Creative Ways You Can Give Gift Cards for Christmas

As the days grow shorter and the air slowly becomes more crisp, we know without a doubt that the holiday season is just over the horizon. And with the snowy sidewalks and the telltale influx of shopping among consumers, it is plain to see the preparations for Christmas celebrations being made by the masses as this special time of year draws ever closer. 

The Christmas and holiday season in general is a highly anticipated time of year that gives folks from all sorts of backgrounds the opportunity to appreciate the joys in life with those who matter the most. Throughout the chaos, confusion, and other incessant messes that normally plague us during the rest of the year, folks can lose track of and push aside the things that matter most of all. While there are still many responsibilities and commitments that we cannot shirk during the holidays, the overarching atmosphere of joy and love that dominates this time of year gives us a palpable excuse to step back and to make an effort to share special moments with those you love. 

Gifts are a brilliant way to demonstrate exactly how much someone matters to you, and since presents are prevalent during this time of year, you do not have to worry about being over the top with your gift. From the simple gifts to the extravagant, the holiday season gives us an excuse to spoil the important people in our lives without judgment and share in the merriment with family and friends. Both big and small gifts are appreciated during this time of year and convey just how much you care about another person. 

If you are searching for a simple gift that’s easy to give and pretty much universally appreciated, you may want to consider going with gift cards for brands and retailers that your gift recipient already loves. Gift cards take the anxiety out of shopping for others and makes gift exchanges that much more enjoyable for everyone involved. There will be no worrying about whether or not your recipient actually likes their gift when you give a gift card, because you are allowing them to choose exactly what they want on their terms. And since Christmas is all about expressing the love you feel for those around you, what better way to do just that than with a gift that turns out to be whatever they want?

There are countless types of gift cards out there for all manner of activities and merchandise. From gift cards for restaurants and department stores to gift cards for entertainment and travel, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect match for those you are shopping for in time for Christmas. Check out the various gift card options available at Gift Card Granny and save by earning cash back on eligible purchases. 

Now then, let’s take a look at some creative ways to give out gift cards to your loved ones this holiday season. 

Seven Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards for Christmas 

1. Place your gift card inside a coffee mug or tumbler 

This easy option gives your recipient two gifts in one, making the occasion all the more sweet for everyone involved. All the items you need for this gifting option is the gift card you plan on giving and a cute mug that your recipient will love drinking their morning brew out of. There are no strict rules when it comes to shopping for a befitting mug, tumbler, or other type of cup – just get whatever you think will work best. 

Since this gift is for the holidays, it would make sense to find a mug or tumbler that is reminiscent of the season. You can choose a mug that looks like a snowman, is patterned with Christmas trees, candy canes, reindeer, or any other type of Christmas iconography. However, if you just want to give your recipient a mug that reminds you of them, you can go with any design or message that you think they will like. Top off your mug with tissue paper, ribbons, or additional decorations that will make the gift pop, and be sure to leave your gift card sticking out of the top so it does not go unnoticed. As long as the person you are giving your gift to enjoys a hot cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee during the crisp winter months, they will be certain to fall in love with this gift!

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A themed coffee mug makes for a tasteful companion to any type of gift card you wish to give.

2. Craft an origami gift card envelope holder

Simple paper crafts can add so much joy to your gift, and they do not take very long to produce either. Whether you are a skilled crafter or someone who has no creative bones in your body, origami gives you the chance to make something special that will elevate your gift giving ability in a way that is uncomplicated and cost effective. 

Rather than concealing your gift card in a plain, boring envelope, you can make a homemade origami envelope that is both thoughtful and fun. To do this, all you need is colorful paper that will be nice to decorate with; wrapping paper for gifts would do nicely. The design you end up with will depend on the type of paper you decide to use, so be sure to go with paper that is holiday-themed to stay on brand for the season. You can find instructions on how to make a DIY origami gift card holder envelope here

3. Put a gift card in a candy jar

This jar or container of your choice does not actually need to be filled with candy – it can be filled with anything that your gift recipient likes. But there are few things better than being handed a jar of your favorite sweet treat and finding an equally sweet gift nestled inside among the candies, wouldn’t you say? That’s why this creative gift card giving method is certain to be adored by nearly anyone. 

