Best Gift Cards for Millennials: 8 Ideas to Make These Trying Times Less Troublesome

The times are tough and millennials seem to be one of the largest demographics around afflicted by struggles of all kinds, so help take the edge off with any of these pleasant gift card ideas

Millennials don’t ever seem to catch a break. From a ruined housing market flooded with bloodthirsty real estate companies to extraordinary amounts of student loan debt tugging at their ankles like an iron ball and chain, it is fair to say a majority of millennials were handed the short end of the stick by their predecessors. 


While it isn’t a very rosy situation to be a part of, the millennial struggle has certainly produced some positive effects – the most prominent one being their genuine appreciation for acts of kindness. 


Gift cards are a fantastic way to give back to any millennial in your life without needing to stress about the practicality of your gift. Gift cards are extremely useful and can be used to help make essential purchases, come with no strings attached, and are perfect for any situation. 


With so many options to peruse on Gift Card Granny, you’ll be certain to find a gift card that is appropriate for any scenario. Let’s go over some of the best gift card ideas for millennials, such as the following:

  • Gift cards for living expenses

  • Gift cards for personal care

  • Gift cards for fresh food and groceries

Earn Cash Back on the Best Gift Cards for Millennials with Gift Card Granny

What’s that, you’ve fallen out of the loop and haven’t heard about all the amazing benefits of using Gift Card Granny? Well now, that won’t do at all, so let’s go over all the important details. 


Gift Card Granny makes gift card shopping feel like a longed-for summer breeze by the ocean. Browse thousands of local and nationally-recognized retailers in one convenient location, load your desired amount, and send your gift card to the recipient of your choosing with one simple click. You can also request that your gift card be sent physically through the mail, but millennials are trendy, and the current trends aim to reduce waste, so a digital footprint is a lot less harmful for the environment than adding to the mountains of plastic that already exist. 


Oh, and let’s not neglect to mention the best factor of all: easy cash back. For every designated amount purchased, Gift Card Granny rewards you with cash back for your troubles, making it the superior distributor of discount gift cards. 

Pottery Barn

Stylish Furniture that Stands the Test of Time

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Houses don’t come cheap, and decorating them is an entirely separate financial undertaking with its own slew of woes. That’s why it’s easy to reason that a gift aimed at reducing some of the monetary burden of houses will be of immeasurable value to the struggling millennial, whose dreams of home ownership grow a little more distant each year. 


You can’t control the housing market, but you can help them pick out their next dining table at Pottery Barn. An American upscale home furnishing store chain founded in 1949 in San Francisco, California, Pottery Barn can make any decor ambitions a reality with their broad selection of stylish furniture and household accessories. 


Explore collections with exquisite craftsmanship and bold, timeless designs perfect for livening up any room. From loveseats and bath towels to botanicals and paintings, Pottery Barn has the finest home goods on the market to match millennial tastes. 


It doesn’t get much better than a gift card to Pottery Barn from Gift Card Granny, so be sure to snag one while you can and earn cash back. 

Urban Outfitters

Look Good with Fashion that Fits


Fashion comes in many forms and has no age limit, meaning it can be enjoyed by whoever, whenever. Trends come and go, but what’s important is finding a style that embodies qualities about yourself. 


Millennials seem to be very well tuned into outfit styling and making bold fashion statements. Someone’s outer attire can be indicative of certain personality traits and characteristics, and there are many millennials who wear eye-catching outfits to attract certain types of attention. 


Whatever the reasoning is behind their outfit choices, millennials are certain to find an abundance of unique, colorful clothing to add extra spice to any bland closet. Shop apparel for women and men that includes activewear, jackets, shoes, jumpsuits, and more. Urban Outfitters also sells cosmetics, skincare products, perfume, men’s grooming products, and other tools beneficial to health and beauty upkeep. 


An Urban Outfitters gift card is only a few short clicks away on Gift Card Granny, along with that cash back. 


Grocery Shopping Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

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Who knew grocery bills could add up so fast? No millennial in their right mind would turn down a chance to save a chunk of dough during their next shopping trip, which is why grocery gift cards make for a gift that’s both functional and appreciated. 


FreshDirect is an online grocery delivery service that makes shopping easy as pie. Operating in select regions in the northeast United States, FreshDirect provides local food delivery that can be scheduled for same day or next day delivery. 


By employing leading food experts, FreshDirect guarantees quality produce and all other grocery essentials a millennial needs to keep their pantry full. While you cannot currently find FreshDirect through Gift Card Granny, we’re always adding more fantastic retailers to our catalog, so keep an eye out. 


Outclass the Price of Gas

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With suburban towns and massive cities that make it unfathomably frustrating to not use cars as the preferred method of transportation, it doesn’t come as a terrible shock to see a considerable sum of money go right into the gas pump. However, a gift card can ease some of the financial pain from any weary millennial’s shoulders. 


