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Cinemark Tips and Tricks

Where can Cinemark gift cards be used?

Cinemark gift cards can be used at all Cinemark theaters across the United States as well as certain countries in Central and South America. With 549 theaters, there is sure to be a Cinemark theater you. You can use your gift card online as well if you’d like to purchase your movie tickets in advance, that way, you don’t have to stand in line. They can also be used to purchase concessions such as popcorn, soft drinks, and candy at all Cinemark theaters. If your Cinemark theater has a restaurant, Cinemark gift cards are also accepted there as well!

Will a Cinemark gift card work at AMC theaters?

No, Cinemark gift cards are accepted only at Cinemark theaters. This shouldn’t be a problem since there are over 6,000 Cinemark screens in the United States and throughout Latin America. Cinemark gift cards are also accepted online for advance purchase tickets as well.

Can you use Cinemark gift cards on Fandango?

Fandango does not accept Cinemark gift cards at this time. However, you're sure to find any movie you’re looking for on the Cinemark website. You can use your gift card there to purchase tickets for all the latest movies. Be sure to check their website daily for deals that will help your Cinemark gift card stretch further!

How do Cinemark gift cards work?

Cinemark gift cards operate just like cash or credit for all purchases made either in a Cinemark theater, or at the Cinemark website. To use your gift card online, just choose the movie and showtime that you want and enter in your Cinemark gift card on the payment screen. You can also use yourgift card at the theater to purchase tickets as well as food and drinks. Cinemark gift cards don’t expire so no matter how long you’ve had your card, it will still be accepted both online and at the theater.

How to order Cinemark gift cards

Cinemark gift cards can be ordered online by going to the Cinemark website and finding the gift cards page. There you’ll be asked whether you want to purchase a physical or digital gift card. If you want a physical gift card, you will have to enter payment information as well as an address to send the card to. If you prefer to have an electronic gift card, just enter your payment information as well as an email address to send the Cinemark gift card to. You can use your electronic Cinemark gift card instantly for all online purchases, but a physical Cinemark gift card may take a couple of days to arrive at the address you specified.

Where are Cinemark gift cards sold?

Cinemark gift cards are available for purchase online at the Cinemark website. You can also purchase a Cinemark gift card on Gift Card Granny at a discount rate. Why not save some money the next time you want to purchase a Cinemark gift card for yourself or for friends and family!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cinemark Gift Cards

What types of gift cards are available?

Cinemark offers physical gift cards, electronic gift cards, and bulk gift cards.

What can I purchase with my Cinemark gift card?

Gift cards can be used to purchase movie tickets and concession items.

Do Cinemark gift cards expire?

No. Cinemark gift cards never expire or depreciate in value.

How can I check my gift card’s balance?

Check the balance of your Cinemark gift card whenever you want!

Can I reload my Cinemark gift card?

Sure, just go to the Cinemark website and go to Your Account. Then, just reload to the desired amount.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees associated with a Cinemark gift card.

Is there a Cinemark theater near me where I can use my gift card?

With locations all across the country, there is sure to be a Cinemark theater near you where you can use your Cinemark gift card. Just head on over to the locations page on their website and sort according to your state.

About Cinemark

One of the largest movie theater chains in the United States, Cinemark has 344 movie theaters in 41 states. They strive to bring the fun and excitement back into the movie theater experience. Going to the movies used to be a magical experience, and with modern comforts, the latest technology, and all the newest blockbusters, Cinemark is bringing some of that magic back. There are all kinds of ways to enjoy the show, whether in HD, 3-D, or IMAX, seeing a movie at a Cinemark theater is sure to be a great experience.

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