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Tips and tricks

  1. Join Peetnik Rewards. Every purchase will earn you points that you can later use towards future purchases. You’ll also receive exclusive offers, a free beverage on your birthday, and a free beverage for the first purchase you make after signing up for the program.
  2. Order ahead and skip the line. When you download the Peet’s Coffee and Tea app, you can place your order right from your phone instead of crawling towards the counter behind a line of ten other people. That way, your order will be ready as soon as you arrive.
  3. Sign up for a Peet’s drink subscription. All of Peet’s Coffee and Tea blends are available to purchase so that you can brew them at home. Have them shipped and delivered to your front door.

More information on Peetnick Rewards

How does the Peetnik Rewards program work?

Every purchase of $0.01 or more will earn you one point. If your purchase includes at least one 1lb bag of coffee beans, you will receive triple the points on that purchase. This can either be a single 1lb bag or two half-pound bags. When you reach 15 points, you will be eligible for a free beverage.

Do I automatically receive my points with my purchase?

If you order ahead using any of Peet’s accepted payment methods (credit, debit, or gift cards), the points will be automatically applied to your account. If you are ordering in person, however, you must present your app to the cashier or provide your phone number in order for the points to be applied to your account. You should see them appear on your account within 24 hours.

Can I still receive rewards if I order from a coffee cart that serves Peet's?

You are only eligible for rewards when you order from participating locations. Licensed partners and small third-party shops displaying one of our “proudly serving” signs will not be able to distribute points.

Answers to your questions about Peet's Coffee and Tea gift cards

Can I use a Peet’s gift card at any location?

Peet’s gift cards can be used at any Peet’s coffee bar, on their website, or over the phone. Third-party locations such as those you might find at airports or universities, however, will not accept your gift card.

Are there any guidelines on how much money I need to load onto a Peet’s gift card?

Peet’s only requirement is that you load a minimum of $10 onto the gift card and that you cap the amount at $200. Other than that, you are free to load whatever amount within that range you so choose.

If I’ve signed up for Peet’s Rewards program, can I enter my gift card as a payment method on my app?

Of course! To add your Peet’s gift card as a payment method, open your app, press “Peet’s Card,” and then select “Transfer Value.” Once you’ve done that, you will be prompted to enter your Peet’s car number and your PIN. Please keep in mind, however, that once you have transferred your gift card balance onto your rewards account, the gift card will be null and void for use outside of the payment from your app.

Is there a way for me to check the remaining balance on my Peet’s gift card?

Yes, there is. Use any of the following options to check your Peet's Coffee & Tea gift card balance

Can I reload money onto my Peet’s gift card?

As long as you have not transferred your balance over onto your Rewards app payment options, your Peet’s gift card will continue to be re-loadable. Once you transfer that money, however, your card will be deactivated, so if you would still like a gift card, you’ll need to purchase a new one.

I know that some gift cards need to be registered. Do I need to register my Peet’s gift card?

It is not required that you register your Peet’s gift card, but it may be beneficial for you to do so. When you register your card, you are then listed as the card’s owner, which means that if your card ever happens to be lost or stolen, Peet’s can issue you a new card with that same value. You can either register your card through Peet’s website or by calling their customer service department at 1-800-999-2132.

About Peet's Coffee & Tea

Savor "roaster-to-cup" freshness when you take advantage of your Peet's Coffee and Tea gift card. This cafe is a specialty roaster and retailer that offers fresh-roasted coffees, hand-selected teas, and unique gifts. Redeem Peet's Coffee and Tea gift cards at any of their store locations as well as online.

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