11 Simple and Easy Gifts That Any Coworker Will Love!

We get it, searching for the right thank you gift can seem impossible, especially when it comes to coworkers. If someone did you a huge favor at work or is always a supportive teammate, you definitely want to thank them. But what if you don’t know them that well? You don’t necessarily want to get them a generic gift, but you still want to get them something they’re going to appreciate.

Luckily, we rounded up eleven simple, easy thank you gift ideas for any coworker. You can find many great gift card options online at Gift Card Granny. Keep reading for all the details!

1. Visa Gift Card and Thank You Card

A proper beginning to any gift

Buy a Visa gift card

Every good thank you gift starts with a thank you card. A card expresses your gratitude for your coworker. Whether they covered for you on a sick day, took over your place at a meeting, or helped you out with a project, a thank you card is an important part of any thank you gift.

You don’t have to make a thank you card long and drawn out - it can be short, sweet, and to the point. What matters is that you took the time to write out a note of thanks, expressing your gratitude, and let them know you recognize their helpfulness! Your coworker is sure to appreciate it.

Thank you cards can be found anywhere, but if you’re looking to do a one-and-done gift through the card (in other words, just give a thank you card and not a gift!), you may want to grab a card as well to give your gift a nice, personal touch. Gift Card Granny's affordable handwritten greeting cards are the perfect way to wrap up your gift. Here's how it works: just select a design, and your message, and we'll send your gift card in it. Plus, you can add it to your order for less than $2!

You can add a Visa gift card to any thank you card that feels right for the circumstances and make the moment even more special. When you give a Visa gift card, you allow your gift recipient to freely use their gift card to buy pretty much anything and everything they would want, courtesy of you. Though small, a Visa gift card packs a mighty punch that won’t go unappreciated by your coworkers. 

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2. Coffee and tea accessories

The perfect vessel for your coworker to carry their caffeine!

Getting your coworker a thank you gift that both holds their caffeine and helps them save the planet is a win-win! Any thermos, drink tumbler, or water bottle is a thoughtful gift that will keep them hydrated. With a coffee, tea, or general drink accessory, the options are endless, so choose something that is personalized to your coworkers likes and style! If they really enjoy a certain pattern or color, try to match the gift to their aesthetic.

You can find stylish and functional coffee mugs and cups on Yeti. What’s more, they’re reusable, so your coworker can use your gift again and again. Plus, it’ll make you feel great when you see your coworker bringing it back to the office each morning.

3. Plants

Potted plants make a thoughtful gift, especially ones that are pretty and easy to care for

Not only are plants pretty to look at, but they can help clean the air in any room or office space. A little pop of green will spruce up any space on its own, but if you’re feeling crafty, you can even paint a terracotta pot in their favorite color to house their new gift.

Unless you’re sure that your coworker has a green thumb, search for a plant that is easy to maintain. Not everyone has the resources to care for sensitive plants, so a low-maintenance plant (one that doesn't require a lot of water or sunlight, for example) might be your best bet. There are many plants out there that are low maintenance, so do some research and pick the one that is best fit for your coworker. Succulents sold at home improvements stores like Home Depot, tend to be fairly inexpensive. You can purchase a few different ones to give your coworker (or tack on a plant as an additional gift with something else).

4. A bottle of wine

A good bottle of wine is a solid choice

Wine makes such a nice thank you gift - your coworker can save the bottle for a dinner party or crack it open after a long day at work. There are lots of options when giving a bottle of wine as a gift, so make sure that you pick one your coworker will enjoy. Find out if they prefer white or red wine, and a sweet or dry wine. This will help you better gauge what kind of wine they’d like to receive.

You can also send coworkers gift cards for wine retailers with Gift Card Granny, such as Wine.com and Total Wine & More

5. Lunch accessories

A metal lunch box is perfect for the coworker who packs lunch every day

If you notice that your coworker often brings a lunch from home, this may be a useful gift for them. Help freshen up their packing accessories with some new food storage supplies, like a sandwich container or salad packing set.

You can browse plenty of stylish, innovative lunch accessory options from all kinds of different retailers. Check out the many lunch accessory options for adults available on Bentgo. If they prefer having their own food for lunch on the daily, this is a great gift for your coworker.

6. Fresh baked goods

Homemade treats of any kind are a wonderful (and tasty) gift idea for coworkers

Baked goods are always a wonderful gift option for a coworker. It’s a thoughtful gesture showing that you took the time to bake them a treat, and they’ll be happy to enjoy the delicious gift. If you know exactly what kind of dessert they prefer, you even have an upper hand.

