Food on Campus at Virginia Tech

Image courtesy of The Roanoke Times


Going to college is a big deal. It’s not something that everybody gets to experience or even wants to do, but for many continuing to receive an education after high school is a vital step of growing up and entering the workforce. 

The school you end up picking will play a fundamental part in the quality of your education, which is why it is important to go with a college that fulfills your degree desires. Everything from the classes offered by the school to the on campus services will influence your decision and help you pick the university that’s right for you. 

Virginia Tech is a well-known public university in Virginia and a research powerhouse. This former military technical institute now operates seven research institutes and two university research centers that offer undergraduate and graduate students research opportunities. A leading research institution of the commonwealth, Virginia Tech currently offers more than two hundred degree programs for students to select from, including areas of study like psychology, human sciences, civil engineering, and marketing. 

For students studying at Virginia Tech, food is a crucial part of your daily college routine. Having a good diet and getting an adequate amount of nutrients will have direct effects on how you perform in class. Luckily, there are an abundance of great dining options on campus at Virginia Tech where you can quell your hunger and stock up on those much-needed nutrients to keep your energy high and head clear. From grab-and-go snacks that are easy to munch on while running between classes to generously portioned hot meals that make for great lunch and dinner time dishes, students can shop for all of their favorite foods without ever stepping off campus. 

We’re going to go ahead and take a look at the various on campus dining options available to Virginia Tech students. If you aren’t sure where to go for your next meal, this list will help you make the choice that’s right for your dietary and class schedule needs. Continue reading to learn more.

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It is important to note that many dining establishments that operate on college campuses like Virginia Tech function as franchised locations, meaning that while they are connected to the brand, they ultimately operate independent of the chain and therefore may not be able to provide certain services that you would find at other locations outside of the college campus. Prices may differ, some menu items may be unavailable, and there may be a good chance that gift cards for the brand, which can be accepted as payment elsewhere, will not work at these on campus locations. Though it is an unfortunate reality, there is always a possibility that some food chains on campus will be able to take regular gift cards as payment; you need simply ask or try out the gift card during your purchase. 

1. Visa 

Use this gift card to buy whatever you please 

Buy a Visa gift card

A Visa gift card is always a reliable choice when shopping for a college student. Anyone going to Virginia Tech will be able to use funds on a Visa gift card for a variety of shopping needs including groceries, clothing, books, and any other supplies necessary for class. Visa gift cards may be used at a majority of retailers and even some businesses located on campus at Virginia Tech. 

Costs add up fast when you’re going to school, and any sort of financial help can make a big difference. A Visa gift card can help a stressed university student out by providing some extra cash that they can use to take care of themselves in any way they see fit. The versatility and convenience of Visa gift cards are part of what make them such excellent gifts for folks who like having the ability to choose.

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2. Dunkin’

A quick and convenient way to keep yourself going

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On or off campus, caffeine is a necessity in the life of a busy Virginia Tech student. Luckily there are plenty of coffee shops to provide the fuel that keeps many of us going throughout the day. Dunkin’ happens to just be one of them, with plenty of tasty caffeinated drinks and filling breakfast items to satisfy any student morning until night. 

Dunkin’ serves a variety of delicious beverages to help you keep your energy up, including freshly brewed hot coffee, cold brew, lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, iced tea, and fruity refreshers. Pair any drink with a breakfast option that suits your tastes, from bagels and coffee cake to jelly-filled donuts and savory wake-up wraps. No matter what your preferences for breakfast happen to be, you’ll be able to find lots of great options on the Dunkin’ menu. 

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3. Jamba Juice

The best blended fruit and veggie drinks on campus

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Watching what you eat as a busy college student is a lot easier said than done. Living on a university campus can severely limit your dining options and make it difficult to plan a diet that works for you. If you are in search of something both healthy and convenient, Jamba Juice is one of the best options out there. 

