The Best Rustic Wedding Ideas on a Budget for a Beautiful Wedding Day

Do you have a shoestring budget for your wedding day and want some affordable rustic wedding ideas that won't break the bank? Well, you're in the right place.

We have some great tips and tricks for rustic wedding ideas on a budget. This list covers everything from decorations and centerpieces to affordable food and venue options.

You have plenty of options to still make your wedding a magical day.

How Do You Plan a Rustic Elegant Wedding on a Budget?

Do you have a shoestring budget for your wedding day and want some affordable rustic wedding ideas that won't break the bank? Well, you're in the right place.

We have some great tips and tricks for rustic wedding ideas on a budget. This list covers everything from decorations and centerpieces to affordable food and venue options.

You have plenty of options to still make your wedding a magical day.

How Do You Plan a Rustic Elegant Wedding on a Budget?

Planning a rustic yet elegant weddingcan be tricky if you're on a budget. However, there are ways you can save by making your own decor, saving money on food and a venue, and even finding inexpensive flower options.

It may take a little more planning and a lot of DIY, but you can create a gorgeous rustic wedding on a budget without sacrificing much but expensive price tags. In fact, it will be even more special since you put a lot of love and hard work into it.

Keep Your Guest List Small

One of the easiest ways to save money on a wedding is to manage your guest list by keeping it small. Also, certain rustic spaces like barns don't have a lot of space for several hundred people.

Limiting the number of guests that you invite helps keep the overall cost of your wedding down as far as food, rentals, decor, and other aspects.

Choose a Wedding Theme

You've chosen a rustic theme for your wedding, but that covers a lot of ground. It can be more farm rustic with cowboy boots, elegant with roses and delicate lighting, or all about barns and mason jars.

Decide on the type of rustic wedding look that you're going for as your primary theme.

Ideas for Rustic Wedding Themes



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Create a Budget and Stick to It

Most people have wedding budgets, even the high-end ones, but the key is actually sticking to your budget.

Sit down with your groom and figure out a budget goal and the areas you're willing to sacrifice to make sure you stay on budget. Maybe you don't mind getting a dress at a thrift store or budget wedding gown shop so you can have great food for your guests.

Be willing to sacrifice something to make sure you have more money for other areas and make sure you are both on the same page.

Tips and Ideas for Finding Affordable Wedding Venues

Here are some tips for getting the most bang for your buck on wedding venues.

Have Your Wedding in the Winter

Summer and Spring are the most popular times of year to have a wedding. So, you can save a lot of money if you choose to get married during the winter months. Many venues provide discount packages to couples for the off-season to bring in some wedding business this time of year.

Skip a Saturday Wedding

Saturdays are one of the most popular and therefore expensive days to get married. You can often find a better deal on catering, venues, and vendors if you plan your wedding for a Friday or Sunday. Most people don’t want to get married on a Sunday.

Choose a Venue Close to Home

While destination weddings are all the latest craze, picking a wedding venue close to home is much less expensive.

Hold the Reception and Wedding Ceremony in the Same Venue

Holding your reception and ceremony in one place is not only affordable but convenient for guests. They can have a cocktail hour while you and the bridal party are taking photographs.

It simplifies the whole day in general.

Choose a Free Venue

You can really save money if you choose a family member or friend's backyard or barn. You can host the whole wedding there and renting chairs, tables, and a tent are quite affordable.

A backyard wedding is fun and very affordable.

And don't rule out a beach wedding just because you can't afford a destination one. There are likely plenty of local options you can use as an outdoor beach venue.

Rustic Wedding Decor Ideas

Here are some rustic wedding ideas on a budget for decor.

Flowers on a Budget

You can lower the cost of flowers if you think outside the box. Choose large blooms like sunflowers or hydrangeas where you only need a few pieces for a pretty arrangement.

You can also use fillers like carnations or Baby's Breath as the main piece since these flowers are less expensive.

Buy Your Fresh Flowers the Morning of the Wedding

Another way to cut costs on flowers is to shop for affordable flowers the morning of your wedding. While this may be stressful for the people who are planners, you can often find deals and even ask for the flowers the store was going to throw away.