Be cognizant of dietary restrictions, though. If your coworker has a food sensitivity or allergy, you may not want to give them a baked good that can cause them any problems. Although you may want to bake them a dozen muffins or a homemade pie, be considerate of what your coworker might want to receive. There are a variety of tasty baked good recipes to explore. All you need to do is find out your coworker’s favorite treat.

7. Sugarwish 

Giving has never tasted so sweet 

Are your coworkers totally sweet to work with? If baking isn’t your forte but you still want to surprise them with a deliciously sweet treat, consider sending them a Sugarwish. Rather than needing to pick out a product for someone else when you aren’t even sure what they like, Sugarwish allows your recipient to choose exactly what they want and get it delivered directly to their doorstep. 

Sugarwish makes corporate gifting a breeze and can be sent instantly to clients, prospects, and staff by way of email, text, or social media. If you want to get something for all of your coworkers around the office, then a Sugarwish gift is the perfect fit. Sugarwish boxes can be filled with all manner of goodies, including candies, cookies, coffee, tea, wine tastings, and even candles. Sugarwish offers a range of price options to comfortably fit into any budget, and you can go as large or as small as you would like. 

You can check out Sugarwish here. Gift cards for Sugarwish are not available on Gift Card Granny at this time. 

8. Amazon Gift Card

Help them get almost anything they want with Amazon

Pretty much everyone shops online using Amazon nowadays. Even if this retailer isn’t your primary place of shopping, it’s all too easy to find yourself searching for items you can’t find anywhere else. In terms of variety, an Amazon gift card is a great gift for those coworkers who appreciate a large selection. 

You can send a digital Amazon gift card in mere moments to any of your coworkers when you use GiftYa. Deliver this convenient e-gift by way of a simple text message, through email, or with a custom URL. Your coworker can use their GiftYa on anything they want to purchase on Amazon, from fashionable apparel and accessories to fun games and entertainment products. Their Amazon GiftYa will automatically apply to the total cost of their orders until their gift card balance is entirely depleted.

9. Gift Baskets

Inspired gift baskets will make your coworkers feel on top of the world

Gift baskets are a lovely way to convey appreciation towards a coworker in a manner that is professional and genuine. A gift basket can be any assortment of items you put together that you know your recipient will enjoy. Soaps, lotions, bath accessories, cookies, chocolates, fruits, and much more may all be included in a gift basket. 

Gift baskets may also be ordered from companies specializing in the sale of custom gift baskets and delivered directly to your recipient. If you do not think you possess the skills to craft a suitable gift basket for any of your coworkers, why not let the professionals handle it while you sit back and enjoy a well-deserved pat on the back? 

There are a variety of companies out there that design gift baskets for all sorts of occasions and celebrations. Birthdays, holidays, congratulatory gifts, comforting assortments, and many more themed gift baskets are out there for you to explore. Harry & David is a premium gift producer that puts together tantalizing food gift baskets packed with gourmet goodies that recipients are bound to appreciate. Get holiday gift baskets filled with cookies and chocolate coated treats, gift baskets featuring wine and cheese pairings, gift baskets with fresh fruit, pet gift baskets with safe to eat treats, and spa gift baskets with fragrant soaps and self-care essentials. 

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10. Candles

Add some comfort to the workspace or to the home

Candles are one of the safest gifts you can give to somebody else. Whether you know the person well or are only acquaintances, it is pretty much a universal fact that everyone likes candles to some degree. Even the folks who rarely burn candles at home may find themselves falling in love with the attractive aromas of burning candles around the office and other spaces away from home. Perhaps you can give them the nudge they need to start stocking their household with pleasant fragrances by gifting them a candle that is suited to their liking. 

Purchase quality candles with a Yankee Candle gift card

11. Etsy

Find your favorite creations from talented artists 

Handcrafted products from Etsy creators are usually a safe bet when it comes to buying gifts for your professional coworkers. There is no shortage of categories for charming products available on Etsy, and if you have a general idea of what your coworkers are interested in you will have plenty of merchandise to choose from. 

Possible coworker gifts you will run across while browsing Etsy include custom mugs, gift boxes, desk accessories, small plants, self-care items, and personalized stationery. There is no limit on what you can or cannot get, just make sure that you pick something that will make your coworker smile. 

You can check out everything on Etsy right here. Etsy gift cards are not offered by Gift Card Granny at this time. 


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