Best Gift Cards You Can Give to Your Mom for Christmas

Christmas is coming faster than you might think, which means you need to start giving your holiday shopping list some serious consideration. Have you started buying gifts for the extremely important people in your life? Do you know what you want to get your mother for Christmas? There’s a lot to be mindful of when it comes to Christmas shopping, and your mom should be very near the top of your gift giving priorities. 

When it comes to thinking up a gift that is befitting of a mom, you may easily find yourself stumped if she hasn’t given you any ideas to go on. After all, there isn’t a gift in the world that could compare to how amazing mothers are. But try not to overthink it; get your mom something you know she will like with gift cards from Gift Card Granny. Letting her shop for herself may be the best move this holiday season, and you won’t have to worry about giving her a gift she doesn’t like. There are so many different types of gift cards out there to consider giving to your mom for Christmas, but it’s important to seek out the best ones that will have the greatest impact. What those gift cards end up being can depend greatly from person to person, so what you decide to get your mother may end up being completely unique to you. 

Some of the gift cards we will be discussing in this article could end up feeling right for you, while others don’t resonate at all. It’s okay if you do not find exactly what you are looking for right away – there are always plenty more gift card options out there for activities, retailers, restaurants, and other businesses. 

Gift cards featured below include:

  • Gift cards for apparel and jewelry
  • Gift cards for eating out and dining in
  • Gift cards for accessories and bags

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1. Custom Visa Gift Card 

A great shopping choice that she will appreciate 

Buy a custom Visa gift card


A gift card that lets your mom shop for whatever she wants is probably your best bet for the holidays. Sometimes moms don’t make it easy to shop for them for Christmas, or they insist they do not want anything at all. A Visa gift card can help solve any problems you may have when it comes to gift shopping. Let your mom shop for what she knows she wants and you will not have to worry about buying the right present. 

Design a custom Visa gift card just for her when you build a personalized card with Gift Card Granny. Upload your own photo, write a message of up to twenty characters, and add a greeting card to make the moment extra special. A custom Visa gift card is a simple and easy way to show your mom how important she is to you. Give it to her in your own sealed envelope in person, or have it shipped to her mailbox in no time at all. Gift Card Granny service is fast and reliable, so you can be confident knowing your mom will get her gift on time for the holidays.

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2. Kendra Scott 

Timeless jewelry fit for the elegant mother 

Buy a Kendra Scott gift card


A Kendra Scott gift card will spoil your mother with gorgeous jewelry that will make her feel confident and bold. She can browse so many stunning jewelry pieces, including fine jewelry featuring white gold and yellow gold. Kendra Scott sells necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, pendants, charms, and many accessories. If your mom is a fan of perfume, Kendra Scott offers pleasant fragrances to complement the jewelry. 

Your mom is beautiful and you know it, so get a Kendra Scott gift card from Gift Card Granny to start earning cash back now!

3. TJ Maxx

Get everything from designer handbags to home decor

Buy a TJ Maxx gift card


If there’s one thing that’s true among mothers, it is the fact that they like to shop quite a lot. Many an eager mother will drag an unwilling child to the store to try on clothes or look at kitschy home decor, and if you have memories of your mom happily browsing the neverending shelves of department stores then there’s a good chance she’ll enjoy a TJ Maxx gift card. TJ Maxx sells typical department store merchandise at prices generally lower than similar competitors. Mom can find plenty of cute clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, home decor, bedding, toys for kids, and much more at TJ Maxx locations. 

You can snag a TJ Maxx gift card from Gift Card Granny right now to earn cash back!

4. Pinkberry 

Frozen yogurt is never out of season 

Buy a Pinkberry gift card


If your mom is a fan of sweet, frozen treats, she may like a Pinkberry gift card. Pinkberry is a counter-serve frozen yogurt chain that makes delicious frozen yogurt with fresh ingredients for flavorful combinations. Pinkberry has plenty of unique and distinct flavors for their frozen yogurt, including pomegranate, roasted almond cookie, white peach, pineapple, matcha, vanilla latte, peanut butter, and salted caramel cookie. There are also frozen yogurt options made with coconut milk and include flavors like strawberry, lemon creme, cold brew, and chocolate. Pinkberry has tons of enticing toppings to finish off your delectable swirl, such as fruit that is cut fresh daily and sweet candies. What you will find on the menu varies by each Pinkberry location, but there will always be delicious frozen yogurt available. 