All you need to do in order to make this gift giving technique work is find a small empty jar, preferably glass or some other transparent material, and fill it all the way up with your recipient’s favorite confections. Hard candies that won’t make a mess are better than sticky sweets that will clump or melt, obstructing your gift recipient from getting ahold of their gift card near the bottom of the jar. You can finish off the gift card in a candy jar gift by decorating the jar with stickers, ribbons, or any manner of suitable holiday garnish. 

4. Try a nested gift box 

This gifting option is a fun one that is bound to make everyone involved laugh at the absurdity. Instead of handing over your gift card in an envelope or small gift box, the idea for this is to place your gift card in a small gift box that you can then ‘nest’ into a series of larger gift boxes until you achieve a thoroughly contained present. These boxes may be decorated in as much or as little fanfare as you deem necessary, though you should probably wrap the outermost box in wrapping paper or ribbons to make the presentation nice. 

Nested gift boxes give family members and friends the opportunity to unwrap several gifts all at the same time, creating an illusion of an endless gift if only for a short while. The unwrapping process will be fun and filled with humor as your gift recipient continues to unravel each gift box, only to discover another smaller one hidden inside. Each box can be cushioned with tissue paper or shredded paper to ensure that no damage occurs during the unwrapping process. 

5. Make a crochet gift card holder

Are you someone who prides themselves on their creativity and ability to craft? If so, you should consider creating a crocheted gift card holder that you can use to contain your present inside. Everyone loves receiving gifts that come directly from the heart, and homemade gifts are some of the most sentimental you can give. While the main focus may be on the gift card within the crocheted piece, the extra touch will undoubtedly be acknowledged and appreciated by your gift recipient. 

Crocheting a small gift card holder is a lot easier than you may think, especially if you happen to be someone who is already familiar with how to crochet. There are a plethora of free gift card holder designs available for you online. You can find instructions on how to make simple crochet gift card holders right here, or you can even try your hand at creating a Santa-themed gift card holder with this crochet guide. These are only some of the crochet ideas you can use to give your gift card extra emphasis during Christmas this year – feel free to look around for more designs you like, or be bold and go with your gut!

6. A wreath made of multiple gift cards

Now here is an idea that will stick out above the rest. A Christmas wreath constructed solely out of several gift cards is a fantastic gift idea when shopping for families or when you plan on giving a bunch of presents to a certain person, be they a daughter, nephew, sibling, or significant other. A wreath symbolizes the holiday spirit and combining that with the convenience of gift cards ensures you get the best of both worlds. 

You can begin your project by acquiring any plain holiday wreath made from materials you prefer, such as natural evergreens, straw, pinecones, burlap, or artificial fir. Arrange your gift cards so that they are evenly spaced around the circumference of the wreath and attach them to the surface using decorative clips. If you want to make your wreath even more festive, you can add any assortment of holiday decorations including ornaments, tinsel, ribbons, potpourri, and even fresh cranberries for a truly impressive end result. 

7. Plan a scavenger hunt 

This idea is particularly great when it comes to giving gift cards to groups of children and teenagers. Determine an adequate area where you can host a scavenger hunt, such as at home or a small section of your neighborhood if the weather permits. Carefully place multiple gift cards in various spots (be mindful to remember where you place them by taking note), then give the kids involved in the scavenger hunt their first clue to get them started. Each clue they find will give them a hint as to where the next one is placed, until they reach their final destination containing the gift cards. This gives kids the fun thrill of competing with their peers for tangible prizes that have value they can use later for activities and goodies. 

To keep things fair and to ensure that no child feels left out, you may want to set certain rules for the kids to follow. The value of the gift cards does not all have to be the same, but it is important that each kid receives a reward for their participation. You can give the kids who accomplished the most during the scavenger hunt the prizes with the most value, while the other children still receive their own designated gift cards to commend their efforts. How you decide to operate the scavenger hunt is up to you!

Help spread the Christmas cheer during the holidays this year by making every moment something special. 

Being around the folks you love most of all is a gift all in itself, but you can take it one step further by showing how much you care with these thoughtful ways to give gift cards. It does not matter how much money you spend or how extreme you try to be with your gift presentation; it is always the thought and gesture that counts the most. 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season this and every year to come!