The Best Restaurant Gift Cards Ideas in Time for Christmas!

Spread joy this holiday season with the very best restaurant gift cards and give the best gift of all with impressive cuisine perfectly suited for Christmastime

There’s no shame in preparing for the whirlwind of holiday chaos that’s brimming right over the horizon around this time of year, and no present is going to leave you feeling more equipped than a trusty gift card or ten to keep the masses happy. 


That’s right, there’s no individual on this entire planet who would turn down a gift card for Christmas. They’re simple, convenient, and work like magic. The only question is: what kind of gift card do you buy? 


Keeping track of the various interests and hobbies of every single person in your life is a challenge no one should have to struggle with, so go with the universal love language – food!


Gift Card Granny has plenty of gift cards for fantastic restaurants that will bring an extra dose of cheer to the holiday season. Help families celebrate the festivities with their loved ones, encourage friends to go out and share a meal together, and spread overall positivity into the lives of those around you with gift cards to the best restaurants in town.


Let’s explore a variety of tasteful holiday options for the finest eating establishments around. Some of the options we will be looking at include:

  • Gift cards for a fancy and romantic evening out 

  • Gift cards suited for the whole family

  • Gift cards for brews and bars

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Cracker Barrel

A Home Away From Home

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A cozy winter evening is marked by the soft crunch of freshly fallen snow and the aroma of decadent dishes made with love by your sweet grandma. While you still might have the fortune of experiencing this domestic holiday pleasure, some families have not withstood the test of time like yours has. 


If there’s someone in your life who could use an extra helping of comfort this holiday season, send them Cracker Barrel’s way. This American chain of restaurants themes its locations after Southern country life, making each store feel remarkably warm and familiar, as if it was once a familiar home. 


The menu only further emphasizes the comforting environment of Cracker Barrel restaurants. From all day breakfast to heaping dinner portions, Cracker Barrel serves delicious dishes around the clock. Their homestyle cooking is never a disappointment, and they don’t slack in the desserts department either. You’ll never be short of a well-rounded meal at Cracker Barrel, that’s for certain.


The added gift shop makes the perfect holiday bonus. Any customer can eat to their heart’s content and pick up a souvenir for the road, taking a piece of the joyful experience home with them. 


Don’t miss your chance to give someone a Christmas dinner fit for the picture book with a Cracker Barrel gift card from Gift Card Granny! Cheer and cash back await.   

The Cheesecake Factory

Grab a Sweet Slice with any Mouthwatering Meal

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Big families require restaurants with a lot of options. Seriously. Celebrating the holidays with relatives can be near impossible when the dietary limitations and food preferences come to light, which is why picking the eating establishment is of utmost importance. 


When considering the many restaurants out there that specialize in providing a variety of cuisine types, make sure you go with one that isn’t going to forfeit quality for the sake of convenience. In terms of trustworthy options with food the whole family will love, The Cheesecake Factory cannot be beat. 


Emulate a fine dining experience for half the price tag with a holiday meal at any of the 220 fully operational restaurants across the United States within The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated brand. Their made-from-scratch cheesecakes are the perfect conclusion to any meal, which may be bought per slice for a variety of charming flavors or entirely whole. 


With over 250 menu items made fresh daily, a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory from Gift Card Granny is one of the best presents you can give someone this holiday season, so get yours today and earn cash back easy-peasy.

Texas Roadhouse

It’s Like Christmas in the Desert


Who goes to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate the oncoming holiday cheer? More people than you might think, so be a spirited soul and have your friends enjoy the festivities at a local Texas Roadhouse. 


Texas Roadhouse is a beloved American steakhouse that makes for one of the best restaurant and bar combinations out there. Their locations have cabin-style interiors with walls decorated in hunting trophies, wildlife, and Southern-inspired artwork. 


A group of friends enjoying a pleasant night out can sit at the bar and snack on peanuts while they catch up with each other, or a large family of eight can have a full course celebration under the mounted head of a mighty bison. Though their speciality is steaks, their general Texan and Southwestern cuisine makes for some remarkable meals. 


Get cash back when you buy a Texas Roadhouse gift card from Gift Card Granny today!


Be Merry with Drink in Hand 

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 For those folks you know who prefer a good drink to accompany their holiday meal with friends, you’re going to want to steer them towards a place that’s really going to leave an impression in both the food and beverage department. Good thing you have to look no further than your local Houlihan’s to get the job done!


Based in Leawood, Kansas, Houlihan’s is an American casual restaurant and bar joint that operates forty-seven locations in fourteen different states. Its relaxed, laid-back atmosphere creates the perfect bar ambience needed to enjoy a cold brew with cherished friends or coworkers during the winter season. 