Wawa is an American company that operates a chain of convenience stores and gas stations across the east coast, including states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida. Every store comes with easy to use kiosks where you can order fresh and hot food, custom beverages, and more tasty treats. 


Gas is a necessity anyway, so you might as well stop at a gas station that’s worth your time. Pick up a Wawa gift card from Gift Card Granny and start saving. 


The Best Shaving Experience Ever

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Millennials face a lot of stress in their daily lives, and they deserve a chance to rest and restore their spirits through acts of selfcare. For many women, the act of shaving can be a refreshing experience that improves their overall well-being. And for something that significant, the type of tools you use matter.


Billie is an American e-commerce company that manufactures and sells razors that are marketed directly toward women. One of the core beliefs Billie was founded upon was the claim that women are an afterthought in the shaving community, which is exactly the opposite with Billie. Their razors are made specifically to give women the best shaving experience possible without overpaying for an ineffective product. 


Billie has everything a millennial woman might need to feel pampered. The starter kit includes a razor and blades, making it perfect for anyone on the fence. But for those who know Billie is right for them, explore a plethora of amazing skincare-focused products like shave sets, body lotion, whipped shave cream, and shampoo. 


Though Billie is not currently one of the many retailers offered at Gift Card Granny, be sure to check back to see which brands join our catalog next!

Williams Sonoma

Perfect for Every Kitchen


Cooking has become a lost cause among some less kitchen savvy millennials out there, and to make a bad situation worse, millennials often lack the proper equipment to aid them on their cooking-related ventures. But with Williams-Sonoma in the picture, even the newest cook can have a worthwhile time in the kitchen.


Williams-Sonoma is an American retailer that specializes in upscape kitchen equipment and home furnishings. Their broad selection of kitchenware is top quality and made to last, meaning no more time spent looking for replacements every few years. Those expenses can add up fast, and millennials can stand to save a pretty penny whenever possible.


Discover new cookware, cutlery, utensils, bakeware, coffee makers, and all other kitchenware essential to any home. Williams-Sonoma even sells an array of gourmet goods ready for your enjoyment including syrups, chocolates, cheese, and dipping oils.


A Williams-Sonoma gift card from Gift Card Granny goes a long way in the life of any millennial, and the cash back bonus is nothing to shrug off either.  

The Sill

A Little Green to Brighten the Room

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With money tight, many millennials cannot afford to have children. There are also those who don’t see the point in raising children when the future is so uncertain, either. So, what’s a fairly inexpensive substitute that is less emotionally taxing?


That’s right – plants. 


There’s a significant demographic of millennials who are enthusiastic about plants, and to help feed into their botanical habits, look no further than The Sill. Founded in 2012, The Sill operates under the ideology that plants make people happy, and their business model employs these values by making plant care easy and accessible to everyone. 


Explore the jungle of greenery that makes up The Sill’s vast catalog and finds plants perfectly suited for any living space. Find the best tabletop plant, browse the pet-friendly options, see which plants are tolerant of low light levels – The Still makes it easy to find the best plants for your home. 


The Sill is not currently available on Gift Card Granny, but check back soon to see which retailers are added next! 


One Click Away From a Mouthful of Tasty Goodness

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Delivery is a millennial’s best friend, especially when there’s food involved. There’s been a sharp rise in the popularity of food delivery and related convenience services over the last few years, and it isn’t difficult to ascertain that the habits of younger adults (like millennials) are responsible for this increase.


But with so many options out there and more coming every day, how does one go about selecting the best of the best in terms of fast, dependable food delivery? 


Grubhub just so happens to be one service favored by millennials for its simplistic design and diverse array of local restaurants. Browse thousands of menus, place your order online or through the app, and sink your teeth into hot and fresh food delivered with you as the priority. 


It’s a gift worth salivating over, so get any hungry millennial a Grubhub gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn some sweet cash back as dessert. 


The term millennial encompasses a wide demographic of unique individuals with their own passions and personalities, making it impossible to generalize their collective interests. As long as you have an idea of the general direction you’re headed in, a gift card cuts out any dreaded gift giving anxiety.


There’s a lot of rhetoric concerning the whiny or lazy nature of millennials, but most of that is hearsay. A vast majority of millennials are hardworking individuals who want to have the means to a good life, but they unfortunately are plagued by the constant upsets that affect our society daily. 


While changing the state of the world is completely out of any one person’s ability, mood is another matter entirely. Even the simple gesture of giving a gift can turn the tides of someone’s mind and give them the spark of motivation they needed to keep going. 


Be that spark in someone else’s life with Gift Card Granny and help create a world where everyone can be happy.