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5. Baggu

No need for living with dull bags ever again

Is your mom the type of woman who prefers to bring reusable bags with her when she goes shopping? You can help her score some stylish, high quality canvas and leather bags that she can use for everyday living. Bags from Baggu come in a range of different sizes and there are many fun designs to choose from for them all. These bags are manufactured with practicality in mind, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t infused with love and style. Baggu sells reusable bags, sport backpacks, shoulder bags, crescent bags, cloud bags, and even fanny packs to suit your carrying preferences. 

Unfortunately, Baggu gift cards are not currently offered via Gift Card Granny. You can check out Baggu gift cards here

6. Kroger

Nothing says you care more like a stocked pantry

Buy a Kroger gift card


Though it is nothing fancy, a Kroger gift card can be an excellent Christmas gift when you want to help your mom keep food on the table. Kroger operates supermarkets and department stores throughout the country, carrying the everyday essentials customers need to live content and healthy lives. Your mom can find many groceries available at Kroger, including fresh options like meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, and even custom cakes and platters for large parties. From the pantry and breakfast to the freezer and dairy products, Kroger can keep any kitchen stocked with the essentials. Kroger also sells products for the household, pets, alcohol, cleaning, beauty, electronics, and toys. 

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7. Nordstrom Rack

Luxury apparel that won’t make her go broke

Buy a Nordstrom Rack gift card


If your mom is someone who loves to shop for good bargains, then she will be delighted for an opportunity to check out the designer apparel available at a fraction of the cost at Nordstrom Rack. This off-price department store chain makes it easy to find great deals on items from top brands. Nordstrom Rack makes luxury clothing convenient and affordable for the average mother, with discounts ranging up to 70% off the original price. Nordstrom Rack sells a variety of apparel for your mom to try out, including skirts, leggings, jumpsuits, dresses, lingerie, activewear, shoes, and plenty of fashionable accessories. 

You can earn cash back when you buy a Nordstrom Rack gift card from Gift Card Granny!

8. Patagonia 

The gear she needs to accomplish amazing feats 

Any mother whose passions lie in the world of outdoor sports will be overjoyed to receive a gift  card for Patagonia. Patagonia creates high quality outdoor clothing and gear that is built to withstand an array of tough terrains. Find the equipment you need for activities like climbing, fly fishing, surfing, trail running, snowboarding, and skiing. With Patagonia, mom can pick up a stylish new piece of gear that will keep her supported during her adventures, all while giving back to environmental causes that make a positive difference in the world. 

A Patagonia gift card has so much potential in store. Not only will it make your mom happy, but it will do so much good for others as well. Shop digital Patagonia gift cards here. Gift Card Granny does not offer Patagonia gift cards at this time. 

9. Candy Crush

A sweet puzzle game that keeps you coming back for more

Buy a Candy Crush gift card


Moms can be gamers too, and there’s no mobile game that attracts mothers more than the dazzling puzzle-solving saga of Candy Crush. Candy Crush is completely free-to-play and won’t cost your mother a dime, but a Candy Crush gift card can give her access to cool bonuses and tons of extra lives. Whether your mother is an expert player or just beginning her gaming adventure, you can bet that a Candy Crush gift card will surely lend her a hand by making it easier to pass complicated levels. You can certainly help your mom have some fun this Christmas with this sweet gift. 

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10. Bob Evans

Comforting cuisine of classic American favorites 

Buy a Bob Evans gift card


Your mom likely paid for many of your restaurant bills when you were a child, but when was the last time you paid for her to get something delicious to eat? Give her a Bob Evans gift card to let her know that you want her to enjoy her life, with or without you there. She can share a meal with her friends, her siblings, or even by herself if she chooses. Bob Evans serves scrumptious homestyle breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods that are always sure to hit the spot. 

Mothers appreciate hearty meals, and you can absolutely deliver when you purchase a Bob Evans gift card from Gift Card Granny! You’ll earn cash back too. 



Taking your mom for granted is a mistake you never want to make. Ensure you show her the appreciation she deserves for Christmas and use this list of gift card ideas to give her a present that she’ll love. 

We wish you a happy time shopping with Gift Card Granny!