Happy hour at Houlihan’s is serious business, and so is their drink menu. From select bottles and drafts to refreshing margaritas and classic cocktails, you’ll be hard pressed not finding the best drink to help wash down all those food specials. 


Houlihan’s is not currently available on Gift Card Granny, but stay alert for the next best restaurants who join our ever-growing catalog!   

Red Lobster

It’s More Than Just the Cheddar Bay Biscuits, Really


What about the person you know whose tastes are a little more upscale? Why, you don’t know the first thing about fancy restaurants, so how are you supposed to ever pick out a gift card that lives up to their standards? 


When in this kind of pickle, allow Red Lobster to alleviate the pressure. 


This American casual dining chain serves a delightful variety of high quality seafood dishes for any lover of undersea protein. Add a nautical kick to the magic of the holiday season by celebrating with dinner at Red Lobster, where you can indulge in a mix of mouthwatering menu items. 


Take a bite of the sweet jumbo coconut shrimp, get handsy with the snow crab legs, or skip the seafood for a succulent filet mignon – you can get all of the above and so much more at any Red Lobster location. And for dessert, choose from a range of flavored cakes like chocolate, Meyer lemon, and vanilla bean cheesecake. 


Make seafood dreams come true this Christmas season by giving the gift of a Red Lobster gift card from Gift Card Granny to someone near and dear. Joy and cash back await!   

Bob Evans

Farm-Fresh Straight to the Table


Comfort and food go hand in hand. You can taste the love poured into food cooked by your mom or grandma in every bite of the meals they cook. There’s no reason the restaurants you eat at should be any different, so find a place that reminds you of home. 


Bob Evans is a chain of restaurants that strives to do just that with their passionate approach to homestyle staples. Whether you’re there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner doesn’t matter one bit; their menu has many options to delight even the pickiest eaters. 


There is something quite whimsical about enjoying a hearty breakfast with loved ones at any Bob Evans. Consider the friendly chatter, bubbly laughs, and precious time spent with family during a clear winter morning. Waffles covered in berries and chocolate should be considered, too. Now that’s a breakfast to remember. 


Help anyone perk up with a gift card to Bob Evans from Gift Card Granny and start earning easy cash back!

Golden Corral 

Unlimited Food for an Unbeatable Price


Big appetites often lead to big dinner bills. Why not spare a family’s wallet some slack this holiday season with the chance to eat to their hearts’ content at one of the best buffets in town?


Golden Corral keeps stomachs satisfied and wallets full with their unlimited dining model. Pick up a new plate whenever you need to grab an extra helping of their scrumptious American style comfort food, including staple fried foods, baked potatoes, pasta, and soups. Try to leave room for their impressive lineup of homemade desserts, and don’t forgo their soft-serve ice cream or famous carrot cake either. 


A meal at Golden Corral serves as the best compliment to one’s Christmas festivities. Whether the family is big or small, this buffet chain is guaranteed to please the stomachs and warm the hearts. 


While you can’t get a Golden Corral gift card from Gift Card Granny at this time, make sure you check back in the future to see the next best restaurants that join our catalog! 


California Pizza Kitchen

One of the Best Bites of Your Life


Pizza for a Christmas meal? Yes, please. 


Once anyone takes a bite out of a slice of pie cooked by California Pizza Kitchen, they will understand the need to have access to this gourmet dish anytime of year. With hand-tossed pizzas and a seasonally-inspired menu, California Pizza Kitchen is guaranteed to satisfy any hunger pains imaginable. 


And for the adults of the party, an impressive collection of premium wines, craft beers, and hand-shaken cocktails is readily available to order. There’s no shame in getting a little holiday buzz going with friends, so kick back and celebrate with a slice. 


Pick up a California Pizza Kitchen gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back while giving out good eats.  


Trying out new restaurants is a fun activity anyone can do with their loved ones during the coming months to help kick off the holidays. Give it a try and see for yourself!


When it comes to shopping for the people you care about during the holiday season, there’s no lack of delicious options for restaurant gift cards. Make sure you get the most out of your money with Gift Card Granny so you save while you spread Christmas joy. 


The holidays are a time to be close to loved ones, and there’s no better way to do that than by sharing a delightful meal. Whether it’s home cooked by grandma or from the kitchen of a neighborhood restaurant doesn’t matter – a meal eaten with friends will always taste the best, so make sure you do your part to spread a positive attitude this Christmas by giving away the gift of a great meal!