The Best End of Year Gift Cards for School Teachers

Show teachers just how important of a role they play in the lives of countless children everywhere with these exciting gift card ideas to celebrate the end of the school year

Teachers do a lot for society. They teach our children vital education and life skills, including how to speak up for what they believe in and productive engagement with peers. While parents do play a significant role in the upbringing of children, teachers have their own responsibilities to fulfill that parents cannot, making them an integral part of our communities. 

Despite all of the duties society collectively assigns to teachers in regards to raising our kids, there has been a steadily growing trend of pure unappreciation for our educators by many. Unfortunately, many schools lack the resources and proper funding to adequately compensate teachers and provide them the essential tools they need for their classrooms. As a result of the overall decline in quality of public schools, more parents are opting for homeschooling, taking away a very fundamental part of the childhood experience. 

This can be discouraging to many teachers, who have spent their entire profession dedicating themselves to providing an enriching environment for young souls. Teaching is no easy job, and it isn’t something an eager parent can quickly pick up on and assume their living room is just as good as a classroom, either. 

That’s exactly why we over at Gift Card Granny fully acknowledge the crucial role of teachers and have put together a well thought-out list of gifts any parent can use to help thank educators for all the hard work they do. Some gift card ideas we will be covering consist of the following:

  • Gift cards for teaching supplies
  • Gift cards for treats and eats
  • Gift cards for personal use

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Now then, let’s get right on with the list!

1. Caribou Coffee

Sit Back and Enjoy a Flavorful Cup

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Millions are dependent on the addictive nature of caffeine to help carry them through long, grueling work days and, unsurprisingly, teachers aren’t any exception. As a matter of fact, they may be more dependent on coffee than individuals in many other professions due to the mountains of work and additional responsibilities they get buried under on a daily basis. 

Luckily, there’s no shortage of coffee shops available to help fight off fatigue and general weariness from a busy work week. Caribou Coffee is an American coffeehouse chain that sells their own high-quality roast, along with specialized beverages and delicious treats that perfectly complement a cup of coffee. 

With over six hundred locations worldwide, Caribou Coffee has rightfully earned prominence among similar competitors and, while it might not be as well known as certain coffee giants, it has become a staple in many midwestern states. From blended beverages and iced teas to packaged whole bean coffee and savory mochas, the caffeine options at Caribou are about as infinite as your imagination. 

Get your Caribou Coffee gift card from Gift Card Granny to help make sure teachers stay caffeinated, even in the summertime! 

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2. Michaels

Inspire Young Hearts with Art

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When we discuss the importance of our teachers and how society would likely crumble without their generous work, we must also give acknowledgement to those in creative disciplines. There’s only so much the traditional classroom can do for a growing child’s brain, which is why art teachers are an integral part of the education system. 

Sadly, children are often discouraged from pursuing artistic goals due to the popularized fear of the arts as a career. Art teachers serve as supportive figureheads in the lives of many children who may not have access to a nurturing environment at home, allowing them to spread their creative wings and experiment with the versatility of art. And when the school board won’t provide the quality equipment art teachers need for their students, Michaels certainly can. 

Michaels is currently one of the largest retailers of arts and crafts essentials throughout North America. They provide a range of different artistic supplies that would serve as excellent additions to any art class including paint, yarn, canvas, fabric, drawing pads, and so much more that we couldn’t possibly fit it all into one list. Non-art teachers are also welcome to peruse Michaels and pick up creative supplies to engage students in traditional classrooms, too! 

Spread the gift of creativity with a gift card to Michaels from Gift Card Granny! It’s an easy way to benefit the lives of children and earn a decent portion of cash back. 

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3. Really Good Stuff

Innovative Classroom Solutions Created by Teachers, for Teachers

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Buy Really Good Stuff Gift Cards

A classroom is more than a boring, off-white room with the occasional broken ceiling tile; it’s a place of educational enrichment and nurturing engagement with fellow human beings. Think back to the best classroom-teacher combination you had while attending school, and which particular elements made it so remarkable. 

Odds are, a lot of love went into the classroom furnishings by a teacher who genuinely cared about the experience of their students. However, not all teachers are fortunate enough to have a budget that allows them to give their classroom the affection it rightfully deserves. No need to let the panic set in, though – where the school board can’t supply, Really Good Stuff can. 

Developed by passionate educators, Really Good Stuff makes the lives of teachers a little less stressful by providing innovative classroom solutions at affordable price points. Browse curriculum essentials, classroom furniture and decor, teaching supplies, organization tools, and many other products that help make learning a positive, fun experience for all. They even have free lesson resources to help teachers transform studying into an activity that will leave a lasting impression on students. 

Really Good Stuff does indeed have awesome classroom equipment that any teacher is sure to fall in love with, though it is not available on Gift Card Granny quite yet. That could change in the future though, so check back to see which retailers join our catalog next!

