10 Food Gift Cards for New Parents

Being a new parent is an exciting, inspiring, and anxiety-ridden experience that changes just about everything in your life. From work-life balance to personal finances, the introduction of a new individual in the household creates a mountain of additional responsibilities to manage and routines to learn. 

If you want to offer assistance to new parents who haven’t quite found their footing yet, food gift cards are a good way to start. Not only will you be taking some financial stress off the shoulders of exhausted parents by helping them budget with an extra mouth to feed – you’ll be providing them the opportunity to cultivate an enriching, healthy environment for their child to grow up in. 

Let’s consider some of the following gift card ideas that are guaranteed to please new parents. This includes:

  • Gift cards for grocery stores
  • Gift cards for baby food services
  • Gift cards for food delivery

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1. Blue Apron

Become the Master of Mealtime 

Buy a Blue Apron gift card

New parents will likely make the comfort of their baby a top priority, which is to be expected of any decent caregivers. At the same time, it’s important for new parents to prioritize their own needs as well. Daily meals offer parents a great opportunity to set aside certain segments of the day to take care of their well-being with nutritional food. 

Blue Apron, a subscription-based meal delivery service, delivers meal kits that include fresh ingredients and scrumptious recipes that are certain to please parents. Simple and fast recipes mean parents won’t have to spend an obnoxious amount of time in the kitchen, so they can dedicate more time on building strong family bonds. 

Ensure new parents have the means to a hearty dinner each night of the week (or as frequent as they desire) with a gift card to Blue Apron from Gift Card Granny!

2. Meijer 

Shopping is Better When it’s Simple

A grocery token of the Midwest, Meijer is an American supercenter chain that can help keep parents stocked up on household essentials. With a hearty grocery department stocked with fresh finds and a versatile clothing department filled with stylish designs, shopping could not be easier. 

Work schedules and the presence of a new baby can make multi-store shopping excursions quite the insufferable beast. Rather than stop at three or four stores to fulfill the needs of your shopping list, opt for a quick trip to Meijer. From a tasty assortment of food to department store staples, Meijer has everything a new parent needs to get by. 

3. Albertsons

Stocked Shelves and Happy Customers

Buy an Albertsons gift card

As the second-largest supermarket chain in the country, Idaho-based Albertsons dominates the western side of the country. It’s convenient, dependable, and is a great place for families looking to lead healthier, fuller lives through sustainable grocery commerce.   

Operating over two thousand locations and employing more than two hundred thousand people, Albertsons has grown into quite the colossal grocery chain since its humble beginnings in 1939. From freshly baked goods and full-service delis serving premium cuts to shelves of colorful wine and organic produce, no shopper will ever leave Albertsons without feeling satisfied. 

New parents deserve a kitchen stocked full of nutritional food to help keep their energy levels high as they navigate life with a newborn. Give some support with a gift card to Albertsons from Gift Card Granny, and don’t forget that you’ll earn cash back as well. 

4. Yumi

Nutrition Designed for Development

In terms of healthy and organic baby food subscription services that deliver fresh meals right to your front door, Yumi is one of the most revered ones out there. Combining science with practicality, Yumi meal plans are made with certain growth milestones in mind so that babies obtain the nutrition they need for healthy development.

Yumi baby food is as delicious and nourishing as any homemade recipe would be, minus the extra prep work and stress for the overworked parent. Relax and enjoy the precious moments with your new baby while a subscription to Yumi handles their nutritional needs. From thinner single ingredient purees for those first time eaters to small pieces of whole, solid food and nutrient-dense bites, Yumi has an abundance of flavorful foods for a growing baby to try. 

Gift Card Granny does not currently offer gift cards for Yumi, but keep checking our catalog for great new additions!

5. Instacart

Premium Grocery Delivery 

New parents have a lot on their plate, and that doesn’t even include working out what to make for dinner. When you can’t keep up with your shopping list and the kitchen pantry is getting dangerously low, there’s an easy solution that doesn’t involve leaving the new baby while making a last minute grocery run.

If you haven’t heard of Instacart before today, prepare to be amazed at the latest and greatest modern innovative technology has to offer. Founded in 2012, Instacart operates as a grocery delivery and pick-up service that does all the shopping for you. Order from the convenience of your phone from partnered retailers, select the brands you love, and schedule a drop-off time that works for you. 

