How You Can Celebrate Sons and Daughters Day

While you have probably received your fair share of attention during popular holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, have you ever taken a moment to acknowledge the lesser-known holiday that is National Sons and Daughters Day? If not, try not to feel too bad about it because it just so happens to be one of those holidays that slips by under the radar, unlike more momentous occasions like Christmas and Easter. As a matter of fact, many folks may not even realize a National Sons and Daughters Day exists at all, so you definitely are not the only parent who lets the holiday slip by without any fanfare on your part. 

But now that we have caught your attention, take a moment to shelve your daily worries and put a pause in your busy schedule to learn more about National Sons and Daughters Day. Even if you are not sure you have the free time to plan something huge, it is important to know what this special holiday is all about so you can be prepared in the future. Plus, it never hurts to show your children extra appreciation in any way that you are able to. 

What is Sons and Daughters Day?

If this is your first time hearing about National Sons and Daughters Day, then you are likely wondering what all the holiday entails. As the name implies, Sons and Daughters Day exists to show unfiltered love and adoration for some of the people that mean the most to you – your children! 

Even though you devote yourself to your kids every single day of the year and shower them in constant unconditional affection, there is no harm in reserving one day out of the year to truly acknowledge how grateful for them you are. Your life would certainly not be anything like it is today without the sons and daughters that shape it into something special, and it only makes sense to dedicate time to appreciate that fact through whatever means you deem necessary on this special occasion. 

National Sons and Daughters Day occurs annually on August 11th, bringing children and parents together to share quality bonding time. Though it may fall on just any other day of the week, taking time to spend with the ones that bring you the most joy in life should be at the top of your list of priorities. Even if you cannot share the entire day with them, a small segment of the day or an affectionate gesture is equally as valuable. 

You would not trade your son or daughter for the world, and you are proud to let them know that. Go above and beyond for your kids during National Sons and Daughters Day this year with fun celebratory activities and surprises. 

Activities for National Sons and Daughters Day

Spend time with your children

First and foremost, spending time with your children is one of the best ways to celebrate Sons and Daughters Day. Even though you likely see them every day and are able to share precious moments together, work and other responsibilities can limit the time you have with each other. This becomes even more the case if your children are fully grown adults who live on their own. National Sons and Daughters Day gives you an excuse to shirk other commitments and reserve time to bond with your children, whether they are young and still at home or independent adults thriving in the real world. 

Spending time with each other can consist of a variety of things such as going out to the movie theater, sharing a meal together at home or at a restaurant, enjoying a sunny day at the park, going on a shopping trip, visiting a local amusement park, and simply relaxing in each other’s company.  

Take the day off work

If you are someone who is frequently preoccupied with your job and find yourself away from home more than you would like to be, then taking a day off to focus solely on your kids could be just the thing your family needs to feel appreciated. Consider if you would benefit from using paid time off or even a mental health day where you can put some distance between yourself and stressful work-related responsibilities. This gives you the chance to spend more time with your children that would otherwise be spent at work, and since every minute you spend with them counts, it may be well worth it for you. 

Gift a care package

Have grown children who live too far for spontaneous visits? There is nothing wrong with sending a card to show that you are thinking about them for National Sons and Daughters Day, though you can take it one step further and send a care package in the mail. This package can consist of a variety of sundries including body care products, snacks, home essentials, and baked goods. A care package has no specific requirements and will be different for everyone, so be sure to put together one that will make your sons and daughters feel seen and cared for, even if they are full-grown adults. They will never stop being your kids, no matter how many years may pass by. 

Make a delicious treat

A great, engaging activity to do when you have young kids in the house that challenges their creative skills is to make a unique snack together. Kids need to learn how to feed themselves eventually, and while it may be a bit too early to get them involved in helping with dinner, a minor culinary project like a tasty snack or a sweet baked goodie requires far less effort and can be easily supervised by a parent or other adult. Including your kids in preparing a small snack is a great way to make them feel like they are doing something important, helps them gain practical skills in the kitchen, and gives them more time to bond with you. Kids love to try new things, so don’t be afraid to push them outside of their comfort zones with your support and guidance. 

Gift Cards for Sons and Daughters Day

Gift cards are a fantastic way to give anyone you know a gift that has value and conveys affection, all without being too over the top. Gift cards are especially great gifts for older kids, teenagers, and your adult children who would much prefer to pick out their own gifts than receive something they don’t really want or need. With so many choices for gift cards available, picking out one your kid will like should not be difficult at all. 

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We have selected a few gift cards for retailers featured on Gift Card Granny below that would be a great addition to your Sons and Daughters Day celebrations, so keep reading to learn more about these awesome gift card options. 

1. Dave & Buster’s

A place that all ages can make the most of

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Both parents and kids of all ages can have the time of their lives at Dave & Buster’s. This family-friendly chain combines arcade charm with a full-service sports bar, where adults can lounge and watch their favorite team play as they sip on beer and cocktails as the children try out all the latest arcade games. Dave & Buster’s also has a hearty menu packed with delicious American bar-style fare, including burgers, crispy chicken strips, and flatbread. 

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2. Michaels 

All you need to make your creative dreams come true 

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Parents are certain to find a Michaels gift card useful. Children have extremely active imaginations and should have access to resources that allow them to be as creative as they want to be. At Michaels, parents can shop for all kinds of tools to help their kids express themselves; shop for drawing pads, beads, paint brushes, tie dye, charcoal, fabric, thread, and so much more. Consider working on creative projects together to spend even more time enjoying each other’s company. 

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3. Disney Store

Where its just as magical as the movies

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If you have a son or daughter who is a huge Disney fan, then you better check out a Disney Store gift card. The Disney Store sells officially licensed Disney merchandise to eager fans, with products like princess costumes, character toys, clothing, backpacks, wallets, shoes, jewelry, keychains, and collectibles. Whether they were raised on the classics or have only seen Disney films released in the past decade, anyone who enjoys these whimsical movies will get a kick out of a Disney Store gift card. 

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4. PlayStation Network

Young and old gamers can rejoice with this gift card

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Do you have kids that like to pass time by playing video games? Though many parents do not like having their kids glued to a screen for several hours a day, video games are a great developmental tool for young minds when access is given in moderation. Video games force kids to use parts of their brains they may otherwise have trouble controlling, helping them develop problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination. 

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5. Rainforest Cafe

Be bold with this adventurous menu

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Children get tired of the boring old restaurant experience, but you can spice things up with dinner plans at the Rainforest Cafe. This jungle-themed chain has locations all across the country, from the sunny paradise of Florida to the crisp state of Minnesota. Young kids will love the immersive environment filled with luscious greenery and cascading waterfalls while dining on dynamic dishes. 

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You do not have to do anything too over the top for your kids on Sons and Daughters Day in order to show them just how important they are to you. As a matter of fact, sometimes the most simple of gestures can convey more meaning than any grandiose gift so long as the intent is there. What matters most of all is taking time out of your busy schedule to send some love to your son or daughter, whether that be through a shared evening out with the whole family or a personalized package sent through the mail for those long distance relationships. 

However you decide to spend your time during Sons and Daughters Day, everyone here at Gift Card Granny wishes you a day filled with generosity and cheer!