Christmas Gift Cards for Coworkers: 7 Cards They Would Love to Receive


Help your coworkers be merry and bright this holiday season with these fantastic Christmas gift cards ideas that are guaranteed to spark cheer!

Bringing the holidays into the workplace can add an invigorating dose of energy into the space, reinforcing positive relationships between coworkers and strengthening the overall comradery of the workplace. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but that won’t stop a general air of goodwill from imbuing the office with the comforting magic of the holidays. 


You can bask in the warm glow of Christmas as a passive observer, or you can make an effort to spread the spirit of generosity among your coworkers with gifts to make them feel recognized and appreciated. It doesn’t matter if your role at work is that of a supervisor or a coworker; you still have the capability of acknowledging your coworkers’ hard work and making them feel like valued members of the team.


With Gift Card Granny, you’ll have plenty of room to pick out the best gift cards for your coworkers that are befitting of the Christmas season. Spread holiday cheer among your favorite folks with the magic of gift cards and be at peace knowing there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. 


You can never go wrong with the simplicity and versatility of a gift card, so leave your worries behind and let Gift Card Granny do the footwork for you. Explore exciting gift card options like the following:

  • Gift cards for stylish winter outfits

  • Gift cards for warmhearted entertainment

  • Gift cards for household and personal care 

Earn Cash Back on Christmas Gift Cards for Coworkers with Gift Card Granny

Christmas is just over the horizon and you still haven’t heard of the marvelous ways Gift Card Granny can help make your life less of a chaotic mess this holiday season? Allow us to break down the basics for you. 


Gift Card Granny makes stocking up on the best gift cards that money can buy as easy as ever. With thousands of options for local and national brands to choose from, customers can browse gift cards from all types of categories like cosmetics, travel, clothing, and electronics. Find the perfect gift card for all your special coworkers this Christmas and become the workplace favorite. 


Experience the Magic of Movies in the Winter

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While you’d be hard pressed arguing against the opportunity to catch a fun film at your favorite movie theater anytime of the year, the Christmas season is a special time where people everywhere deserve a moment of peace and joy. Movie theaters, with all their hushed conversations and ambient low light, never fail to be engaging and entertaining escapes from reality. 


Transport any coworker of yours who could use an escape like this to a nearby Cinemark theater and be confident in the fact that they’re going to have a rekindled passion for life. Movies cannot be understated in their value as gifts, and Christmas is as good a time as ever to spread that cinematic joy. At Cinemark, viewers can find the latest big screen releases playing in time for the holidays and enjoy good film all winter long. 


With over five hundred movie theaters operating throughout North and South America (and even some locations in Taiwan), a Cinemark theater is never too far out of reach. Satisfy any hungry stomachs during the film with a visit to their fully concession stand, where the tantalizing aroma of buttery popcorn wafts through the air and makes you drool. Now that could be a Christmas memory to look back on with fondness.   


Give your coworker a holiday outing to the movie theater with a Cinemark gift card from Gift Card Granny! Help spread a season of love by keeping families together and graciously accept your cash back reward. 


A Christmas Miracle Never Looked So Good

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Jewelry always seems to outshine other gifts during the holiday season. With jaw-droppingly gorgeous items from top quality retailers of high end and goods, finding a stunning jewelry product doesn’t require much effort. 


And while you can waltz into any manufacturer of fine jewelry with relative ease, how often can you realistically afford their beautiful accessories? 


If you can sympathize with the all too universal feeling of having an empty wallet, embrace the spirit of giving this winter by helping a coworker afford a fashionable, expertly crafted piece of designer jewelry from Pandora. This coveted Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer has been in the business since 1982, and has since gained major fame on account of its staple accessories like charm bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and watches. 


A gift card to any Pandora store from Gift Card Granny will certainly delight a fair share of hearts this holiday season, and that cash back reward won’t do any harm either!

The North Face

Warm and Cozy and All Things Good

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As the last crisp orange leaves fall from the barren branches of the roadside trees, residents of the local suburban town crank their thermostats up a few degrees and ponder the contents of their closets. They briefly debate wearing the same old coat as they have been doing for the past five winters and then resign to their fate of unchanged fashion, because winter coats can be quite expensive endeavors.  


Fortunately, there’s great coworkers out there like yourself who love spreading Christmas magic through acts of kindness and generosity. One such act is helping cover the cost of apparel from The North Face, right in time for the influx of cold weather to come. 


The North Face is a clothing company that specializes in producing outdoor recreation products, but their general clothing line is what makes them the talk of town. Shop the best insulated coats and jackets to stay warm during the worst blizzards, with durable pants and waterproof boots to ensure comfort even while the weather is bad. 


