that you value any effort they put into your birthday. 

7. For anyone considering a gift, gift cards are preferred 

This wording exudes appreciation and does not make a demand of the recipient since gift cards are not being directly requested, but merely suggested as a preferable option to anyone who is already thinking about bringing a gift. There is no pressure on the invitee to bring a gift at all with a message like this, which can be reassuring to folks who may not be in a financial situation where they can afford to buy a gift. You can include this message on invitations you send out to a broad range of people, from close friends and relatives to coworkers and acquaintances. 

8. Should you wish to get a gift, we graciously accept gift cards

A request like this one comes off as very formal and dignified, making it especially appropriate for invitations you send out to folks whom you share a professional relationship with, such as colleagues in your field of study or place of work. There may be many instances where you find that maintaining an air of courtesy and decorum is an absolute necessity, and for those occasions it would behoove you to utilize phrases like this one so that you can properly communicate your gift preferences in a subtle and refined way.  

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There are so many different ways you can successfully incorporate your desire to receive gift cards for your birthday party in the invitations you send out. It is important to consider a variety of phrases when determining how to communicate your gift preferences, as there are many kinds of relationships and circumstances where certain wording can come off as inappropriate or brash. Save intimate and informal requests for folks with whom you share a closer bond with, such as good friends and close family members. Courteous and respectable wording is better suited for those you know on a professional level, which can include coworkers, acquaintances, and other types of colleagues. 

You can start planning for a successful birthday celebration right away by ensuring that your guests know exactly what to bring with these considerate and concise requests. Going out of your way to ask directly for gift cards on the invitations greatly lowers your chance of receiving a gift you don’t actually want, sparing you from potentially awkward scenarios at the party. Remember, your birthday is a day where what you want comes first, so don’t be afraid to ask for gift cards on invitations to your birthday party!