This task would be good for someone you trust who has a good eye, and you can arrange the flowers in inexpensive Dollar Store vases.

Get Used Decor from Other Newlyweds

You may be able to find nice wedding decor from other people recently married on Craigslist or eBay. It would be a great way to save money.

Go to the Dollar Store

Don't underestimate the affordable decor items you can find at Dollar Stores and other similar shops. You can find good deals on candle holders, vases, jars, and other pretty materials.

Cover Tables with Brown Craft Paper

Another one of the simplest rustic wedding ideas on a budget is covering the tables with brown craft paper. You can tie it down with twine to enhance the look or use double-sided tape, so it's secure.

Add some simple decorative touches and crayons for kids to draw on the table, and you have a nice background for the table setting that serves a dual purpose. Then all you need to do is write each guest’s name at their place.

Don't Underestimate the Power of Small Accents

You can make bold statements with small accents like fresh herbs for a simple place setting. You could try this with other small flowers or even small pieces of decor.

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs make great rustic wedding ideas on a budget. And DIYing your own wooden signs gives you more control over your decorations and gives you plenty of room for a personal touch.

Use Twinkly Lights or Fairy Lights for Elegant Lighting

Get mason jars, other glass jars, or glass lanterns at thrift stores or Dollar Stores, and then add battery-powered fairy lights or twinkling lights purchased in bulk. Fairy or twinkling lights are so magical, and they create a warm, beautiful ambiance.

You can round out your light decorations with string lights throughout the venue. For an added touch, add lanterns in the trees, so it looks like a fairy kingdom.

Inexpensive Rustic Centerpieces

There are many great ideas for inexpensive rustic wedding ideas on a budget for centerpieces.

You can use potted plants as your centerpieces or flowers in a mason jar. Use ribbons or lace for chair decor to make it more elegant.

If your ceremony and wedding reception are in the same places, you can find more ways to save and create a rustic wedding or wire arch to decorate an outdoor space.

You can also use photos for centerpieces too.

Rustic Wedding Ideas on a Budget for Food

Food is often one of the most expensive parts of a wedding, especially when you get it catered. There are some options that can make feeding your wedding guests less expensive.

Choose Buffet or Family-Style Service

Serving food buffet-style or family service is often a less expensive option instead of sit-down service because it requires fewer staff. There are also fewer timing concerns for the kitchen staff and chef.

And to cut the cost further, you can offer more vegetables on the buffet with fewer meat choices.

Choose Proteins that Cost Less

Choosing less expensive proteins than popular choices like filet mignon and salmon are great ways to cut food costs. Choose chicken, taco bars, and other similar ideas for tasty yet cost-effective offerings.

Save Money on Your Cake

Cutting your cake costs are another great way to save money overall. You don't need a multi-tiered traditional wedding cake to have a delicious wedding cake. Consider getting cupcakes and placing them on pretty trays that mimic the appearance of a tall cake.

You can also do something similar with sheet cakes placed on trays or crates at varying heights.

Keep it Casual with Barbecue

Great rustic wedding ideas on a budget often mean that you can get rid of all the fancy food options. People love barbecue as it's delicious and often less expensive than a multi-course meal.

Add in some typical barbecue sides, and you'll have a meal everyone will love as a much more affordable option.

Choose Food Trucks for Catering Options

People love food trucks as they are all the rage and put out some awesome food because they focus on perfecting a few menu items. Plus, they can be a lot less expensive than other catering options.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends. Maybe instead of a traditional wedding present, the people closest to you can get you gift cards to help cover the cost of wedding décor, food, and other important wedding aspects.

At Gift Card Granny, we have plenty of great gift card options to help cover wedding expenses.

Final Thoughts on Rustic Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Creating a beautiful wedding doesn't have to be expensive. You can choose a fun rustic wedding theme like barn, vintage, daisies, or one of the other ones we mentioned above.

Add in some great rustic wedding decoration ideas and inexpensive food options like barbecue or a buffet, and you can have an amazing barn or outdoor wedding your guests will love.

A laid-back wedding is more fun for everyone and is much less stressful for the bride, groom, and wedding party.