No company does the outdoors quite like The North Face, so let the experts do their thing while you’re regarded as a thoughtful coworker. Pick up a gift card to The North Face from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back for the holidays!

Cultivate What Matters

Mindful Steps to a Better Life 


Have you ever looked at the disorganized chaos of a coworker’s neighboring desk or office space and wondered how they manage to get an ounce of work done when on the clock? Perhaps they’ve turned to you in times of need seeking guidance on organization tactics and productivity tips, then proceeded to lose the sticky notes they wrote down your advice on.


While it seems like some folks are far beyond the realm of assistance, know that anyone can be helped and achieve personal excellency when given the appropriate tools. At Cultivate What Matters, customers can practice intentional living and strive to make the most out of each day with goal planners, journals, and accessories. 


Guide your coworkers toward living fuller lives with functional and fashionable planners they can use to make plans, set expectations, track progress, and accomplish goals they long desired to. And if you’re concerned about running out of room to write in a planner from Cultivate What Matters, check out their cute stationery and colorful notepads that are marvelous for jotting down the odd thought. 


Though the Gift Card Granny catalog is full of many great retailers, Cultivate What Matters is not currently among them. Check back soon to see which brands get added next!  


Enter Cloud Nine this Winter Season

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The beginning of the holidays may be marked by the onset of cold weather and bulky coats, but that doesn’t mean winter has to be an unfashionable affair. Piece together an ensemble that shines just as bright as the multicolored lights on the Christmas tree and be the centerpiece of holiday festivities!


Don’t be fooled by the summer boutique vibes that Anthropologie stores tend to harbor; that’s nothing more than a ruse meant to distract shoppers from their amazing selection of winter clothes that embody the stylish side of Christmas. 


From oversized sweaters that feel as soft as clouds to dresses that no amount of cold weather will stop, Anthropologie has a winter collection that doesn’t put them to shame in the slightest. In addition to spectacular clothing finds, shop for furniture, home decor, beauty products, jewelry, and an assortment of other wonderful goods at any Anthropologie location. 


Convinced of the magic of Anthropologie? Pick up a gift card to Anthropologie from Gift Card Granny and start saving on cash back today!

Bath and Body Works

Capture the Essence of Christmas in a Smell


Think of the telltale aromas that mark the beginning of the holidays in all their fragrant glory. Fresh pine, sugar cookies, spiced apples, and tranquil snow are just some of the beloved scents that turn up during late winter evening festivities with those dear to your heart. The wafting smell of baked pumpkin and creamy eggnog tempts you to try just one bite, just one sip. 


Truly, though, is one ever just enough? 


Preserve the tantalizing holiday scents for your loved ones this winter with an impressive array of aromatic goodies from Bath and Body Works. Spritz out an essence of festive cheer with their pungent air fresheners, enhance the fragrance of vehicles with scented oils, and pick up a bottle of bacteria-fighting hand sanitizer all in one trip.


With so many quality products to make any home smell like the embodiment of Christmas joy this holiday season, shopping at Bath and Body Works is a fantastic way to ring in the changing weather with vigor. 


Unfortunately, Bath and Body Works is not available on Gift Card Granny quite yet, but a Christmas miracle could change that for future celebrations to come!

Wine Enthusiast 

Some of the Finest Sips on the Market


Is the warm little ball that’s bubbling inside of your stomach from the tingles of Christmas joy or trace signs of a fun evening brewing? It’s the holidays, so celebrate in any fashion imaginable and be merry. 


Give a coworker a cheerful winter gift by way of a Wine Enthusiast gift card from Gift Card Granny. Lovers of fine beverages and social drinkers alike will delight at the chance to shop the luxurious catalog of Wine Enthusiast. Browse all kinds of wine related paraphernalia, including options for storage and cooling. 


With Wine Enthusiast, building a dream wine cellar is more attainable than ever. They even have absolutely endearing barrel furniture, coffee tables, end tables, wooden bar cabinets, glassware, and other accessories to truly make the space unique.




Christmas gifts are meant to convey appreciation and goodwill. It won’t do to overthink a gift’s value and doubt someone’s sincerity because of personal reservations, so be confident in knowing that your gift is surely valued by whoever is fortunate enough to be getting a gift from yourself. 


Don’t feel pressured to know everything; nobody does and Christmas still flourishes despite it. The many gift cards available at Gift Card Granny will work some real magic this holiday season by connecting your coworkers with the brands and retailers they love, all while scoring you an easy opportunity for cash back.