Jamba Juice is revered for their delicious made-to-order smoothies and bowls, which offer a convenient way to fill up on nutritious fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruit juice and shots are also on the menu with options like fresh juiced carrot, orange juice, cucumber, lemon, spinach, and apple. If fruits and veggies aren’t your thing, check out the cold brew and iced matcha tea beverages for a balanced start to your day. 

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4. Burger ‘37

Where students can study and grab a quick bite to eat

The Squires Food Court at Virginia Tech is the perfect place for students to grab good food while sticking to their busy schedules. Burger ‘37 is a student favorite serving delicious hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes. In addition to juicy beef patties, Burger ‘37 offers ground turkey, black bean patties, grilled chicken, and crispy fried chicken. 

Students can stop for a quick bite during their free time or stick around in the food court to study while they eat. It’s helpful when you can get everything done in one place, and snacking and studying are both essential parts of college life. Burger ‘37 is in a great location to provide students with good and fresh food so that they have the energy for school.

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5. Qdoba

Order flavorful Mexican food and stay health-conscious too

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You don’t have to go far for good Mexican food when you have a Qdoba on campus. This simple Mexican counter-service chain is a convenient spot for the busy college student looking for a quick, filling bite in-between classes. Qdoba is a nice food joint to check out when you want a flavorful dish that is easy on the wallet. 

The Qdoba at Lavery Hall has a full menu of classic Mexican entrees to explore, including burrito bowls, tacos, grilled quesadillas, taco salad, and plenty of nachos, queso, and guac as a side. Menu items are prepared fresh every day with quality ingredients that deliver unrivaled flavor and great value for your money. 

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6. Peet’s Coffee

Sit down for a cup of caffeinated perfection at this cafe

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Another coffee store on campus at Virginia Tech, Peet’s Coffee helps students stay caffeinated so that they can be alert and energized for class. Located at Turner Place, this cafe spot presents the perfect place for students to grab their morning coffee and sit down with their class work to get stuff done. 

Peet’s Coffee offers superior coffee and tea blends by only sourcing from the best coffee beans and tea leaves. Students can order a variety of handcrafted caffeinated beverages to get energized in the morning such as white chocolate mochas, chai lattes, and cold brew iced coffee. Peet’s Coffee also sells fresh breakfast options that are both filling and delicious, from warm sandwiches to pastries and desserts. 

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7. Brueggar’s Bagels

Snack on traditional New York style bagels before class

One breakfast option on campus you can always depend on for good food in the morning is Brueggar’s Bagels. Every student needs to start their day off with a filling and nutritional breakfast, and Brueggar’s Bagels delivers delicious fresh-baked bagels in a variety of styles that everyone can appreciate. 

Students can choose from classic and signature bagel styles like everything, onion, cinnamon raisin, blueberry, rosemary olive oil, and pumpernickel. Bagels can be topped with tasty cream cheese such as sriracha honey, onion and chive, strawberry, garden veggie, and honey walnut. Breakfast and lunch sandwiches are also available for anyone who prefers a more dense, hearty meal. 

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8. Deet’s Place

There’s plenty of flavor potential to unpack in this menu

Deet’s Place is Dietrick Hall has been around for decades and continues to serve delicious specialty coffee and desserts to the Virginia Tech student body. Whether you are craving a soy iced mocha, a hot Italian steamer with your favorite flavor, or a bubble tea with jasmine, you can order exactly what you want at Deet’s Place. 

Asides from the enticing handcrafted beverages, Deet’s Place also sells a variety of sandwiches, pastries, and grab-and-go snacks. Try a chocolate chip muffin, a spinach and feta croissant, apple caramel crumb cake, or a southwest chicken panini. If it’s close to lunch time, Deet’s place serves bacon cheeseburgers and crispy chicken patties as well. 

Gift cards are not offered for Deet’s Place. 


While being a student can be tough, it should never prevent you from getting good food when you need it. Virginia Tech has many great dining centers available to all students on campus, with menus from national food chains you know and love. It’s practically impossible to miss out on grabbing a meal from one of the many dining services conveniently located around campus. 

Now that you know about all of these great dining options available to Virginia Tech students, you never have to stress over where to get a fresh and filling meal again.