5 Gifts to Celebrate Your Crystal Anniversary

What’s the perfect gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary? There’s no easy answer — some couples enjoy vacation getaways to celebrate each milestone; others stick to material gifts like jewelry. Some couples are satisfied with a home-cooked, candle-lit dinner and spending quality time together at home.

If none of these options sound right for you, there is another — more traditional — option: Sticking to crystal, silver and gold wedding anniversaries. Most wedding anniversaries have a theme and associated symbols. The 5th anniversary is known as the wood anniversary, the 10th is the tin anniversary, the 25th is the silver anniversary … you get the point. More valuable materials or elements are given as the milestones increase.

So what’s the good gift for your crystal anniversary? Your 15th milestone is not to be underestimated — the love you and your spouse have for each other is strong. For this special milestone, find the right present with the help of Gift Card Granny.

Gifts for Crystal Anniversary

There’s not really a good explanation as to why crystal is the material of choice for 15-year wedding anniversaries. But one thing’s for certain: as the anniversaries increase, so does the value of the associated material. So what should you get your spouse for the crystal anniversary? While it was customary in the 19th century for couples to literally be adorned with gifts made of crystal, silver and gold in celebration of their milestones, that isn’t quite the case today. So here’s a list of some contemporary gifts to celebrate your crystal anniversary.

1. Timepieces

Vendor: Macy's
Price: $150

15 years spent together is a lot of things, but above all, it’s a lot of time spent together. Despite the trials and tribulations throughout the years, you and your spouse have remained together. So why not remind your spouse of the time spent together with a timepiece? It’s a gift that can come in many forms: A watch, a pocket watch, a clock — you have many options to choose from like this Waterford Linsmore Clock it’s sharp, timeless and affordable. It’s a modern piece that will make a wonderful addition to any home.

2. A Ruby Pendant Necklace

Vendor: Etsy
Price: $145

Rubies have various symbolic meanings — it has long been considered the stone of kings by many different cultures. A ruby symbolizes protection, invulnerability and warmth; in terms of a crystal anniversary, it is said to help build love and confidence in a marriage. There are a number of ruby pendant necklaces that would make a perfect gift for your crystal anniversary, and their prices vary greatly. You can finduniwue ruby pendants on Etsy, like the ruby and silver tree of life pendant. The tree of life fits perfectly with a ruby gemstone, as they both symbolize protection and shelter.

3. A Bouquet of Red Roses

Vendor: 1-800-Flowers
Price: $175

We often give roses and other flowers as small gifts on awkward first dates, at prom or to simply show appreciation for our significant other. So why, of all things, get roses as a 15-year anniversary gift? The reason: the rose is the official flower of the crystal anniversary. While rubies signify love and protection, roses represent passion and romance. After 15 years of marriage, you know your spouse better than anyone — you know their every strength and flaw. After the 15 year milestone, the fire still burns.

4. Crytsal Champagne Glasses

Vendor: Bed Bath & Beyond
Price: $220.00

This gift is a fun way to celebrate your anniversary. With this pair of Waterford Love Forever Flutes, you can treat your spouse to a special toast as you celebrate this significant milestone in your marriage.

5. Crystal & Pearl Frame

Vendor: Bloomingdale's
Price: $75-$160

You know how the old saying goes — a picture says 1,000 words. Remind your spouse of a moment that encompasses your 15 year-milestone with the Crystal & Pearl Frame. This Swarovski crystal and pearl trimmed frame comes in 3 sizes — 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, and 8” x 10”, and makes a perfect decoration for any room in the house.

So have you found the perfect gift for your 15th anniversary? If not, don’t panic! There are plenty of gifts that will make any crystal anniversary special and memorable.