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4. Shoe Carnival

A Treat for Your Feet 

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Students have a reputation for disrespecting teachers. It certainly isn’t all of them, but there is a decent percentage of rambunctious youths who enjoy causing mischief in the classroom. This problem is more prominent in classrooms run by teachers who aren’t taken seriously by their students. While we don’t have a gift card that buys a physical manifestation of respect, we have many for fashion, which can surprisingly achieve similar results.

A good pair of shoes can transform mediocre outfits into stunning ensembles that radiate authority and demand respect, even from the most troublesome students. Shoe Carnival has an abundance of footwear selections that combine comfort with reserved style, perfect for teaching professionals who wish to be respected by both students and coworkers alike. 

Summer may be just around the corner, but it is never a bad idea to get ahead of the game by stocking up on shoes for the next school year. And let’s not forget the fact that teachers have personal lives of their own as well, and any summer plans they have will undoubtedly be amplified with the fashionable footwear collection at Shoe Carnival. 

Bring the fair straight to any teacher and save bigtime with a gift card to Shoe Carnival from Gift Card Granny!

5. Harry & David 

Soak Up the Sun with Tasty Snacks

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Buy Harry & David Gift Cards 

Gift baskets packed with tons of delicious goodies and speciality treats always make for wonderful gifts, no matter who the recipient is. They’re especially great gifts to pick up when you’re at a loss for ideas, too. Everyone likes to indulge in a delectable snack once in a while, and teachers could certainly use the sweet pick-me-up to ring in the start of summer vacation. 

Head over to Harry and David to browse their selection of gourmet food, lovingly crafted gift baskets, beautiful flowers, and many more items that will liven up any kitchen. Since its foundation in 1910, Harry and David has been supplying their customers with premium food products and gift basket sundries suitable for all types of affairs, from birthdays to personal losses. 

Gift baskets always make for appropriate gifts, and you can ensure satisfaction by giving any teacher the freedom to choose their own premium products from the Harry and David catalog. Whether it’s baked goods like cakes and pies, decadent chocolate truffles and coated nuts, or tasty pairings of fruit and cheese, the options at Harry and David are guaranteed to please stomachs everywhere. 

Give the gift of gourmet goods with a Harry and David gift card from Gift Card Granny! The cash back is almost as delicious as the food. 

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6. Laurel Denise

Make Lesson Planning Simple and Fun

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Buy Laurel Denise Gift Cards

A teacher cannot hope to leave a lasting impression on students if they are not passionate about their profession. Unfortunately, that passion can quickly turn into burnout and exhaustion from being constantly overworked, disorganized, and burdened by the taxing demands of students and fellow coworkers. 

While we can’t sell a remedy for fatigue, there are other practical solutions out there that can drastically improve teaching responsibilities. Planners from Laurel Denise just happen to be one of them. 

As an online retailer specializing in versatile planners, Laurel Denise can help teachers take a load off by providing them with quality organization tools and accessories. Laurel Denise planners are expertly crafted and designed to maximize productivity, with daily, weekly, and monthly views available to mask task planning a breeze. 

Along with yearly planners and blank, fully customizable ones, Laurel Denise has its own category of planners curated specifically for the needs of teachers. Plus, teachers can stay extra organized with Laurel Denise’s planner accessories like washi tape and sticky notes. They even sell jewelry for those teaching professionals who prefer to plan while looking stylish. There’s a lot to love about Laurel Denise!

Gift Card Granny carries a ton of awesome brands to make the lives of teachers a little less stressful, but Laurel Denise is not currently part of our line up. We’re always looking for new retailers to join our catalog though, so check back soon!

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7. Custom Mastercard 

Say Goodbye to Tacky Gifts

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Buy Mastercard Gift Cards

One key principle to consider while gift card shopping for individuals who you only know via professional interactions is the importance of variety. Most parents only know the teachers of their children through secondhand communication; rarely do they ever interact by direct means, notwithstanding the occasional email. 

Gift shopping, even where gift cards are concerned, becomes much more difficult when you never have the opportunity to formally interact. However, if you’re worried your gift will go unappreciated, opt for a truly versatile choice that can be used basically anywhere, for anything!

A custom Mastercard gift card from Gift Card Granny is the perfect summer sendoff for any teacher, allowing them to indulge in shopping habits, hobbies, and anything else money can buy. Snag one today to earn a nice chunk of cash back!

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Being a teacher is no walk in the park, and it certainly isn’t a career suitable for everyone. A career of teaching takes dedicated effort, infinite patience, and an affinity for spreading the gift of learning to the oncoming generations. 

In our current climate of contrasting values regarding the necessity of authentic, transparent education, the spotlight on teachers is more illuminating than ever. While others debate qualifications and the appropriate nature of content in a classroom’s curriculum, show your unwavering appreciation and support for our teachers with a thoughtful purchase from Gift Card Granny. Though it may seem small, your gesture is symbolic of the vital role teachers play in our communities.