With reliable drivers who are committed to quality and speedy service, new parents can have all of their grocery needs delivered in no time at all without ever leaving the house, giving them more time to bond with their little bundle of joy. While not currently available via Gift Card Granny, Instacart is still an amazing service for busy parents everywhere. 

6. Publix

A Gem For Southern Shoppers

Buy a Publix gift card

Shopping at any old supermarket will get you by just fine, but there are superior options out there that will make you never wanna go anywhere else again. Take Publix, for instance. Wholly devoted to top-notch customer service and always willing to do what’s right, Publix offers a supermarket experience unlike leading competitors, and it’s even an employee-owned company to boot.  

When it comes to new parents, they are going to need all the support they can get, even when it comes to grocery shopping. With commitments to quality and affordable prices, Publix is great for shoppers who are conscious of budget limitations but won’t settle for subpar standards. Shop hot deals, discover BOGOs, and make use of the many digital coupons that Publix has to offer to get into some serious savings. 

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7. Sam’s Club

Never Run Out of What You Need

Buy a Sam’s Club gift card

Weekly grocery runs become a lot more hectic when you have to factor in a newborn to the equation. What used to be a low-effort part of the routine has now transformed into a stressful activity that you can barely manage to fit into your schedule. Fortunately, there’s always room to buy in bulk at Sam’s Club.

Cut out a couple monthly grocery runs when you shop at one of the six hundred Sam’s Club membership-only retail warehouses in the country. Find everything you’d typically want from a supercenter, but with a lot more variety and quantity. Whether it’s household sundries, fresh and nutritious groceries, or countless other products listed at affordable prices, Sam’s Club is the place to be when you need to stay stocked up on the necessities. 

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8. Little Spoon

Healthy Meals For Little Kids

Your neighborhood supermarket may have their shelves fully stocked with flavorful finds, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find much variety in the baby food section. If you yearn for convenience and an assortment of healthy options, consider giving Little Spoon a try. 

Little Spoon is a baby food delivery service that works to provide parents with quality recipes that are nutritious and utterly delicious. Get your baby prepared for a colorful food journey with organic, wholesome options for mealtime. Start with single ingredient blends and work your way up to textured transition meals packed with a plethora of health-conscious foods like legumes, vegetables, and ancient grains. 

With baby food this good, you might be tempted to steal a bite or two for yourself, and who could blame you? Even though Gift Card Granny does not currently offer gift cards for Little Spoon, you’ll want to keep this brand on your list. 

9. Uber Eats

Order Favorites in Minutes

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

Even a full pantry doesn’t stop parents from feeling the strain of exhaustion. Cooking meals for the whole family is a lot of work, and a new baby doesn’t make the task any easier. However, when the energy just isn’t coming, don’t be afraid to take an evening off and dine by way of Uber Eats.

An online food ordering and delivery platform launched in 2014, Uber Eats allows customers to order meals from their favorite dining establishments without leaving the warm comfort of their couch. Browse thousands of different menus from a variety of local restaurants and national chains. Choose from an assortment of delicious cuisine including traditional American, Asian fusion, Southern comforts, Mexican, and so much more. 

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10. Omaha Steaks

Iconic Cuts to Salivate Over 

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

Never underestimate the power of a protein-packed meal. Sugar and carbs are certainly appealing food groups, but never forgo the true centerpiece of mealtime – foods dense in protein. This ranges from savory meats to an array of plant-based sources, but our focus is gonna be on Omaha Steaks. 

Specializing in the delivery of premium cuts of steak and other delicious meats, Omaha Steaks is a great food retailer to depend on for all your protein needs. From finely aged steaks trimmed by master butchers to rich seafood and divine desserts, you’ll never have to eat a disappointing meal again when you buy from Omaha Steaks. 

It’s dependable and delicious, so don’t be afraid to get a gift card to Omaha Steaks from Gift Card Granny. If the food doesn’t tempt you, the cash back will!


See something that catches your eye? Make mealtime unforgettable with these appetizing gift card options perfect for new parents!